Upbust (ID) – Tighten Your Breasts Forever!


Upbust – A firming and volume-boosting cream for breasts!

  • 100% natural looking.
  • Increase breast cup size 2 times.
  • Firm chest.
  • No side effects.
  • Skin aging becomes 3 times slower.
  • Make breasts round, firm, natural beauty.
  • Registered with BPOM.

Price:  490000 IDR

1. Do you feel lack of confidence?

  • The breasts are flat and not pretty.
  • The side effects of breast augmentation surgery are horrifying.
  • Postpartum stretch marks what to do?
  • No men approach?
  • Feel ashamed.
  • Lazy, incompetent.
  • Feeling alienated.
  • Offended, Weak.

2. Your breasts don’t need support anymore!

  • First step: Cream is applied to clean skin. First, massage the right breast for 5-10 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed. Repeat a few times.
  • Step 2: Then, massage the second breast. Then wait until the cream dries.
  • Step 3: Finally, massage both breasts in an inside-out motion and following the contours of the breasts.
  • Step 4: Use twice a day: morning and evening.

3. Expert Opinion about Upbust:

  • Today many women have a need to shape their beautiful breasts. Almost everyone wishes to have firm breasts. And it’s not surprising, because the cleavage is always the most attractive part of a woman’s body for men.
  • If you use this cream every day, your breast volume will increase in 3-4 weeks, its shape looks rounder and firmer, the skin becomes more elastic and soft.
  • The Upbust cream has undergone clinical trials conducted by experts of the World Health Organization in 14 countries around the world. Thousands of women have proven the effectiveness of the cream.
  • Spirulina platensis Extract Spirulina: has a very high protein content that promotes the growth of new cells including breast adipose tissue, making the body healthier.
  • Olive Oil: Good for moisturizing the skin.

                Beautiful Princess – Doctor of Biological Sciences

4. Customer Testimonials

  • Mira, 29 years old: After having a baby, I noticed that my breasts are no longer beautiful. My breasts look saggy and 2 cups smaller. I started saving for surgery, but before that I tried Upbust first and as a result I found my breasts to be better than before: fuller, smoother, standard shape, standard C cup.
  • Dinda, 33 years old: The results are amazing! 2 weeks later, wrinkles, skin folds gone, breasts firmer, a month later, I was flooded with questions about where I had such successful surgery. No one believes that this ordinary cream helped me!
  • Kania, 27 years old: When I turned 25, I yearned for bigger breasts naturally. So I started saving money for breast augmentation surgery. One day, I saw an advertisement showing «Upbust» and decided to give it a try. I see results almost immediately – my skin looks nourished and toned. A month later, my breasts are noticeably rounder, nearly 3cm bigger. I visited the website to order another tube and decided to write a review.
  • Vina, 29 years old: My breasts look worse after giving birth and breastfeeding: they sag and my breasts look smaller. My husband says he doesn’t want me to have surgery because he’s worried about the risks, but I’m sure he doesn’t want to spend money on it. Well, I didn’t need surgery in the end. With Upbust, my breasts are back in shape, and even more beautiful than before breastfeeding. I have been using this cream for 4 months.

5. Positive reviews from customers

  • Andin Yulianti, 24 years old: My bust shape problem got worse after I lost 21 kg. This problem really surprised me! My breasts became saggy and lost their beauty! I started buying modified underwear to hide it. My mood quickly deteriorated, and I became depressed. At 24, my breasts look like 30! Then I received this ice cream from my mother as a birthday present. At first, I was a little annoyed by such a gift, but now I am so grateful for the result! Within a month, it seemed like I had new breasts that looked like those of a lingerie commercial!
  • Critina, 42 years old: Recently, I started noticing that my breasts are changing. The problem is that the skin becomes flabby and loses its former firmness over time. My deep V-neck dress doesn’t fit me anymore, so I stopped buying it. But I finally found my savior, this amazing ice cream! The results really surprised me! Within 2 weeks, the wrinkles and folds on my breasts were barely visible, and my breasts became firmer. A month later, I’m bombarded with questions about where I had such an amazing surgery – and no one would believe me if I just used this cream!

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