Wonder Cells (BH) – Perfect skin in 12 days


Wonder Cells – The # 1 product for rejuvenation:

  • A powerful vitamin concentration for your skin.
  • Hydrates for over 48 hours.
  • Wonder Cells smooth skin tone.
  • Visibly smoothes skin and wrinkles.
  • Stimulates regeneration of the skin.

Price: 27 BHD

1. Major skin problems after age 30:

  • Loss of tone, loose skin in 88% of women.
  • Pore enlargement and sensitive skin in 83% of women.
  • The first visible wrinkles are in 71% of women.
  • Shade is infrequent in 44% of women.

2. A revolution in rejuvenation

  • Pure mineral water, perfectly balanced ingredients and dozens of active botanicals to give powerful anti-aging care and restore your skin like a youthful one.
  • Innovations in the field of aesthetics give clear results after a few days.

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