Wonder Cells (TN) – Perfect skin in 12 days


Wonder Cells – The # 1 product for rejuvenation:

  • A powerful vitamin concentration for your skin.
  • Hydrates for over 48 hours.
  • Wonder Cells smooth skin tone.
  • Visibly smoothes skin and wrinkles.
  • Stimulates regeneration of the skin.

    * Signs of aging:

  • There are folds in the nose.
  • Dull skin in the morning.
  • Your skin is less elastic than it was 5-7 years ago.
  • There are many deep wrinkles on the face.

Price:  115 TND

1. Wonder Cells – A revolution in rejuvenation

  • Pure mineral water, perfectly balanced ingredients and dozens of active botanicals to give powerful anti-aging care and restore your skin like a youthful one.
  • Innovations in the field of aesthetics give clear results after a few days.
  • Wonder Cells replace 7 skin care products:
    – Sunscreen
    – Anti-aging day cream
    – Moisturizing emulsion
    – Anti-pigmentation cream
    – Body milk
    – Toner ink
    – Night cream

2. Major skin problems after age 30:

  • Loss of tone, loose skin in 88% of women.
  • Pore enlargement and sensitive skin in 83% of women.
  • The first visible wrinkles are in 71% of women.
  • Shade is infrequent in 44% of women.

3. Three Degree of skin rejuvenation

  • Low most (<30 KDA)
    Penetrates through cell membranes in the deeper layers of the skin
    Stimulates lymphatic flow in the skin and blood circulation
    Smooths old wrinkles and prevents new ones from appearing
  • Medium motor (from 30 to 100 KDA)
    Fights micro-damage to the skin
    Eliminate rosacea and age spots
    Accelerates the periodic renewal of the epidermis (from 30 to 7-14 days)
  • High most (from 500 to 730 KDA)
    Moisturizes the skin and holds fluid in the middle layers of the skin
    Smoothen the stratum corneum
    Provides natural protection from sunlight and other harmful elements: city smog, cigarette smoke, etc.

4. Independent opinion of Cosmetic Experts

  • Eman Al-Naqly, Senior Assistant Plastic Surgeon
    I advise against wasting your time with injections, surgery, and other painful interventions. Leave this idea until you are 65-70 years old.
    Just try the Wonder Cells serum and after a month you will realize that cosmetic medicine has truly revolutionized.
    Cosmetics (medical cosmetics) are the future of beauty and youth that we can use now and enjoy the results.
    Independent opinion of cosmetic experts
  • Laila Galal, Dermatologist
    If I were your esthetician, I would definitely try to give you as much as I can and what is available for cosmetic techniques: Botox, PRP, fillers, etc.
    But, as a human and as a woman, I mean with Wonder Cells serum, all these procedures can be delayed for another 6 years.

5. Millions of women have approved it

  • Alia, 51 years old
    Until I was 35 years old, I used to be a regular moisturizer. But then my age took its toll: I developed wrinkles on my face and my face shape was getting smaller and smaller. You spent a lot of money on expensive pharmacy cosmetics! I went to a beautician – he prescribed expensive procedures that I would never make money on in my life. But then I happened to see an advertisement for the Wonder Cells serum and bought it. Then, in just two weeks, my skin was moisturized and firmer. The small wrinkles on my cheeks disappeared and the “wrinkles” under my eyes became significantly smaller.
  • Salwa, 44 years old
    I have tried many of my favorite anti-aging cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all of these 400 to 600 ml tubes and bottles are different from those in the wholesale market. It hydrates your skin a bit. Without the Wonder Cells serum, I would be completely disappointed with my skin care products and would have to have plastic surgery. But with him, I can forget about surgery and “heavy” cosmetics for at least another 5 years.
  • Amal, 40 years old
    Wonder Cells Serum is a miracle product! I love that it is suitable for both your face and body. This serum took just 2 weeks to improve the skin of my neck and chest – even my double chin is now gone and my skin is no longer flabby!

6. Questions about skin cream you may not know

  • What is skin cream?
    Lotion is a skin care product whose main function is to provide and restore moisture to the skin. In addition, some skin creams also integrate sunscreen, whitening, anti-aging …
    Skin cream is an indispensable product in a woman’s skin care routine
  • What ingredients do skin creams contain?
    There are two types of skin care products available today: day creams and night creams. In particular, to increase the effectiveness of skin care, each cream will contain different ingredients.
    * Day cream should have the following ingredients:
    – Sunscreen ingredients: Prioritize using a cream with a long sun protection time and SPF 30 or higher.
    – Vitamin C: Vitamin C supports skin lightening, helps skin smooth and protects skin from harmful UV rays.
    * Night cream works to provide nutrients, regenerate and restore skin while you sleep. Therefore, the ingredients that should be included in the night cream include:
    – Retinoids: These are derivatives of vitamin A that prevent and slow down the aging process of the skin, helping to fade dark spots. Note, before use, you need to check if your skin is allergic to this ingredient by applying a small amount to your wrist to test for a reaction.
    – Alpha-hydroxy Acid & Beta-hydroxy Acid: These two ingredients are often found in fruits. They work to soften the skin and add essential nutrients to nourish the skin.
    – Hyaluronic Acid (HA): An ingredient that provides moisture and increases skin elasticity.
    – Vitamin E: Helps brighten skin.
  • How many lotions are there on the market?
    There are many different types of skin care products on the market. Accordingly, products are classified by type as follows:
    * By skin area: Just like with other cosmetics, it is not possible to use one moisturizer for all skin areas. Therefore, there are creams for each different skin area such as hand cream, face cream, body cream, eye cream… depending on what skin area you want to care for, choose the right product. .
    * According to the time of use: At each time, the skin will “require” different nutrients to achieve the best skin care effect. Therefore, the product is divided into 2 lines: night cream and day cream.
    * By texture: To suit different skin types (from normal skin to combination skin), the lotion has forms such as: gel, lotion, emulsifier, cream and ointments.
    * By origin: In order to give users more choices, the beauty market offers products from many different countries. Prominent among them are Korean lotions, Japanese lotions that have a good effect in providing moisture and nourishing the skin.
    * According to the purpose of use: To meet the needs of each person’s skin care, manufacturers have launched skin creams with separate functions to help moisturize, whiten, anti-aging, treat acne…

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