Slimming Tea (SG) – Simple and effective weight loss


Slimming Tea gives you a slim figure.

  • No need to diet, no dietary restrictions, no need to exercise, help lose weight quickly and safely.
  • Normalizes digestion, improves intestinal microflora and promotes metabolism.
  • Full of energy, improve the overall health of the human body, repair the sleep-wake cycle.

Price: 69 SGD

1. Guaranteed active ingredients:

  • 8x faster metabolism: It burns subcutaneous fat, promotes digestion and detoxification, and is very suitable for vegetarians.
  • Lose Weight Fast at Any Age: There are no dietary or exercise requirements, and both are effective. Break down your obesity barrier
  • Secret Chinese Medicine Formula: Unique Chinese medicinal herbs, natural ingredients, no side effects, no rebound.
  • Guaranteed effect: The best weight loss product. It cleanses the intestines, nourishes the stomach and removes oil, while improving the skin.

2. Buyer’s Comments

  • Aileen – 27 years old: I am only 27 years old but my weight is over 80 kg, I hate exercise and have gastrointestinal diseases. This is a chance to learn about slimming tea from a family of traditional Chinese medicine. A month later, my weight stabilized and I lost 20 kg! Diet or not, I still didn’t gain weight. Now that I’m used to drinking it every day, many thanks to the heirloom fat melting tea for helping me regain my confidence!
  • Chen Jiali – 33 years old: After giving birth, I gained a lot of weight, my stomach flattened, and my legs were full of fat. I have tried many methods but no reduction. Then, recommended by a friend and ordered Heirloom Green Tea, I decided to give it a try. After only a few months, I lost 14 pounds, became more confident and my husband was also more active in sex. If you want to lose weight, it’s highly recommended!
  • Xu Qinxi – 36 years old: I actively kept in shape until the age of 28, after giving birth to 2 children, I found myself unable to lose weight anymore. I didn’t have the will and time to exercise and diet, I didn’t believe it was effective when I started contacting with TCM, but after a month, I recovered to 48 kg and can be worn as before. clothes. Won’t lie when weighing! I feel 10 years younger now!

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