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Cardioxil (RO) – Helps you repair blood vessels


Cardioxil restores blood vessels in three stages:

  • It breaks down cholesterol deposition.
  • It “repairs” the injury on the blood vessel wall.
  • Improves the removal of nerve impulses from the brain.
  • Restoring blood flow and strengthening the walls of blood vessels trigger a series of renewal responses in the body. The latent forces of immunity are activated and the body begins to heal itself.
  • This self-renewal process is called self-regeneration. These mechanisms are determined by nature, and Cardioxil is the catalyst, the key to “boosting” the self-renewal process.

Price:  159 RON

1. How does Cardioxil work?

  • Product cleans the blood and improves the permeability of blood vessels. Eliminates all symptoms of high blood pressure: headache, confusion, ringing in the ears, throbbing pain in the temples, dizziness. As well as increased blood pressure, anxiety, nausea and sleep disturbances.
  • Product is rich in vitamin C, carotene and protein, designed to improve cardiovascular function. In other words, it has a complex restorative and cleansing effect on the blood, vessels and heart.
  • For a period of 30 days, the product cleans the blood, strengthens blood vessels, improves bloodpressure, eliminates diseases. No need to worry that high bloodpressure will one day lead to hypertension, heart attack or stroke. With Cardioxil’s support, people will get rid of high blood pressure and improve their own health for years to come and back to active lives.

2. What do we get after Cardioxil treatment?

  1. Blood pressure returns to normal
    First of all, we are talking about the complete elimination of high bloodpressure. After 7 weeks of regular use of Cardioxil, the vascular system fully recovered. The blood vessels will be flexible and durable.
    In other words, the blood vessels revive and “relieve” the fluctuations in bloodpressure without any problems. Whether due to stress or exertion, regenerated blood vessels compensate for the changes and maintain a steady 120/80 blood pressure.
  2. Improve brain function
    After treatment with Cardioxil, blood circulation in the brain was improved by 73%.
    Patients are happy to experience:
    – Improve memory
    – Sleep is normalized, no more insomnia, oversleeping.
    – No more tinnitus
    – No more headaches
  3. Improve vision, restore cornea
    Product not only cleans large blood vessels and arteries, but also cleans the smallest capillaries. They have a lot of this in their eyes. This leads to the renewal of retinal cells and improved muscle tone of the eye.
    – Vision improved from 0.5 to 2.1 units.
    – Intraocular pressure returned to normal
    – Symptoms of cataracts are alleviated
  4. No more swelling
    Proper kidney function and fluid metabolism are restored in the body. The kidneys stop retaining water and no diuretics are needed.
    – No further swelling and no pain in the feet
    – The abdomen will shrink when the internal organs stop swelling
    – Fluid from the lungs disappears and breathing becomes easier
  5. Symptoms of hemorrhoids and prostatitis go into remission
    Weak and damaged blood vessels are the main cause of the most common diseases, such as:
    – Varicose veins
    – Hemorrhoids
    – Prostatitis
    – Impotent
    Product restores blood vessels in all organs. When the cause disappears, the unpleasant symptoms of the disease are reduced and in 73% of cases they disappear completely.
    Men are especially impressed with the restoration of potency. Even those over 70 enthusiastically find that their masculinity has returned.
  6. Heart Recovery
    Cleaning of the aorta has a beneficial effect on myocardial tone. Tachycardia resolves in 93% of cases and ischemia is treated in 99% of cases.
    – Heart rate and heart rate recovery
    – The pain around the heart disappears
    – The risk of a heart attack is reduced to 17
  7. Immune system kicks in
    The blood supply to the bone marrow, which is involved in the production of immune cells, is improved. This leads to the strengthening of the body’s defenses.
    The immune system is more than just antiviral. The main function of a strong immune system is to protect against cancer cells. The strong immune system recognizes and destroys cancer cells over time. It does not allow tumors to appear.
    A 50% functioning immune system is already an insurmountable barrier to the virus. This is still very important to this day.

3. The system works together to clear blood vessels and increase resilience

  • It cleans up leftovers
    Cardioxil’s effectiveness is based on its natural composition. The bioactive ingredients act like hammers, removing cholesterol particles deposited on the inner walls of blood vessels. It increases the light transmission of blood vessels and normalizes blood circulation.
    The body begins to process nutrients, saturates the blood with useful trace elements, and removes toxins and harmful substances from the blood. Blood is cleaned of harmful impurities, becoming less viscous and more liquid.
    Edema disappears. Even if you stand all day, your feet will not be swollen.
    The blood circulation in the skin is improved. The capillaries visible from the outside disappear. The veins dilate over time and the hemorrhoids dry out.
  • It provides energy
    The powder made from the leaves and branches of mistletoe contains biologically active substances that stabilize blood pressure, tone the blood vessels and help remove toxins from the blood.
    Cardioxil 2 also solves a problem: It removes cholesterol residue and burns fat properly. After using the product, we feel better and feel like moving.
  • Prevent cramps
    Cardioxil prevents venous cramps. Smooth out the veins. It also prevents varicose veins. It relaxes and heals blood vessels with circulatory disorders.
    The headache and tinnitus go away and the lungs and bronchi work better. We did not feel short of breath.
  • Remove pressure on the heart
    Cardioxil circulates in the veins and looks for blood clots. It thins the blood and improves its circulation. It removes calcium salts and drug residues inside the blood vessels.
    The pressure we feel on our chest is reduced and breathing becomes easier. Your heart rate returns to normal. Symptoms of arrhythmia and tachycardia as well as heart attack suddenly disappear.
  • The risk of a heart attack is reduced to zero.
    Improves tone and flexibility of blood vessel walls
    Garlic extract prevents vasospasm, has a cleansing effect and restores the elasticity of the walls of blood vessels. Improves the condition of small capillaries and large blood vessels.
    Garlic reduces the risk of blood clots forming and prevents headaches, ringing in the ears, shortness of breath, and other symptoms of high blood pressure. Valerian extract has a calming effect, stabilizes the heart rate and regulates the functions of the cardiovascular system.

4. Comment

  • Peter K.
    I used it last year and it cost almost 390,000 forint when it was sold in pharmacies. Honestly, I have no regrets! Even with the high prices, we saved the same amount on other drugs over the course of a year. And I feel pretty good, so money doesn’t matter to me anymore!
    At 52, I feel like an old man. I always have a pill, I don’t hope to retire, I feel like I’m going to explode and I think I’d rather die… But with this product in 2 months I forgot about my high bloodpressure, I feel as a young and HEALTHY man (I hope you understand that I understand)!
    That’s why it’s worth buying even at the normal price, you won’t regret it! I have a feeling that Cardioxil as a preparation will be banned in the near future as too many companies have lost revenue due to it.
  • M. Aniko
    Cardioxil is the BEST PRODUCT. I took the adelfant first, then the erinite. I know these drugs are overrated. But I don’t want to go to the doctor and I don’t think the problem is that serious.
    I sometimes take medication when my bloodpressure spikes or my chest hurts. But after a while, they don’t work. I went to the doctor and was referred by a doctor (a young specialist, one of those who said that medicine is to cure people, not for profit!)
    Product It helped from day one – my blood pressure dropped immediately but I still took it as prescribed by the doctor. In three weeks, I completely forgot about high bloodpressure. I healed my tormenting varicose veins 10 years ago! I also had a gynecological problem and it was fine. I feel as perfect as when I was young!

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