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Apolloss (MK) Lose weight quickly and steadily

Apolloss – Tea for those who dream of losing more weight.

  • Absorb fats and convert them into energy.
  • Remove toxins from the body.
  • Reduces appetite and provides energy.
  • Removes excess fluid from the body.
  • Production of dopamine (the hormone of happiness).
  • Get rid of excess body fat without losing muscle mass.
  • Speed up your metabolism, even when you’re resting.
  • Improve digestion. 100% natural.
  • This product stimulates metabolism, bringing energy and health to your body. Include this tea in your menu for a month. This amount of time will be enough to get impressive results.

Price: 2400 MKD

1. Apolloss is the sweet secrets of energy and slender body

  • Weight loss products are most popular with the biggest stars in the world!
  • Maria, a registered dietitian and celebrity nutritionist, recommends drinking Apolloss tea in place of snacks and/or fast food.
  • This tea helps to increase metabolism, bring energy to full life and is beneficial to the body.
  • Replace meals with it for up to a month. This amount of time is enough to achieve impressive results.

2. Results can be personal in the first days!

  • Scientists have finally discovered a simple and practical method to lose weight without changing your lifestyle.
  • They have developed Apolloss tea formula with taste similar to famous delicious teas, but containing natural ingredients that actively absorb and melt fat and remove any toxins from the body. Weightloss is followed by frequent fatigue and lethargy.
  • Apolloss accelerates metabolism and reduces appetite, allowing you to lose weight gradually every week without physical activity and diet.

3. High quality ingredients

  • Green tea (camellia sinensis): It prevents the absorption of 80% of food fats and their accumulation in the body. Provides the ability to safely decompose, process and remove fat deposits and harmful substances.
  • Lemongrass (mellissae folium): Stimulates metabolism. It stimulates the “self-cleaning” process of the body, ie. actively process old fat accumulated in the hip and abdomen area.
  • Nettle (urticae folium): It breaks down and removes excess subcutaneous fat along with cellulite, fights sagging skin and helps get the desired body shape after excessive weight loss.
  • Menthae piperitae folium (menthae piperitae folium): Increase levels of leptin, a hormone responsible for the rate at which fat is broken down in the body. The important thing is that our body cannot produce omega 3 but can only receive it from outside.
  • Oleae folium (oleae folium): Increase metabolism, do not let excess calories remain in the body.

4. Apolloss – It will change your body

  • Day 1: You will notice that you are rested and refreshed in the morning.
  • Day 5: Your body is working hard to lose weight, and you will begin to lose weight.
  • Day 10: You’re in a good mood, you’re starting to lose weight, and you’re wearing some smaller clothes.
  • Day 21: Your body is rejuvenated, you have lost weight and the excess weight is gone.
  • Day 28: You’ve lost a lot of weight, you wear clothes that are a few numbers less sexy and everyone is crazy about you!

5. Users say

  • Maria: I heard about Product 6 months ago. Then I weighed 90 kg. In just two months, I lost 21 kg! I am very happy! After that, the weightloss process became slower. Nevertheless, I now weigh 63 kg and feel better than ever.
  • Renata: I lost weight thanks to Product, about a year ago. Most importantly, Apolloss not only helped me lose 20 kg, but also cleansed my body. My stomach no longer hurts, my allergies are gone and I am always full of energy.
  • Ljubica: It is very good! I have been drinking it for some time. At the moment, I can only say that my habit of constantly snacking on something out of boredom has disappeared.
  • Vesna: I use Product for a week, but the results are already visible. I no longer feel my jeans so tight.
  • Robert: I trained in the gym for 2 years. In addition, I was constantly on a diet because I wanted to lose 48 kg. It was really hard. I decided to try Product because I no longer knew what to do with my extra pounds.
  • Rose: My colleague drinks Product every day. Lose a lot of pounds! Switched from size XL to S, so I can confirm that this tea really works. It is more effective than diets and in the end you are the winner.
  • Kate: I love the feeling of lightness that Product gives. I have a lot of energy during the day! Coffee is over now. I only eat natural foods and I feel great.
  • Joseph: Yes! Product is something great! I lost 7 kg effortlessly in a month, I did not even notice. Now I work hard to define my abdominal muscles.
  • Tanya: I have been taking Product for over a month and I have lost weight because of it. Little by little, my appetite decreased. I started to feel full when I ate smaller portions. I was not on a diet, I just limited the amount of sugar and dough. As a result, I lost 12 kg. My overhang is gone. I am very pleased, given the construction of my body.
  • Daniela: If you just want to lose weight, then this tea will help you, but do not expect too much from it. If you want to have an athletic body, you have to exercise.
  • Monica: Product is my last hope! I can not lose weight for 10 years. I tried everything. I ordered it today. Let’s see what happens.
  • Jana: I can not speak on behalf of others, but I am very pleased. Product really helped me! I lost 24 kg. Now, I want to do more sports! I could not even dream of such an amazing body before.
  • Sonya: I have been involved in sports all my life and I have always had problems with my waist and thighs! I want a perfect body. It’s time to start drinking Apolloss.

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