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Diet Enzyme, Bust UP cream, Sustarox, Artrodex, Beauty – U

Implemented on 23-02-08:

  • Diet Enzyme – MY, SG, TW (weight loss).
  • Bust UP cream – MY, SG, TW (breast care).
  • Sustarox – HN, CO, CR, NI, PE (Joints).
  • Artrodex – KZ  ,  Artrodex zero price – KZ (Joints).
  • Beauty – U – SA (Anti-wrinkle).

1. Diet Enzyme – You will say goodbye to obesity

  • Lose 15 kg in 30 days:
    + Weight loss for everyone, weight loss regardless of age, weight loss regardless of gender,
    + Lose Weight Faster, Lose Weight Easier, Lose Weight Safer,
    + The weight loss solution is much better than liposuction surgery, diet and intense exercise in the gym.
  • Restore body health, get 5 times more energy:
    + Losing weight can improve your body.
    + Pain in joints disappears, pain in spine disappears, pain in muscles disappears,
    + Blood sugar returns to normal, reducing the risk of diabetes,
    + The cholesterol level is stabilized, the risk of atherosclerosis is reduced, the risk of heart attack is reduced, the risk of stroke is reduced, the risk of brain hemorrhage is reduced,
    + Sleep problems, sweating and chronic fatigue also disappeared.
    + Thus the energy received by the body increases at least 5 times.
  • Burn fat 24 hours a day:
    + Fruit and vegetable enzyme powder intelligently distinguishes individual fat cells. Energy is then released to allow the body to function better: muscles strengthen, fatigue and sleepiness disappear, the brain works faster.
    + Water and carbon dioxide are excreted through urine and emissions. No matter what you eat or do, the process continues. It happens naturally even when you are sleeping or resting.
  • Detoxify the body:
    + Removes dirt, removes toxins, removes heavy metals from the body naturally.
    + This means that it protects the body from diseases such as digestion, migraines, food and skin allergies, hair loss, and more.

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2. Bust UP cream – Breast lift and make breasts bigger

  • Effects of Bust UP:
    + Increase 2 bust sizes in 30 days,
    + Firmer breasts,
    + Correction of chest imbalance,
    + Have a sexy body,
    + Make your breasts fuller,
    + Make breasts fuller,
    + Make breasts firmer,
    + Stretch marks disappear,
  • Stop breast aging,
    Improve breast shape, improve breast refinement, sexy shaped breasts, attractive shaped breasts,
  • Strong antioxidant activity,
    Slow down breast aging, slow down breast withering, create flexibility for breasts, breasts will regain elasticity,
  • Scar removal on chest,
    Remove stretch marks on breasts, regain breasts before childbirth,
  • Ingredient production:
    + Witch hazel and gotu kola: topical phytoestrogens. It evens and smooths the skin, nourishes and eliminates dryness. Enhance breast contour, prevent sagging breasts, fade stretch marks
    + Tapioca root and niacinamide: Wheat protein. Strengthens, nourishes and lifts the breasts, providing rapid regeneration and hydration to the breast skin. Slows down the aging process and improves skin condition
    + Avocado extract: elasticity and collagen. Restores connective tissue, eliminates stretch marks and restores the natural elasticity of the breasts. Breasts become fuller and attractive
    + Irish moss and hazelnuts: Antioxidants and essential oils. Stimulates blood microcirculation in the vascular network, thereby enhancing and accelerating the bioavailability of phytohormones. Has a strong anti-aging effect

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3. Sustarox – Quick cure joint pain and back pain

  • What can Sustarox do?
    + Joint pain relief, muscle pain relief, spinal pain relief,
    + Relieve arthritis, reduce muscle inflammation, reduce spondyloarthritis,
    + Reduce swelling, gently cool the skin, reduce redness,
    + Restoring mobility, renewing cartilage tissue, renewing the spine, restoring synovial fluid,
    + Resist injury, resist joint strain, resist muscle tension, resist spinal strain, prevent dislocation, prevent muscle strain, prevent salt deposition,
    + The natural anesthetics contained in the Sustarox formulation are rapidly absorbed and block the inflammatory area in 7-10 minutes.
  • Among people over the age of 45, one in two is at risk.
    These conditions are easy to miss at first: you experience only mild pain, swelling, limited range of motion, and creaking joints. If you ignore these symptoms, a few years later they will turn into chronic pain and degeneration of the joints and spine. Jogging, brisk walking, housework, dancing… you’ll have to forget about these things.
  • Sustarox, the #1 balm, an effective topical product for the prevention and elimination of arthritis, osteoarthritis and more than 250 diseases of the musculoskeletal system. This nourishing oil quickly relieves pain and reduces swelling. Restores joints and ligaments and allows you to return to your normal lifestyle in 3-7 days. If used regularly, Sustarox helps fight premature aging of joints, muscles and bone tissue.

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4. Artrodex – Treats joint and back pain in 14 days

  • Artrodex is indicated for use in the following cases:
    Reduce pain swelling, eliminate arthritis, restore motor function, repair damaged cartilage, repair damaged joints,
    Arthritis treatment, joint infection treatment: eliminate joint pain, restore joint function,
    Treatment of joint injuries: recovery from injury, recovery from sprains,
    With age-related changes: restoration of worn joints, degeneration of joints,
    With improper nutrition: joints in obesity, joints because of dystrophy,
    For birth defects: prevention of joint diseases,
    With increased load: Athletes, dancers and any type of repetitive exercise.
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system are a comprehensive problem faced by almost every resident. The danger of such diseases lies in the fact that they lead to complete disability. Fortunately, a few years ago, a natural preparation called Artrodex was developed by the world’s leading experts.
  • Artrodex capsules consist of 100% natural ingredients, are harmless and have no contraindications or side effects. You can use Artrodex at home to completely get rid of joint and ligament pain in just 1 session!

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5. Beauty – U – Your skin needs it now

  • How great is Beauty – U?
    + Skin without premature aging: deeply moisturizes skin, improves skin texture, helps skin to self-heal, promotes collagen synthesis, restores skin firmness,
    + Prevents Melanin production: protects skin from the sun, helps skin to be evenly colored, helps skin to have no dark spots,
    + Moisturizes the skin, enhances skin lightening, saturates skin cells,
    + Prevent skin dehydration, saturate skin with moisture, smooth wrinkles, moisturize skin epidermis,
    + Provides anti-aging properties, heals skin, regenerates skin, makes skin smooth, makes skin soft,
  • Legendary Formula: The patented formula of this serum has been clinically proven to be effective. The active ingredient in the serum, cranberry extract activates the skin’s internal reserves to combat the effects of aging.
  • You fight to keep your skin healthy: Experts studied 170 stimulating ingredients that interact to prolong each other’s effects. Beauty – U Serum’s ultimate formula is enhanced with Hyaluronic Acid and a blend of Argan Oil with Vitamin E.

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