Varikostop (SG) – Get rid of varicose veins fast


If used constantly, Varikostop Gel helps:

  • Heal trophic ulcers;
  • Restore the natural blood outflow;
  • Strengthen the blood vessels walls;
  • Reduce pain in the legs;
  • Decrease the development of blood clots;
  • Improve the function of venous valves;
  • Eliminate soft tissue swelling.
  • No discomfort (no stained clothes, no sticky skin).

Price:  49 SGD

1. The effects of  Varikostop Gel:

  • Due to its unique composition, this varicose be vein gel works effectively and safely. It is able to remove the signs of local inflammation, reduce swelling and pain. When used regularly, this gel improves the condition of blood vessels, strengthens them and increases their tone.
  • No less important factor is that Gel eliminates subjective symptoms such as “pins and needles”, “cold” in hands and feet, fatigue and heaviness.

2. Intravenous Gel:

  • A holistic approach is the key to successful treatment of varicose be veins. Product is one of the key components of this method. Nothing but this gel can gently and effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease, tighten and strengthen the blood vessels.
  • Product applied topically, is considered an excellent tool for prevention and treatment. It will become your “lifesaver”, should be used first!

3. Why you get varicose be veins:

  • You have “inherited varicose be veins” from your parents or other relatives;
  • Sedentary life and work;
  • New type of low fiber diet;
  • Long pants, tights and high heels, which reduce blood flow;
  • Sitting cross-legged;
  • Carrying heavy loads in the gym;
  • Hormonal medications, such as birth control pills or cold medications.

4. Pay attention to the active ingredients!

  • Troxerutin reduces the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, reduces the permeability and thinness of capillaries, reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Horse chestnut and birch leaves make the vessel walls firm and elastic, eliminate microdermabrasion, relieve pain, swelling and fatigue of the legs.
  • Lemon, soybean and coconut essential oils deodorize and reduce excessive sweating, relieve the feeling of dryness and tightness, deeply moisturize and nourish the skin of the feet.
  • Caffeine, HONEY and Ginkgo biloba care for the skin and firm it stimulates blood flow, promotes tissue metabolism, accelerates cell renewal.
  • Absinthe, menthol, chamomile and nettle bring lightness and strength to your feet, and disinfect your feet, speeding up the healing process of small cracks.

5. They have appreciated the effect of the product:

  • Marinah: Yay! I can wear my favorite shoes again and now I have no pain!
  • Hasnah: Heredity is a terrible thing. My mother and grandmother had spider veins, and then it was me who got it. But with the introduction of the product, the three of us forgot about the pain of veins that were about to show up.
  • Hana : Spider veins appeared during pregnancy, when I reached 38 kg. I started using the product. Six months passed. Since then – there is no inflammatory effect.
  • Sarah Meunier: This show is always fun to watch. Personally, I immediately put the advice into practice by ordering this product. A month later, I no longer recognize my legs! Varicose veins have disappeared.
  • Anne Combes: Hello. Your program is really encouraging! I have varicose veins in both legs, but it’s more obvious in my right leg: I have pain from my hip down to my knee and feel more tired all the time. I haven’t been to the doctor yet. I want to try to heal myself.
  • Eveline Barrère: Thank you, I took the package from yesterday’s post, everything is in order. I started using it. I expect results in 5 days.
  • Emilie Simon: If you want your leg veins to work properly, you shouldn’t wear high heels! The cause of varicose veins is wearing high heels! Those who wear casual shoes are okay! And what are you doing? High heel! The higher they go, the more beautiful they are, but then you are looking for a cure for varicose veins because you want to wear short skirts.

6. Blog Fateen

    * How to get rid of varicose veins in 1 week

  • Hello again I am here with all of you! I want to share the joy…I cured my varicose veins at home in just 1 week!!!
  • Do you remember about a year ago I wrote that I had severe pain in my leg and it looked like a varicose vein problem? I ask for your advice – how to get rid of it.
  • I have tried all the tips in the village including tree buds and other ridiculous ingredients, as well as potions to increase blood flow as well as compression pants etc. EVERYTHING IS NOT NO. It’s useless because it doesn’t help.
  • I went to the doctor, but instead of helping me, they asked me to delay treatment. In addition, I take a week’s unpaid leave at work. I felt depressed and couldn’t stop thinking how to get rid of this varicose veins and restore the beauty and health to my legs, so I searched the internet for different treatments. .

    * A savior for varicose veins has finally been found?!

  • The doctor introduced a new anti-malarial cream called Varikostop , which has a very high rate of positive results. I was looking for info on where to find this ice cream and came across this shop.
  • At first I didn’t believe it because there were so many things advertised on the TV screens… but I had seen so many great reviews about this cream that I decided to order it.
  • So I ordered Product. Package was received in about a week. I opened it, read the manual and started using it.

    * What is the decision? Have varicose veins healed yet?

  • I started using this cream according to the instructions. And guess? Just 5 days later, the swelling and varicose veins started to disappear before my eyes, I was stunned when I saw it!!! I can get rid of COMPLEX!!! In just 5 days!!! Do you believe it ??? I couldn’t believe my eyes… The spider veins in my legs are gone and it’s turned beautiful and I don’t feel the pain anymore!!!! I was not wrong and I am still healthy! I cannot describe how happy I am. The last time I was this happy was probably 20 years ago.
  • Now I think I’m really healthy. Ha! I’m also grateful for my illness – varicose veins have taught me to appreciate what I have and see the trivial issues in life differently. I try not to think what would happen without this cream. Now, in my life there is no room to think negative things, only positive!
  • I’m so glad things turned out like this. I was able to treat varicocele and at the same time, I realized that the problem most of us have is the simplest thing that doesn’t seem to work for us. While complex treatments such as surgery appear to be more effective. But that’s not the case. Anyone can cure varicose veins with an easier, faster and safer method. Confirmed!

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