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Yaconia (PE) – A definitive cure for diabetes!


Yaconia – Stabilizes blood sugar.

  • Definitive treatment of the disease is the best way to prevent the disease and prevent death.
  • The disease will inevitably affect internal organs and lead to slow death.
  • Treatment for patients is generally limited to trying to get the patient to follow a specific diet and insulin injections. Even when patients are treated, as you will understand, most of the time they are not treated in the strictest sense.
  • Due to the rapidly increasing number of patients suffering from this disease in the world, this disease has caused many deaths. 78% of patients die from complications of this disease.

Price: 140 PEN

1. Taking a closer look at this disease, the complications are:

  • Ketoacidosis: loss of consciousness, sudden interruption of the functioning of vital organs. Death.
  • Hypoglycemia: loss of consciousness, short-term spike in blood sugar, lack of response to light, heavy sweating and convulsions. Torture is coma.
  • Hyperactive coma: polyuria (excessive thirst), polyuria (frequent urination).
  • Lactocidotic ingestion: loss of consciousness, breathing problems, drop in blood pressure and lack of urination, as well as cardiovascular disorders.

2. Over the next 2-3 years, other complications may occur such as:

  1. Retinal pathology. This is an injury to the retina of the eye that can cause bleeding in the back of the eye and retinal detachment. Over time, it can lead to complete vision loss. Usually, retinopathy occurs in patients with type 2 diabetes. The patient will be completely blind.
  2. Arterial pathology. Significantly reduces the permeability of blood vessels and makes them brittle. There is a predisposition to thrombosis and atherosclerosis. Internal bleeding or bleeding in the brain can occur at any time.
  3. Polyneuropathy. It is a loss of sensitivity to pain and heat in the extremities. It often develops into “glove and sock” syndrome, which can be seen in the lower and upper extremities simultaneously. The first symptoms are numbness and a burning sensation in the extremities, which is more intense at night. It leads to loss of control of the extremities.
  4. Diabetic foot. This is a complication in which the lower extremities of diabetics develop open, purulent, necrotic (dead) ulcers. It leads to amputation or death.

3. Expert opinion:

  • The only thing really needed that the older drugs could not provide, even not those intended for the treatment of this disease, was the complete restoration of pancreatic function allowing the insulin to be absorbed by the body itself. . Without outside help, most existing drugs (even the best ones) just try to improve the patient’s condition, artificially raise blood sugar and assume, For the definitive treatment of diabetes, the function of the pancreas must be restored. This was not possible with older drugs.
  • According to the most recent studies, the only thing that needs to be done to restore the function of the pancreas is to restore potassium levels in the blood. An acute lack of potassium causes the pancreas to stop absorbing insulin produced by the body itself. The problem of restoring potassium levels is very difficult because “potassium 12” cannot be maintained in a pre-injected form. The only option is to choose ingredients that will react inside the human body and form the necessary ingredient within it.
  • Clinical trials of the new product have shown it to handle this task very well. A total of 10,120 people of different age groups and stages of diabetes participated. 93.8% of them completely stabilized blood sugar. 5.6% still have some problems, but their general health has improved significantly. In general, people with advanced stage diabetes and near death only have periodic relapses of abnormal blood sugar levels after treatment with this product. And only 0.6% of them experienced a significant improvement which is considered insufficient to claim a full recovery.
  • It’s about the new product development called Yaconia. This is a product that allows, in the shortest possible time, in about 4 days, to completely eliminate fluctuations in blood sugar and, in 2-3 months, to fully restore the function of the gland pancreas.
  • This product is manufactured by an international company using high technology and its development took 2 years.

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