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Tibettea Pure Life (AZ) – Destroy all parasites in body!


Tibettea Pure Life – Destroy unwanted guests.

  • Cleanse the intestines, feed, liver, heart and lungs of toxins.
  • It kills up to 90% of known parasites.
  • It has the effect of killing protozoan helminths, eggs and larvae and is not harmful to health.
  • Fights the consequences of helminth infections (acne, papilloma, allergies, overweight, constipation, etc.)
  • Other popular anti-parasitic products:
    + It affects only worms and kills only adult worms.
    + They are toxic and have synthetic ingredients.
    + They are toxic to both worms and humans.
    + They provide no protection against reinfection and are extremely toxic for prophylactic use.

Price: 39 AZN

1. The composition of Tibettea Pure Life tea

  • German chamomile flowers
    They kill helminths at all stages (eggs, adults, larvae, adults), destroying single-celled parasites that other anthelmintic agents have no effect on. Parasites and the waste they leave behind cause painless removal from the body.
  • Calendula flowers
    Heals internal injuries caused by parasites, stops bleeding and strengthens immunity
  • Mountain flowers
    Restores intestinal microflora and creates a protective barrier against re-infection
  • Andiz root
    Reduces inflammation, restores the function of internal organs
  • The root of hard work
    Eliminates external signs of helminthic worm infection such as itching, redness, runny nose, allergic reactions
  • Thyme
    Reduces saliva, improves sleep & increases efficiency

2. Are these signs familiar to you?

  • Allergies (rash, watery eyes, rhinitis)
  • Frequent colds, angina, stuffy nose
  • Chronic fatigue (you get tired quickly no matter what your occupation)
  • Frequent headaches, constipation or diarrhea
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Nervous disorders, sleep and appetite
  • Detention ball, bag

    * If you notice at least two of these symptoms, chances are you already have a parasite in your body.

3. The power of nature in Tibetan herbs to cleanse the body

  • The human body is at risk when exposed to the external environment. The parasite enters the body easily and quickly begins to adversely affect it.
    Folk recipes for cleansing the body, popular drugs can only remove large individuals of parasites from the body. Their eggs and larvae remain in the body. Parasitic diseases continue to progress.
    Unlike other drugs, Tibettea has no laxative effect and removes more than 120 species of parasites, larvae, eggs and products of life – slags and toxins. Within 28 days, mood improves, strength and energy increase, symptoms of fatigue are eliminated. Tibetan medicinal herbs are a completely natural and environmentally friendly product. Tibetan monks have long kept its contents secret.
  • What is the secret of tibetan herbs to cleanse the body?
    Tango Monastery is a sacred place in Tibet. It is located far from settlements and villages, at the foot of the rocks, at an altitude of 3600 m, in an area with a special climate.
    Since the 13th century, local monks have collected herbs that have healing properties, cure all ailments and promise longevity. These herbs are part of Tibettea. The monks drank medicinal herbs prepared according to a secret recipe and passed on to the next generations. The secret of the recipe is the precise harmony of the herbs.
    Through Tibettea, the monks regularly detoxified their bodies, freeing them from parasites, slags, and toxins. Therefore, they do not suffer from intestinal diseases and are in good health. Thanks to Tibette, Tibetans have the longest life expectancy in the world.
  • According to WHO statistics, 8 out of 10 people are infected with parasites. Without being aware of this, people often try to eliminate the symptoms of the disease without thinking about the real cause. The sooner you clear your body of parasites, the sooner you can prevent serious health problems.
  • Suleymanli Vidadi Panah oglu, parasitologist, ted, senior physician
    Today, the safest and most effective way to get rid of unwanted guests in the body is Tibettea tea. It removes parasites from the body without damaging the microflora. Unlike all medicines, this product contains only natural and ecologically pure Tibetan herbs and does not contain any chemical additives. There have been many patients cured with 1 course of treatment with Tibettea. As parasites multiply rapidly, it is important to cleanse the body as soon as possible.

