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Bactefort (RO) – Destroy all types of Parasites!


Bactefort is an effective natural worm remover.

  • Prevention of living functions of Parasitology do phytoncides.
  • Has an antifungal effect.
  • Efficiency drawing from the body.
  • Stable digestion.
  • Exclusive speakers.

Price: 149 RON

1. Combinations of unique extracts make up Bactefort

  • Bactefort – a unique, safe and effective preparation made from a combination of herbal extracts with anti-parasitic effects.
  • It promotes urine formation, bile secretion and improves digestion, while Bactefort kills worms not only deposited in the intestines but also in other organs, from which they are extremely difficult to remove by methods traditional.
  • The mild laxative effect of the composition not only helps to get rid of them but also detoxifies the body from the remnants of worms, giardia and others.

2. Symptoms that indicate the presence of parasites in the body:

  • If you have at least one of the following symptoms, there is a 99% chance that the parasite is already in your body:
    – Papillomas;
    – Halitosis;
    – Allergies (irritation, watery eyes, runny nose);
    – Skin irritation and redness;
    – Frequent colds, sore throat, stuffy nose;
    – Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly, no matter what you do);
    – Frequent headaches;
    – Constipation or diarrhea;
    – joint or muscle pain;
    – Anxiety, insomnia, appetite disorders;
    – Dark circles, bags under the eyes.
  • And you need to get rid of them ASAP!

3. The most obvious symptom of an infection is the appearance of papillomas

  • Dr. Cosma, good morning! I will start with the main problem. Is it true that the majority of the Romanian population is infected with parasites?
  • Dr. Cosma:
    Yes. We occupy one of the leading positions in terms of infectivity. Due to the extremely bad ecological situation, the inertia of the government and the indifference of the people.
    Every year, millions of people die from parasitic diseases. Also, if you look at the death certificate, you won’t see any “parasite deaths”. Exceptions are rare and, as a rule, there are situations where an infection cannot be ignored, for example a heart full of worms. It is not beneficial for the authorities to recognize high levels of parasitic infections and in fact about 89% of all deaths are due to parasites. In addition, parasitic diseases force people to go to the doctor and buy expensive drugs. That’s a big deal. I hope you can read between the lines and understand what I mean.
  • Reporter: Doctor Cosma, is papilloma really a sign of a parasitic infection?
  • Dr. Cosma:
    Yes. Several research groups have confirmed that the products secreted by the parasites lead to the appearance of papillomas on the skin. Moreover, if you notice papillomas on the skin, it means that the parasites have settled in your body and are actively laying eggs. This means that, in effect, every person with a skin papilloma is at risk of death.
    Again, about 89% of all deaths, including those deemed “natural”, have one thing in common – the parasites eat people inside.
  • Reporter: So parasites are usually helminths that can cause papillomas on the skin. How can I cause death?
  • Dr. Cosma:
    In fact, it is a misconception that human parasites can only be worms. There are a large number of different types of parasites living in the organs, leading to various consequences. In addition, worms, or rather helminths are very dangerous. They actually destroy the intestines, causing them to rot and eventually die. By the way, even helminths are difficult to detect and eliminate.
    In addition, there are thousands of parasites that can live in your liver, brain, lungs, blood, and stomach. And almost all of them are deadly. Some of them immediately begin to act aggressively, destroying the body. Other parasites live unnoticed until their numbers increase so much that the body can no longer fight them, so the person dies. They cause a number of deadly complications: heart attack, cancerous tumors, cirrhosis of the liver, nephritis, kidney failure, and more.
    At the same time, I can confidently say that almost everyone is infected with parasites. The problem is that most of them are extremely difficult to detect. And when the consequences of a parasitic infection become noticeable, doctors will try to get rid of them. Even during an autopsy, special tests should detect parasites. At least a large part of them.
    The only common symptom that accurately indicates a parasitic infection in the human body is papilloma.
  • Reporter: How can people get rid of parasites and how can they protect themselves?
  • Dr. Cosma:
    The current situation of drugs to treat parasitic infections is quite difficult. Of course, there are some specialized drugs that can cleanse the body of helminths. There are many drugs that are more or less effective against certain types of worms and parasites. The main problem is that it only works on one type of parasite. While each person is infected with at least seven to eight species. If we look at the average, we have 11-14 types of parasites for each infected person.
    To date, there is only one solution that allows you to get rid of the parasites. Antiparasitic drug called Bactefort. Clinical trials have shown amazing results. The export of the remedy is prohibited until the drug is made available to the entire population of Romania.
  • Reporter: Why is Bactefort so special? What is the difference between this drug and other antiparasitic products?
  • Dr. Cosma:
    As I said so far, it is the only anti-parasitic solution that really works worldwide. Helps to completely eliminate parasites. For this reason, it is being pursued by international pharmaceutical chains and pharmaceutical companies. Compared with other anti-parasitic products, it acts directly against the whole range of parasites that can enter the human body. If we consider the problems of diagnosis, this allows you to effectively cleanse the whole body. As mentioned before, it is almost impossible to detect which type of parasite has entered the body. And Bactefort destroys and eliminates all parasites that live anywhere in the body – from the brain to the heart, liver and intestines. No other product currently available has this capability.
  • In addition, it is not a chemical but an all-natural product, which eliminates allergic reactions, imbalances in the intestinal flora and other problems that can occur when you treat diseases with The classic pills cause the body to process many chemicals.

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