Yaconia (CL) – For those who want to lose weight


Yaconia – For those who like sweets.

  • Absorb fat and convert it into energy.
  • Remove waste and toxins from the body.
  • Suppresses appetite and provides energy.
  • Removes excess fluid from the body.
  • Production of dopamine (the hormone of happiness).
  • Take Yaconia before breakfast and dinner, or before bed. It stimulates metabolism, provides energy for an energetic life and is in addition beneficial to the body.
  • The slimming cycle is one month. This amount of time is enough to achieve impressive results.

Price: 34990 CLP

1. Yaconia helps you transform your body!

  • Coenzyme Q10
    Accelerates lipolysis (breaks down fat)
  • Macadamia
    It suppresses the feeling of hunger, thereby suppressing the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar.
  • L-carnitine
    Accelerate metabolism, including the conversion of fat into energy. Improve health and increase strength. Increase fitness.
  • Selenium
    Powerful natural anti-oxidant. Normalize metabolism and thyroid function, the two most important factors for weight control
  • Chromium picolinate
    Suppress cravings for sweets. It stimulates the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates.
  • Vitamin A
    Increase metabolic rate.
  • Vitamin B2
    Involved in the natural production of the most important hormones for weight control (cortisol, insulin, thyroxine).
  • Vitamin E
    Combined with vitamin A, it suppresses appetite incontinence, neurasthenia, and overeating.

2. How can new products save millions of lives?

  • Reporter:
    “Elena, you are one of the ten smartest medical students in the world. Why did you start bringing up the topic of weight loss?
  • Elena:
    I don’t want to talk about this publicly, but the motive here is purely personal. Several years ago, my mother died of high blood pressure due to being overweight. Everything seemed to be going fine but then he suffered a sudden shock in his dream and died a painful death. My grandmother died of the same thing.
    Then I started researching the problem of excess weight and how to get rid of it. I was shocked when I realized that diet, exercise, pills and liposuction are dangerous to 90% of your health and only make your weight problems worse. And my mom has been dieting and doing aerobics for almost 5 years.
    For the last three years, I have completely immersed myself in this subject. In fact, in the process of writing the thesis, a new method to lose excess weight appeared that everyone is talking about. I realized that something new happened to me. But I can’t even think it would spark much interest in different structures.
  • Reporter: “What structure are you talking about?”
  • Elena:
    As soon as my strategy posts appeared, I immediately started receiving offers to sell my ideas. The first people to contact me were French and they offered me 120,000 euros. The last one is an American pharmaceutical holding company that wants to buy my formula for $35 million. I changed my phone number and I don’t use social media because every day I get suggestions through all communication channels.
  • Reporter: “As far as I know, you don’t sell recipes?”
  • Elena:
    Is not. It sounds a bit harsh, but I didn’t create a formula for making money from it. What if I sell formula? They will get patents, ban others from manufacturing and raise the price of drugs. I may be young, but I’m not an idiot. In this case, Chileans will not be able to get rid of the problems associated with excess weight.
    One of the foreign doctors told me that such a drug in Chile must cost at least $250,000. But it’s not fair! Who in Chile can buy it for $250,000? Therefore, when I received an offer from the government to participate in the development of a domestic product, I immediately accepted. We work with the best specialists of the Institute of Endocrinology of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy.
  • Professor Juan Lozano, a Chilean scientist and endocrinologist, coordinated the production of the state product. We asked him to talk about the product and the plans.
  • Reporter: «What is the main idea of ​​Elena Cruces? Will it allow you to lose weight without diet and exercise?
  • John Lozano:
    “Diet to lose weight is torture and throw the house out the window!”
    These words have been confirmed by more than 14 thousand satisfied users of our natural weight loss product who have undergone the treatment and enjoy a slim figure.
    We decided to learn more about the known diets. And we carefully examine why they don’t deliver the desired results. These are the conclusions:
    Most diets are recommended by inexperienced people: to lose 10 kg once and for all, a person must fast for an average of 2.5 months. Plus, you have to stick with your favorite food for life so the weight doesn’t come back! All because 98% of the diet programs are recommended by amateurs. By people who don’t know how the body works, what the proper digestive system or nutrition looks like. These diets are harmful to the body, dangerous to your health, and completely ineffective.
    The diet weakens the body and reduces immunity – leading to a lack of vitamins and trace elements. The body gradually loses energy, making us often tired, irritable and sleepy. The body’s resistance to viruses and bacteria plummets, that’s why we often get sick.
    These so-called diet products can pose a health hazard: food manufacturers lure buyers with fitness products. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they’re high in fiber, they’re chock full of sugar, which makes, as you know, more fattening than a hamburger. Sugar-free foods, on the other hand, contain aspartame, which causes cancer!
  • These so-called diet products can pose a health hazard: food manufacturers lure buyers with fitness products. Unfortunately, despite the fact that they’re high in fiber, they’re chock full of sugar, which makes, as you know, more fattening than a hamburger. Sugar-free foods, on the other hand, contain aspartame, which causes cancer!
  • The diet is about constant hunger, rejection of favorite foods and feelings of regret: the constant struggle against appetite and rejection of favorite foods is difficult to overcome. As a result, after such restrictions, we can no longer eat everything, after which we feel regret and the weight comes back.
  • Expensive diets: the cost of a monthly physical exam by a qualified dietitian is at least $200,000. Also, all the low calorie and fitness foods are usually expensive. As a result, we spend 4 times more money on diet food than on regular food. And to maintain weight we have to eat like this all our lives. No wallet can bear such costs.
  • After the diet has a yo-yo effect: the body weakened by hunger automatically begins to store stored energy for later, which involves a slow metabolism, until it stops. completely. As a result, after dieting, the body returns to its previous weight even faster than it did before the weight loss.
  • That’s why Elena’s slimming formula is a real breakthrough in the battle for a slim figure!
  • Elena’s idea is how to drive a car, showing the shortest way to lose weight. A method to help lose weight for a lifetime. She’s the one who suggested using a unique chemical formula that could start ketosis* without worrying about low carb diets!
  • Ketosis is a process that gets energy from fat, not glucose, which enters the body with carbohydrates. If the body stops getting energy from carbohydrates, after 7-14 days it will enter a state of ketosis. As a result, fat cells are actively converted into energy. But it is very difficult for a person to follow a diet that removes carbohydrates from food.
  • Elena’s goal is a new approach to combating excess weight based on ketosis (a metabolic state in which the body begins to break down fat for energy).
  • But in general, to achieve ketosis, you must follow a carbohydrate-restricted diet for 7-14 days.

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