Waist Trainer (FR) – To shrink your waistline


Waist Trainer – You will have an IDEAL waist size.

  • Burn and remove excess fat.
  • Waist Trainer refine the silhouette.
  • Make the waist so thin, to command the admiration of all.

Price: 69 EUR

1. Effectiveness when using the Waist Trainer:

  • Waist Trainer eliminate fat cells: Thanks to internal heat generation and intense sweating, toxins and excess fat are excreted from the affected area.
  • Waist Trainer killing cravings: As long as you’re wearing a bra, the pressure around your waist will forcefully reduce your food intake, thus helping you eat small portions of food more often. for the standard three parts per day.

2. Product Description:

  • Three rows of hooks: A classic black rubber bra with three rows of hooks. Its three rows of hook will allow for a long lasting use throughout your weight loss. When the first or second row of corsets are too large for you, of course, the third row of corsets can be used to shrink your size.
  • Some sizes: Sports corsets are made from elastic rubber latex that allow movement while remaining discreet. Whether in everyday life or in the gym. Tightening level is maximum. The three rows are closed. Nine reinforced metal frames. Cotton inner middle layer creates comfort when wearing rubber corset. To make a good choice, you must measure your waist size and bust height.
  • How it works? WAIST TRAINER is a gradual shrinking process with our special corset. For several centuries, similar practices have been known and widely used. Only use a special corset that allows you to be comfortable and gives you a beautiful and sexy figure. Long-term use of a bra, combined with exercise and a good diet can help you get rid of extra inches of your waistline for a lifetime.
  • Nothing but 100% quality! But be sensitive, our high-quality corsets are not the kind sold in lingerie stores at all! Conventional corsets made of steel chopsticks are used inside, creating absolute discomfort and it can cause serious damage to a person’s vital organs. Our corsets are made from a unique latex that “attacks” excess fat and other spills in the active area.

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