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Deep Inhale (MK) For respiratory health

Deep Inhale – High therapeutic effect on overall health of the lungs.

  • Deep Inhale is a unique herbal blend.
  • Deep Inhale drain secretions from the lungs.
  • Soothes and softens the mucous membranes of the throat, lungs and abdomen.
  • Purify any mucous tissue that needs immune system support.
  • The plant compounds also reduce bronchospasm and block free stem cells from causing inflammation and narrowing airflow.

Price: 2400 MKD

1. Ingredients of Deep Inhale:

  • A tea blend that contains avocado leaves, marshmallow leaves, marshmallow root, licorice root and cumin seeds. Unique natural products help to alleviate the consequences of respiratory diseases and protect the respiratory system.
  • Contains glycosides, saponins, tannins, carotenoids and sterols that loosen phlegm, act as a coating and have a softening effect.
  • This is a powerful natural antioxidant that cleans the respiratory organs of bacteria, carcinogens, and mucus.
  • In addition, this tea blend strengthens weakened immunity and prevents the development of bronchopulmonary infections.

2. Effects of Deep Inhale:

  • Neutralization: Suppresses the activity of harmful microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi).
  • It makes it easier: Reduces consequences of chronic respiratory diseases. Eliminates coughs, removes mucus and reduces mucosal edema.
  • Protection: It has immunomodulatory effects and reduces the risk of infection during seasonal outbreaks. Reduces sensitivity to various allergens.
  • For smokers: Both past and passive. Clean the respiratory tract from cigarette smoke, accumulated plastic and dust.

3. Rich people buy tea to clear their lungs

Deep Inhale is a new tea to rejuvenate and clear the respiratory system. In China, the demand for it has increased many times since the quarantine. After undergoing rigorous clinical trials and tests, tea is now sold in our country market.

    * What do experts say?

  • Lazar Ristov Naturopath, Herbal Doctor
    Unlock your second breath. Explore Deep Breathe
    According to statistics in 2019, respiratory diseases accounted for 30% of the total number of diseases, and the incidence of bronchopneumonia and respiratory tract infections increased by 28%.
    The respiratory system is exposed to environmental pollution, harmful emissions from factories, household allergens and smoking on a daily basis. The body cannot be strong without outside support.
    I recommend the Deep Inhale treatment to my clients. It is the most accepted and safest method to remove harmful substances that have accumulated in the lungs of the body for many years. In addition, Deep Inhale enhances the protective properties of cells and protects them from external microorganisms and viruses. This was very important during flu and SARS outbreaks.
    Deep Inhale does not contain synthetic ingredients, does not require a doctor’s prescription, helps you get rid of that annoying cough that makes you choke, and facilitates the treatment of chronic diseases. Antioxidants, sterols, carotenoids, glycosides and saponins are as beneficial for the respiratory system as breathing and walking in the fresh air of an evergreen forest. Therefore, if you live far from nature, you should use Deep Inhale.
  • Josif Markoski, Physiologist:
    The main ingredient of Deep Inhale is Coltsfoot (Farfarae folium), the most powerful natural filter for the nasopharynx, bronchi and lungs. It contains glycosides, saponins, tannins, carotenoids and sterols, which help loosen phlegm, create a protective layer, and soften the skin.
    The tea collection also features marshmallow, marshmallow, Chinese licorice and fennel. The powerful combination of such ingredients not only restores the respiratory system and prevents influenza and SARS, but also strengthens the immune system, heart, blood vessels and reduces inflammation.
    It should be taken once a day for 30 days. Experts say that one dose of Deep Inhale is equivalent to one month of nebulizer treatment.
  • The antioxidants and polyphenols present in the tea clean the lungs of nicotine, which is good for smokers.
    They also protect from dust, viruses and heavy metals.
    – Cleanses the lungs of nicotine
    – Improve immunity
    – Prevent infection
    – Strengthens the cardiovascular system
    The increased demand for Deep Inhalation in China is related to the end of quarantine and people’s fear of a new epidemic. Currently, this product has raised more than 3 million dollars from sales. This tea was especially popular with wealthy citizens and the so-called “upper class”.

4. Comment

  • Alexandra Danilovska
    Just in time! Judging by the description, this is a great product. I have ordered for my family already.
  • Elena Velinova
    This tea seems familiar to me. I drink it often. I often suffer from colds and bronchitis, but my health has improved dramatically after I learned about this tea. I forgot about the diseases. I recommend it!
  • Jakov Eftimov
    I was so lucky to come across this article. I’ve had a big problem for the past few days. It’s hard to breathe in Skopje. I work outdoors and I really feel claustrophobic…
  • Ivan Risteski
    I don’t want to take drugs, I prefer homeopathic treatments. This product meets all my requirements.
  • Viktor Petrov
    I work in Skopje. Sometimes I can’t breathe at all, I have to wear a mask, but it doesn’t help. I started to have a cough, so the doctors prescribed me medicine, but there was no improvement. I bought Deep Inhale on a friend’s recommendation and my condition has improved dramatically.
  • Elena Atanasova
    I regularly take a dose of Deep Inhalation to boost my immune system and clear my lungs. I feel great, I stopped coughing and my breathing stopped. Even breathing makes it easier for me.
  • Silvija Jovanova
    Great product! I have chronic bronchitis, but no trace of it anymore. I regularly take a dose of Deep Inhalation every 6 months for preventive purposes.
  • Answer
    imgElizabeta Kostadinovska 18.01.2022
    Thank you! My husband is a smoker, he poisons himself and everyone around him. I will definitely order this product for both of them.
  • Kire Filiposki
    I had never heard of anything like this, but I noticed that I started coughing constantly. The doctors say I am healthy. I would take a dose of Deep Inhalation as a prophylactic treatment.
  • Maksim Cvetkovski
    Interesting, I have to try it. Also, you know what the world is like today…
  • Monika Velkovska
    My father is a smoker, he has been drinking this tea for about two years. From chronic dry cough. He said he felt healthy as a kid. So I know from my own experience that this product is very effective.
  • Andrea Konevska
    So that’s the cause of my chronic bronchitis… It gets more acute every two months. I already ordered the Deep Inhale tea, I’m waiting for the package to arrive. It’s time for reliever treatment.

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