4. Check yourself for symptoms and check parts before it’s too late

  • Three symptoms of a parasitic infection: headache, discomfort in these areas:
    + Tired of red skin? Nothing helps? Probably a factor in why they work so poorly.
    + It’s time to get rid of them.
    + There is no doubt that parasites are around us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
    + Relieved by the achievements of culture and medicine, people began to ignore the dangers of parasitic diseases, which was a very wrong move. According to preliminary data, eight out of every ten people are secret carriers of various parasites. It is almost impossible to determine the true number, since a very small part of the population is examined regularly.
  • The reason parasitic infections are so widespread is that in many cases the disease has no symptoms. Humans act as a food source for parasites day and night, creating a comfortable environment for them to live. This creates a SHOCK effect in everyone.
  • Parasites weaken the immune system and the functioning of all organs and internal systems, as well as cause skin diseases. Consists of:
    + Papilloma
    + Psoriasis
    + Toenail disease
    + Allergic dermatitis
    + Demodikoz
    + Acne
    + Allergies
  • Parasitic skin diseases: main symptoms
    You should pay attention to the common symptoms of all skin diseases caused by parasites:
    + Allergic skin reactions or gastrointestinal disturbances associated with general intoxication of the body;
    + Immune system disorders, fatigue, frequent colds;
    + Visible skin reactions (irritation and redness);
    + Muscle and joint pain as a result of difficulties encountered by the body’s resistance and immunity;
    + Sleep disorders, anemia, teething while sleeping.
  • Bacteria can adapt to lethal environments – WHO reports that 22% of the population is resistant to antibiotics. This is called drug resistance, and the main danger is that it is more difficult to kill disease-causing bacteria, including parasites.
  • The reproductive system of single-celled organisms is another reason why human efforts to get rid of unwanted visitors are futile. Their reproductive system is so developed that an individual can lay hundreds of thousands of eggs per day. As a result, the parasite enters the body.
  • Most doctors only prescribe topical medications. However, topical treatment is not enough when the damage caused by parasitic colonies is widespread throughout the body. Proven organic supplements are required.
  • How? Antiparasite TibetTea Pure Life is a great supplement.
    This is a product proven by helminth experts to get rid of parasites at home.
    Lab studies have shown that this supplement is highly effective and has no contraindications or side effects. It creates an unfavorable environment that prevents the growth of parasites, weakens them, kills them and removes them from the body.
    TibetTea Pure Life fights all known parasites and starts to show its effects from day one, but in 98% of cases makes a full recovery after one course of treatment.
    Neutralizes harmful flora produced by parasites in their living activities
    cause muscle paralysis in parasites. This eliminates their mobility and prevents them from sticking to organs or the intestinal wall
    Improves intestinal motility and activates bile ducts, helping to wash away parasites, their larvae and eggs.
    heal tissue and wounds caused by parasites
    restore intestinal microflora. A healthy digestive system promotes the recovery of immunity
    creates a healthy alkaline environment in the gut where helminths cannot live and reproduce. This helps protect against reinfection.
    TibetTea Pure Life Tea uses only the following potent organic ingredients that give it anti-parasitic effects: thyme, German chamomile, calendula, wormwood, sage and sage root.

5. User comments

  • Arif
    There is still no research on how many species of parasites exist, but humans have suffered from their activities. I heard that there are 19 types of parasites that can even kill people. We have to destroy them with many drugs and antibiotics.
  • Dilara
    Right! Apparently, most people have no doubt that tapeworms live inside of them! I have 3 symptoms is the skin between the fingers is itchy and the skin is moving, I need to drink this tea soon. Thank you for the information!
  • Sara
    We caught a cat on the street. We gave him a bath and didn’t allow him to sleep on the bed or sofa. But I was infected with the parasites that he carried. As a result, I got infected. It was like hell – my skin was red at first, then I started to feel bad. Antibiotics didn’t help. I will order this tea.
  • Malahat
    Yes, you can get infected on public transport, in the office, at the post office, and through food. For example, my husband likes to eat undercooked meat, so anti-parasitic medication is a must. You need to take steps so that God can help you. I will order TibetTea Pure Life right now.
  • Tulips
    Hi! Honestly, I wouldn’t expect to read the pure life of Tibet here. I got rid of the pearl. I endured exactly 3 years!!! It was very painful and I had some difficulties. It was worse!
  • Aysel
    Hello all readers. My wife started complaining of constant headaches and diarrhea. At first I thought it was poisoning, but none of the anti-nausea drugs helped. Symptoms continued. In addition, stains began to appear on his hands. Like scarlet fever and dermatitis. Then I came across this article. I immediately ordered TibetTea Pure Life tea and within 4 days everything was back to normal. The spots disappeared two weeks later.

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