Kill parasites and intestinal diseases, Care for eye ear teeth nose and mouth, Care of hair hands feet beauty body, Cosmetics and Skin care

Vormixil, BeWoman, Hairluxe, Gentlemen’s Secret, Oquprime

Implemented on 22-12-21:

  • Vormixil – SK, RO, HU, PL, CZ, MX, ES, IT (Parasites)
  • BeWoman – AR (Skin, hair, and nails care – Cosmetics)
  • Hairluxe – AR (Hair care)
  • Gentlemen’s Secret – MY (Hair care)
  • Oquprime – ID (Eyesight)

1. Vormixil – Fight with parasites in body

a. Efficacy of Vormixil:

  • Remove worms and eggs,
  • Normalize pancreatic function,
  • Normalizes the condition of the pancreas,
  • Eliminate atopic dermatitis,
  • Eliminate gastritis, eliminate ulcers, eliminate diarrhea,
  • Eliminate anemia,
  • Remove papillomas and warts,
  • No side effects, including allergic reactions,
  • Vormixil is recognized as a leading product in the fight against parasites in the human body.

     b. Symptoms that indicate the presence of parasites:

  • Papilloma,
  • Halitosis,
  • Allergies (irritation, watery eyes, runny nose),
  • Skin irritation and redness,
  • Frequent colds, sore throats, stuffy noses,
  • Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly),
  • Frequent headaches,
  • Constipation or diarrhea,
  • Joint or muscle pain,
  • Anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders,
  • Dark circles under the eyes, puffiness under the eyes.

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2. BeWoman – Perfect your skin hair and nails

     a. Collagen supplement, vitamin supplement:

  • Relax facial muscles, smooth wrinkles,
  • Clarify the contours of the face,
  • Synthesize your own collagen and elastin,
  • Restore skin firmness,
  • Increase elasticity and resistance,
  • Strengthen nails, strengthen hair and bones,
  • Keeping young, beautiful and healthy is easy,
  • Skin hydration, skin nutrition and skin care toning,

     b. Therapeutic power of collagen:

  • BeWoman stimulates collagen production, smoothes wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and tightens facial contours.
  • BeWoman does not change facial expressions. The most important thing is to be energized and no more wrinkles appear, so you don’t look like your real age.

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3. Hairluxe – Give your hair beautiful healthy

  • Nourishes and fights hair loss, using natural compounds,
  • Restores hair’s natural shine,
  • Restoration of the natural strength of the scalp,
  • Beautifully healthy from the very first use,
  • Have a healthier scalp, thicker and stronger hair,
  • Avoid hair loss, avoid dry and frizzy hair,
  • Complete hair loss treatment,
  • Hairluxe adheres firmly to the hair,
  • 5 in 1 effect: increase hair density, nourish hair, protect hair from the sun, prevent hair loss and dehydration,
  • Hairluxe is free of synthetic colors, fillers, preservatives and animal derivatives. It is hypoallergenic and completely safe to use on even the most sensitive scalps.

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4. Gentlemen’s Secret – Hair serum that gives amazing results

     Effects of Gentlemen’s Secret:

  • Strengthens hair and accelerates hair growth,
  • Against gray hair and hair loss,
  • restores the highest natural pH to the hair,
  • Reduces sebum production in the hair,
  • Prevents dandruff, protects hair from environmental damage,
  • Nourishes and smooths hair, gives hair volume, elasticity and shine,
  • Powerful hair care product, hair follicles grow actively, new hair will grow in bald spot, hair will not fall out anymore, without any bald spots.

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5. Oquprime – Cure diseases for your eyes

     Results using Oquprime:

  • The crystalline protein of the eye fully recovers,
  • Visual clarity becomes better,
  • Blurred vision disappears,
  • Intraocular pressure returned to normal,

In addition, Oquprime also has the following effects:

  • Cure eye fatigue, cure blurred vision and cure itchy eyes,
  • Reduce eye irritation,
  • Eliminate blurred vision,
  • Effective in treating various eye diseases: nearsightedness, farsightedness, glaucoma, cataract,
  • Helps to treat computer vision syndrome, various symptoms of computer vision (relieves headaches and pain in the back and neck).

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