Cyto Forte (TJ) – Cures permanent cystitis


Cyto Forte – Heals all forms of chronic cystitis

  • Organic acids – destroy bacteria in the intestines, kidneys, bladder and urine ducts;
  • Triterpenoids – reduce inflammation;
  • Flavonoids: reduce vascular permeability;
  • Pectins: helps to purify the body.
  • Benzoic acid: has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

Price: 200 TJS

1. Cystitis is not a “cold”! There’s Cyto Forte

  • One woman out of 4 has chronic cystitis. This is the most common urinary tract disease. Discomfort and burning when urinating, severe abdominal pain, frequent toileting, unpleasant odors: many women are used to these symptoms and only “cure” with pain relievers. “I’m too cold,” they thought …
  • But chronic cystitis is not related to a cold. It is more dangerous than you think. Its most common complications are pyelonephritis, urethritis, urolithiasis. In overlooked special forms, cystitis ends with sepsis of the bladder.
  • In the past, cystitis was treated with antibiotics. But they are powerless against the gut bacteria that are the main cause of the disease. After treatment, microorganisms return to the perineal skin, into the urethra and into the bladder, causing infections to recur many times.

2. Cyto Forte for women 18-50 years old:

  • Taking into account their anatomical and physiological features.
  • The dosage of ingredients complies with GMP3 standard.
  • Cyto Forte is an international regulatory document that establishes the production and quality control rules of industrial products.
  • The raw materials for production Cyto forte undergo dual quality control at factories in Poland, Bulgaria and Spain.

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