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Effects of Zinamax:

  • Improves the condition of the skin.
  • Clean skin.
  • Reduce sebum.
  • Soothes inflammation.
  • Reduce the appearance of acne.
  • The product is formulated with the highest quality ingredients, which means thatyou will notice a significant improvement in your skin’s appearance after just the first month of using Zinamax!

Price: 49 USD

  • Supply to the following countries:  United Arab Emirates, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Singapore, Finland, Slovakia, France, Greece, Turkey, Hungary, Ireland, United States, Italy.
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1. How does Zinamax affect your skin?

It’s formulated with the highest quality ingredients, which means you’ll notice a dramatic improvement in the look of your skin after just the first month of using Product!

  • Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties
  • Deep moisturizing
  • Promote wound healing
  • Reduce sebum production
  • Visibly improves the quality of the skin

2. Lactoferrin – an effective ingredient against acne

  • Product contains lactoferrin, which has been shown to have a positive effect on inflammatory changes caused by acne. It is a versatile protein with special properties as it has antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic properties.
  • The efficacy of lactoferrin was confirmed in a clinical study conducted in subjects aged 18-30 years. They were randomly divided into two groups, one consuming fermented milk with 200 mg of lactoferrin, the other consuming milk without lactoferrin.

    * Research shows that people who consume lactoferrin reduce:

  • Inflammation: 38.6%
  • Number of blemishes caused by acne: 23.1%
  • Acne intensity: 20.3%
  • Amount of sebum: 31.1%

3. Ingredients

What distinguishes Zinamax from other products is primarily a composition of natural ingredients that have been tested and proven to have positive effects on skin problems such as acne or dry and imperfect skin.

  • Lactoferrin: has antibacterial and antiviral properties: soothes inflammation – reduces the amount of sebum – reduces acne blemishes
  • Wild pansy flower extract [5% flavones]: reduces imperfections – cleanses the skin – helps maintain healthy skin
  • Wild rosehip extract: promotes wound healing – encourages the production of collagen – reduces the amount of blemishes
  • Nettle leaf extract [4% polyphenols]: reduces sebum secretion – anti-inflammatory effect – improves your metabolism – detoxifies
  • EVNolMax: improves the appearance and health of the skin – hydrates the skin from the inside – diminishes the number pimples – reduces sebum secretion
  • Centellin: improves collagen synthesis – accelerates the wound healing process – antioxidant effect
  • BioPerine: supports the cleansing of the skin – supports the absorption of other ingredients – supports the immune system – regulates the digestive tract
  • Vitamin and mineral complex: Selenium SeLECT – supports the immune system – Vitamin A – regulates the function of skin cells – Zinc – strengthens the immune system – Vitamin E – has antioxidant properties – Vitamin B6 – regulates hormonal activity

4. Testimonials

  • Piotr, 30 years old: I was acne-free for a long time, until I turned 30… I was very surprised when puss-filled pimples started appearing on my face. Visits to dermatologists and all those medications did nothing for me, I finally gave up and said it just had to be this way. Until a friend of mine suggested that I try one last time to fight back and take Zinamax capsules … I wasn’t convinced but it was better to try than not to. After the first two weeks of regular use, the inflammation started to diminish, which surprised me a lot! Today, after 2 months of use, I can say that I defeated my problem and my skin is super moisturized! I recommend it to everyone!
  • Anna, 26 years old: My skin was never perfect, I had a lot of blackheads on my face, pimples here and there, and above all, a constantly glowing nose. Of course, I took conscious care of my face, looked for good products and yes, in fact that they do not harm me, but they certainly did not help fight all the imperfections. I came across an ad for Zinamax and basically ordered this product without any expectations… I can’t say one negative thing about it! Within a month, those minor blemishes of mine started disappearing! Right now I can go out without makeup :). Of course, not everything is gone yet, but this is not the end of my treatment!
  • Hubert, 20 years old: Puberty did not spare me and, unfortunately, I am one of those people who suffer from acne… Although it is not tragic, but it is hard to fight these blemishes, not to mention the fact that it looks unsightly… I ordered Zinamax from some advertisement to see whether it can actually work, after all, it has natural ingredients so it won’t do any harm. It has now been a month and a half of treatment and I can see a big improvement! I’m sure I won’t finish it very quickly, I am satisfied with the results so far.
  • Aneta, 45 years old: I ordered one package for a test – WOW! My face definitely looks better, the blackheads have disappeared, my face is smooth! I will not just use one pack – that’s for sure!

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