Beauty Derm (BA) – Makes skin smooth and soft


Beauty Derm smooths wrinkles and tightens the face.

  • Effective rejuvenation: Smoothes wrinkles. Multipurpose approach. The anti-aging barrier.
  • Facial cleansing: Natural ingredients. Gentle skin care. Eliminate clogged pores.
  • Face restoration: Cell renewal. Neutralizes toxins. Anti-UV.

Price: 55 KM

1. How does Product work?

  • Product is liquid gold for skin.
  • No product on the cosmetic market has such a high content of natural oils and skin-regenerating fatty acids.
  • Castor seed oil neutralizes free radicals, increases skin barrier properties during the day and nourishes – deeply nourishes the skin without greasiness.
  • Sage oil stimulates natural collagen and elastin production at any age. This contributes to the filling of wrinkles from the inside, reducing the depth and restoring elasticity of the skin.
  • The outlines of the face become clearer and the shape tighter.
  • Rosehip oil reduces the effect of light on cells and counteracts pigmentation of different origins.

2. Clinical trials

  • Scientists have developed a new cosmetic product that allows you to fight skin aging problems quickly and effectively.
  • It includes 100% natural herbal ingredients to help quickly tighten and brighten the cuticles.
  • For the first time ever, aging skin care has become a simple job anyone can do!
  • Product has passed all clinical trials and is recommended by leading dermatologists. Skin looks smoother and healthier and literally brightens up!

3. Saving beauty without dependence

  • If using the Product regularly, skin cells regenerate faster and increase natural collagen and elastin production. This solves a lot of problems of aging and fading skin in a short time: dehydration and dryness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone and wrinkles.
  • This revolutionary formula boosts collagen production in the skin and is an effective solution for facial rejuvenation without the use of invasive and/or invasive methods.
  • Deep wrinkles are reduced by half. Light lines and wrinkles are restored to their natural shape.
  • And best of all: all the study participants showed noticeable improvements. Results show fewer wrinkles and younger looking skin.

4. Real person. Actual results.

  • Višnja S., Belgrade: “It’s hard to believe the amazing results after using the Product. I noticed that the wrinkles on my face just disappeared. It’s amazing! The most interesting thing is that they don’t come back. I use this product and it rejuvenates my skin!” It’s really good!”

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