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Clavosan (KG) Treat toenail fungus, nail fungus

Clavosan – All symptoms of fungus disappear.

  • Destroy fungal infections.
  • Itching, peeling and burning on the skin of the feet ceased after the first use.
  • Quickly heal cracks and inflammation on nails and feet.
  • Eliminates unpleasant odors and normalizes sweat gland activity.
  • Normalizes immunity and helps to treat chronic fungal diseases.
  • It does not allow fungal diseases to spread, no recurrence of fungal infections.
  • Cleans fungal wastes from the blood and lymph. This helps the body develop immunity to all known fungal bacteria.
  • After completing the treatment according to the instructions, all symptoms of the fungus disappear.

Price:  2700 KGS

1. Scientists tried many recipes before discovering Clavosan:

  • Product efficiency measured by standard method achieves:
    + Kill fungus on nails – 99.3%
    + Kill the fungus on the foot – 99.7%
    + Clean foot skin – 95%
    + Eliminate unpleasant foot odor – 100%
    + Eliminate foot sweat – 90%
  • Cure in this case means the elimination of the fungus and its accompanying diseases, as well as the absence of recurrence of the disease for a year.
  • No side effects, including allergic reactions, have been reported.
    Clavosan is considered the leading preparation in the fight against fungus on the feet and nails.

2. What if you don’t treat foot fungus?

  • According to statistics, about one in five people in the world suffer from fungal diseases. In the summer, there are beaches and parks where they go barefoot. All this leads to this terrible disease!
  • Stage 1:
    Scaling -> scratching -> More sweat -> Unpleasant smell -> epidemic
  • Stage 2:
    Nail fungus -> Deep cracks -> Increased sweating and itching -> Unstable stench -> Yellow, brittle nails -> Cornea -> Severe illness when walking
  • Stage 3:
    Redness and itching -> between toes -> Deep sores and cracks -> Pain -> boils -> Loss of nail

3. How does Clavosan cream work?

  • With regular use, Product alleviates various problems instantly. Components of their composition are effectively removed.
  • Tea oil – The fungicidal (antifungal) effect is due to the terpenes content, which destroys the structure of molds and inhibits the vital activity of all these pathogens.
  • Terpinen – Highly effective antifungal agent that stops mold growth, stops its activity, removes spores from the body and prevents reinfection.
  • Comfrey extract – Activates immunity and increases resistance to pathogenic microorganisms. Not only does it kill mold, but it also restores structure, speeds up growth, and makes nails and feet stronger.
  • Juniper extract – Has a pronounced anti-fungal effect and also helps cure persistent fungal infections. Effective even if nails are already infected with mold.
  • Perfectly moisturizing and nourishing foot cream, removes water condensation, cleans and heals cracks.
  • Compared to other products, Product spreads evenly over the entire surface of the foot. It absorbs quickly and leaves no marks on linens and clothes.

4. Why is Clavosan better than other antifungal drugs?

  • Results after 30 days of applying “Clavosan”
    + Foot and nail mold disappear
    + Itching and escalation disappeared
    + Feet don’t sweat
    + Cracks heal
    + The joy and comfort of walking
    + Beautiful and well-groomed feet
  • There are two types of antifungal drugs: the first does not help, and the second only helps during use. People with foot fungus are forced to use permanent creams and ointments.
  • Clavosan is completely changing the situation. Clinical studies have shown that this cream is effective against foot and nail fungus.
  • Mold goes away after just one treatment and never comes back. This powerful effect is achieved thanks to the natural and eco-friendly ingredients.

5. Expert opinion – Specialist in dermatology, mycology

  • This cream has been proven effective for a long time. Its main advantage is complex care. Even if you don’t have all the symptoms, today’s Product can be used for prophylaxis.
  • Mold grows very fast! Today you have mild itching and tomorrow you will be required to take antibiotics 5 times a day in the hospital. Do not ignore this disease!
  • Now is the time to solve the problem. Mold can also be transmitted. If you or one of your loved ones gets sick, the whole family will get sick after a while!

6. Evaluate of users

  • Melisa, Tirana:
    At first I thought Product was only effective against mold for a while and then it would reappear. I have tried many other creams. The symptoms were gone, but the mold remained. I had to go to the doctor and he gave me “Clavosan”. I have lived without mold on my feet for six months. Thank you!
  • Monika, Durrës:
    Heels are like new now! When I found out I had mold on my feet, I wasn’t admired, I didn’t share bathrooms and changing rooms, and chlorine didn’t help me fight mold. Well, what to do, that’s the situation. All of our girls in the dressing room know that there is no better cream than “Clavosan”! We all use it and no one has mold on their feet.
  • Juliana, Elbasan:
    Foot mold is used to anti-mold creams. My husband sweats a lot so his feet are moldy. For these two marks, we chose Product because it is anti-perspirant and mildew resistant. 3 months after applying, it’s all over!

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