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Cyto Forte (TJ) – Cures permanent cystitis


Each Cyto forte tablet:

  • Prevent bacteria from binding to epithelial cells;
  • Deform the cells of pathogenic microorganisms;
  • Damages the cell membranes of bacteria and prevents their synthesis;
  • Prevents the formation of biofilms of bacteria;
  • Promotes natural excretion of harmful bacteria along with urine.

* For long term use (more than 2-3 weeks):

  • Affects the acidity of urine; (norm acidic pH = 7);
  • Interferes with recurrent urinary tract infections;
  • Increase the body’s resistance to urinary tract infections.

Price: 150 TJS

1. Cyto Forte is designed for women 18-50 years old

  • This formula was invented and patented by a group of the best pharmacists in Europe and the United States, who specialize in urology, phytotherapy and alternative antibiotic production.
  • Developed by the best scientists in the world. The dosage of the ingredients corresponds to the standard. GMP3 .
  • This is an international regulatory document that sets out the rules for the production and quality control of drugs. Cyto Forte raw materials are double quality controlled across factories in Poland, Bulgaria and Spain.

2. Cystitis is not “cold”!

  • One in four women suffers from chronic cystitis. This is the most common urinary tract disease. Discomfort and burning when urinating, pain in the abdomen, frequent bowel movements, unpleasant odors – many women are used to these symptoms and are only “treated” with pain relievers.
  • But chronic cystitic is not associated with colds. It’s more dangerous than you think. Common complications are pyelonephritis, urethritis, urolithiasis. In particularly advanced forms, cystitic ends with bladder sepsis.
  • In the past, cystitic was treated with antibiotics. However, they are helpless against intestinal bacteria – the main cause of disease. After treatment, microorganisms penetrate back to the perineal skin, into the urethra and then into the bladder, causing secondary inflammation.

3. Active ingredients of the drug:

  • Cranberry Extract:
    – Organic acids – destroy bacteria in the intestines, kidneys, bladder and urinary tract;
    – Triterpenoids – reduce inflammation;
    – Flavonoids – reduce vascular permeability;
    – Pectins – help cleanse the body.
    – Benzoic acid – has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.
  • Auxiliary components
    – Vitamin B6 – an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. When vitamin B6 is deficient, it is difficult for the body to make antibodies to develop resistance to disease-causing microorganisms.
    – Zinc – increases regeneration of damaged tissues
    – Chamomile extract – relieves pain and inflammation
    – Vitamin B6 – an important role in the functioning of the nervous system. When vitamin B6 is deficient, it is difficult for the body to make antibodies to develop resistance to disease-causing microorganisms.
    – Vitamin C – improves the immune system
    – Vitamin E – prevents inflammation. Inhibits leukotrienes and arachidonic acid prostaglandins, a potent antioxidant. Restores the urogenital system, accelerates the healing of mucous membranes.

4. Recommended by Urologists

  • Jiřina Kulhánková, urologist, PhD, experience – 18 years:
    I used to be skeptical about new products on the pharmaceutical market. However, the statistics of Europe’s recovery with a knack for Cyto Forte surprised me. Finally, we have a drug that not only puts an end to acute cystitic, but also completely eliminates the disease that was previously considered chronic.
  • Kovalčíková Lenka, urologist, 12 years of experience:
    In interstitial and radiation cystitic, Product relieves pain and reduces the frequency of urination. If we talk about chronic recurrent cystitic caused by bacteria – here we can expect a decrease in the frequency of their recurrence or disappearance. The advantage over traditional cystitic treatment regimens is that it can be prevented. After 1-2 prophylactic courses, the risk of primary or recurrent cystitic is 78%.

5. Reviews of patients

  • Marie Miloševcová
    A year ago, I took a cold bath in a river and got a bladder infection. The pain is terrible, you can’t even go to the toilet, the interval between seizures is – 2-3 weeks. I can’t take antibiotics because I have liver problems. Therefore, the doctor repeatedly prescribed me pain relievers, although the pain was reduced, it did not cure the disease. I have ordered Product online, have used it and have no signs of cystitic. I am perfectly healthy
  • Kateřina Voděnková
    I have had cystitic since I was a teenager. All I had to do was stay in the bathroom longer than usual, or go out in the cold in bad weather, and at night I had pain, cramps, and other “pleasures.” She has been on circadian doctors and her mother is desperate. Then up a new pediatrician. He said, the disease is still being treated with the old method and fortunately I have not had any complications. He writes me Cyto Forte pills – natural, with cranberry extract. No seizures for 4 months!
  • Jana Zemská
    Before this Cyto Forte, I tried to cure cystitic with folk remedies: bay leaf, warm bath, etc. But each episode got worse. I went to the doctor and the doctor prescribed antibiotics. As a result, I damaged my stomach. A friend with a similar problem told me about Cyto Forte. It is not chemistry. I was surprised and ordered the product online. And after 2 months, I completely forgot I ever had cystitic. And no seizures in a year!
  • Zárybničná
    I completely understand you! Due to weak immunity, after pregnancy I developed cystitis. Once it’s cold, it’s here! I tried everything, the pills worked temporarily and mostly I took too much so I got sick to my stomach. That’s why I turned to natural remedies. Of all the things I’ve tried, Cyto Forte is the best.
    The great thing is that these aren’t smelly herbs that can’t be taken, but capsules. They contain all the vitamins, zinc, chamomile and cranberry extract. I read that these ingredients reduce inflammation and pain very well.
    I have been taking Cyto Forte 10 days 2 times a day. The symptoms disappeared the next day, and then he gradually fought the inflammation. I didn’t even know what cystitis was for a week. more here about Cyto Forte Everything is described here, how it works etc. Good luck!
  • Nadia
    Many people do not understand what cystitis is and only relieve pain and discomfort with pills. But cystitis is an inflammatory process that can become chronic (like it happened to my friend). So don’t take it lightly under any circumstances.
  • Evenie P.
    Well, whatever you’re talking about, you can cure it and don’t need antibiotics. My mother has suffered from this condition for more than 10 years, and even the doctors cannot help her. I ordered her online. At first, Cyto Forte doesn’t want him, saying she won’t help. But it helped! If she’s fine for three years. Recently she had a gynecological examination, the test is much better, no more harmful bacteria. I would recommend it to everyone as a precaution.
  • Catherine
    As far as I know, it can only be found on the Internet on the official website. I also ordered, they delivered quickly, it took about 2-3 days. But there can be fakes in pharmacies, I have read about it. Therefore, it is better to order only from the manufacturer.
  • Funny girl
    I also have cystitis. The doctor advised me with these procedures. To relieve pain during the acute phase, you can warm up with a heat pad (placed between your legs or lower abdomen), but this only works if the cystitis is not bleeding. Drink more water (to urinate more), do not eat spicy foods, do not drink coffee, during an acute attack should abstain from sex (this is the most difficult thing for me and my wife). The symptoms gradually disappeared, but I don’t know for how long. So far a month.

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