VARIKOSTOP (PH) – Get rid of varicose veins.


If used constantly, VARIKOSTOP GEL helps:

  • Heal trophic ulcers;
  • Restore the natural blood outflow;
  • Strengthen the blood vessels walls;
  • Reduce pain in the legs;
  • Decrease the development of blood clots;
  • Improve the function of venous valves;
  • Eliminate soft tissue swelling.
  • No discomfort (no stained clothes, no sticky skin).

Price: 1690 PHP

1. Varikostop intravenous gel

  • A holistic approach is the key to successful treatment of varicose veins. Gel Varikostop is one of the key components of this method. Nothing but this gel can gently and effectively eliminate the symptoms of the disease, tighten and strengthen the blood vessels.
  • Varikostop Intravenous Gel Varikostop Gel, applied topically, is considered an excellent tool for prevention and treatment. It will become your “lifesaver”, should be used first!

2. Why you get varicose veins:

  • You have “inherited varicose veins” from your parents or other relatives;
  • Sedentary life and work;
  • New type of low fiber diet;
  • Long pants, tights and high heels, which reduce blood flow;
  • Sitting cross-legged;
  • Carrying heavy loads in the gym;
  • Hormonal medications, such as birth control pills or cold medications.

3. Pay attention to the active ingredients!

  • Troxerutin reduces the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, reduces the permeability and thinness of capillaries, reduces swelling and inflammation.
  • Horse chestnut and birch leaves make the vessel walls firm and elastic, eliminate microdermabrasion, relieve pain, swelling and fatigue of the legs.
  • Lemon, soybean and coconut essential oils deodorize and reduce excessive sweating, relieve the feeling of dryness and tightness, deeply moisturize and nourish the skin of the feet.
  • Caffeine, HONEY and Ginkgo biloba care for the skin and firm it stimulates blood flow, promotes tissue metabolism, accelerates cell renewal.
  • Absinthe, menthol, chamomile and nettle bring lightness and strength to your feet, and disinfect your feet, speeding up the healing process of small cracks.

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