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Cellu Vital (RS) – The fastest and safest weight loss!


Cellu Vital – No more cellulite and lose weight fast!

  • Cellu Vital is a unique body wrap complex that can be used at home.
  • Helps to lose weight without exhausting diets and strenuous exercise:
    + Lose the first kg in the first day!
    + Effective non-surgical liposuction.
    + Lose weight without reducing breasts.
    + The lost weight will not come back.
    + Reduce cellulite and stretch marks.

Price: 3600 RSD

1. Cellu Vital – Doubles on extra weight gain and cellulite!

  • Cellu Vital is an innovative complex developed for effective weight loss in the shortest possible time. Body wraps are one of the most effective treatments offered by salons for weight loss and anti-cellulite. It is now available for home use!
  • The ingredients of the cream penetrate into the deep layers of the skin, improving blood circulation and speeding up metabolism. As a result, the fat is broken down and the “orange peel” is smoothed out. You can use CelluVital as a wrap and as a regular body cream.
  • The main advantage of the weightloss wrap is that it gives quick results – 1-2.5 cm reduction in just one use.

2. Fat burning stimulant cream

  • Aloe vera leaf juice
    It regenerates damaged cells, maintains the normal fluid balance in the body, eliminates puffiness and soothes the skin.
  • Geranium essential oil
    Nourishes, softens, increases elasticity, smoothes skin imperfections and helps with skin regeneration.
  • Castor oil
    Effective against dryness, dandruff, irritation and stretch marks. It penetrates the deep layers of the skin, does not clog pores, allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Citrus Oil
    It speeds up metabolism, increases skin firmness, stimulates lymphatic drainage, and has a strong anti-cellulite effect.
  • Rosemary oil
    It has a warming effect, improves blood circulation, prevents skin aging, cleanses from toxins and free radicals.
  • Cypress oil
    Regenerate damaged cells, increase tightness, fight cellulite and varicose veins, eliminate fatigue, weight and pain in the legs.
  • Camellia Leaf Extract
    Powerful antioxidant, normalizes cellular processes, restores skin consistency and tightness, protects skin from damaging agents.

3. How does Cellu Vital work?

  • CelluVital is an anti-cellulite cream that you can use as a wrap and as a regular body cream.
    Wrapping helps the cream penetrate deeper into the skin, creating a “greenhouse effect” and increasing blood flow. During the wrapping process, the body heats up and excess fat, fluids and toxins are eliminated through the skin pores, resulting in intensive weight loss and body purification.
  • When used without wrapping, the cream also combats roughness and sagging by improving blood circulation and lipolysis. Immediately after the first application of CelluVital cream on the skin, it helps to strengthen and firm the skin even after intensive weightloss.
  • 1-3 days
    The accumulated fat and toxins are dissolved and are eliminated from the body through the enlarged pores on the skin. This phase can be called “external detoxification”.
  • 3-6 days
    Lymph circulates to organs in the body responsible for detoxification and carrying toxins. This facilitates the process of “internal detoxification” in the liver and kidneys.
  • 7 days and longer
    Excess subcutaneous fat is broken down and eliminated from the body, the tubes are blown out, the skin is elastic, the abdomen is flat and the signs of cellulitte disappear.

4. Research results

  • Obesity makes women look older and less attractive
  • Lindsay Gable conducted research in 2015 at Elias Queens University and came to this conclusion after studying men’s attitudes towards fat and thin women.
  • 1,500 men
    1,500 men participated in the study. Each man was shown photographs of obese and thin women and asked to determine how old the women in the pictures were. The men in the study didn’t know that all women were the same age.
  • 7.5 years
    According to the results of the study, obese women look older in the eyes of men. Most men believe that obese women are on average 7.5 years older than their actual age. They also believe that thin women are younger.
  • 85% of men would rather have sex with a skinny woman than with an obese one!
  • The effectiveness of using the CelluVital product set has been proven in research!
    1,000 women are satisfied with the results achieved!

5. Marko Danilovic, international expert

  • Permanently remove cellulite
    It burns the existing fat in the body and prevents the formation of new fat, so cellulite can be eliminated PERMANENTLY.
  • Skin tightening
    It causes the skin to stretch, especially when it stretches due to sudden weight loss or aging.
  • Protection function
    Whitening skin, preventing bad effects from external influences.
  • He explains its effect:
    The action of the CelluVital cream is to get rid of excess fats with the help of special natural ingredients. Cellulitte is essentially a change in adipose tissue and cells due to certain changes in the lymphatic system. It occurs due to the organism’s inability to remove excess waste. . The cream we create leads to the release of fat burners in the body within 12 hours, and they reach the hardest to reach and stubborn parts of the body, such as the belly, buttocks and femoral. The product contains nourishing extracts of oils: castor, aloe vera, camellia, rosemary, geranium, cypress, cedar and lime. The cream penetrates the skin, nourishes it, activates fibroblasts and stimulates increased production of its own collagen. It gradually breaks down cellulitte, thickens skin, restores firmness and attractive appearance. This shape adjustment is suitable for cellulitte of different origin. Even in the most neglected cases, positive dynamics can be noticed from the second week of regular use of Cellu Vital. In addition, due to the powerful effects of these ingredients on the hypothalamus (the brain center responsible for creating feelings of hunger and fullness), we eliminate cravings and stay full longer after a meal. In my opinion, this is a completely revolutionary technology to reduce cellulite and weight.

6. User comments

  • Ivana, 26 years old
    I use CelluVital at home. I apply it every night after shower and once a week as a pack. I noticed the effect after a week. My skin is more even and my cellulite is significantly less. In two weeks, the weight shows that I have lost 6 kg. Unbelievable! I would never believe my big problem had such a simple solution. I recommend this remedy to everyone. My friend wears this during anti-cellulitte massage and she noticed the effect after 1 session.
  • Vladana, 37 years old
    When all the girls around you use phytonutrients, they look great, and you realize that sports and exercise are not for you, you feel a lot of stress. When your doctor tells you that your stomach looks like a pillow and it’s not healthy at all, you get scared. But when you find the website of the manufacturer CelluVital, there is hope. And after just one month of regular masking with CelluVital, you can see how your belly and waist become straight!
  • Mary, 55 years old
    This remedy is a real miracle. After applying the cream on the waist and thighs, I feel the skin is thinner and lighter. I use the wrapper every two days for a month. You can see my results in the photos. I have lost 14 pounds! My skin is fresh and my cellulite is gone! And it only took me a month! Now I have a contour like in my 30s and my friends envy me!
  • Teodora, 31 years old
    I’ve always been big and I’ve always had cellulite. My whole life has been a struggle against this shortcoming. CelluVital has helped me lose weight, tighten and smooth my skin. This is an ideal tool to treat problem areas of your body. Of course if you use it often. Beauty takes time, not just sacrifice. I apply it every time after shower and 2 times a week as a wrap. Now my skin and body are ideal.

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