Slender Quick (AR) – Cocoa-flavored slimming cocktail


Slender Quick – For those who love sweets, have a dream to lose weight.

  • It helps you lose weight naturally.
  • Helps you burn fat faster.
  • Plus, it’s delicious!
  • Uses of Slender Quick:
    + Absorb fat and convert it into energy.
    + Remove waste and toxins from the body.
    + Suppresses appetite and provides energy.
    + Remove excess fluid from the body.
    + Production of dopamine (happy hormone).

Price: 10990 ARS

1. Slender Quick’s ingredients are 100% natural

  • L-carnitine
    Promotes the active conversion of fat into energy, promotes metabolism, reduces appetite and slows down the aging process.
  • L-taurine
    Removes excess fluid from the body, regulates the balance of carbohydrates by blocking the absorption of excess carbohydrates, thereby preventing weight gain.
  • Whey protein
    It makes the skin smoother, more elastic, tighter and fights cellulite.
  • The most popular fat burning product in the world!
    Laura Maldonado, nutrition consultant recommends taking Slender Quick every day for breakfast. It stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, boosts energy and is great for your physique. Slender Quick course is 1 month 1-2 times a year. You will be surprised by the results.
  • Results possible from the first day!
    Slender Quick contains nutrients that actively absorb fat and break it down, removing all slags and toxins from the body. Slender Quick helps speed up metabolism, improves digestion, gives energy to the body and helps control appetite. In addition, Slender Quick naturally helps to reshape and improve health without the need for additional exercise or diet.

2. How to lose 36 kg in 6 months

  • For those who are new to the topic, know that weight loss takes about three weeks. Before starting to lose weight, I tried searching online on this topic and found a group called “-40 kg”. In this group, I read stories of people who have lost weight, how they did it, and what methods they used.
    Then I focused on the results these people got. There are many photos in the group. You won’t believe me when I tell you that I spent about 3 hours glued to my laptop reading all the information while gobbling up half a bowl of snacks, two cups of coffee and a jar of milk. sour.how to lose weight fast without having to follow a strict diet.
    To lose weight, some people eat cucumbers and buckwheat while others live off of apples. Some people burn out from overexertion and in 6 months, they only lose 10 pounds. What I am looking for, more than anything, is a diet so that I can lose 10-12 kg in 2 months.

    * Here’s what happened:

  • June 1: Weight: 83 kg. Height: 175cm.
    I decided to start the diet with buckwheat and chicken breast as the menu for the whole week. From all the information I read, I found that this formula will help me lose extra pounds. Unfortunately my stamina only lasted 2 days and it was horrible! Diversity? Not available. Stress?
    Very sure! No sauce, no seasoning; nothing has any taste. I died for all the good food in the world. This is when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get through the rest of the week eating only chicken breast and buckwheat. I have no choice but to look for other alternatives.
  • June 3:
    I had to do something! I didn’t even realize that I had gained 2 kg. Ghostly! I feel terrible. I decided to change my approach and started eating apples, oatmeal, and hard-boiled eggs.
    My breakfast will consist of oatmeal and bananas.
    For lunch, the menu will be vegetable salad and two hard-boiled eggs. She was fed up with the eggs, she didn’t even want to see them painted.
  • June 6 :
    Three days passed and I started to feel my skin and hair getting dry. My body is out of balance; basically, he’s always in a bad mood. Nothing caused me.
    And learning more, I discovered that eggs have a lot of cholesterol, which of course is bad for health. I wonder why people eat so many eggs!
  • June 8th:
    Something unexpected happened. A friend invited me to her wedding and it will be in a month! At that time he weighed 85 kg. She is very fat and ugly.
    I had to do something ASAP!
  • June 8th:
    Something unexpected happened. A friend invited me to her wedding and it will be in a month! At that time he weighed 85 kg. She is very fat and ugly. I had to do something ASAP!
    Spending days hopping from site to site made me realize and accept that I’m not cut out when it comes to diets and food restrictions. In all the internet sites, they comment that I will eventually get all the weight I lost back.
    I want to lose 12 kg, but my work from 9 am to 8 pm does not allow me to have an exercise routine that helps me stay in shape. At this point, I really wanted to decline the invitation, but Ana (the bride) called me to remind me how important it was to her to attend. Of course I had no intention of disappointing her; I put my worries aside and decided to tell him everything.
  • Ana has always been chubby, but now she has reduced her size to 12. After hearing me talk about my concerns, she decided to share with me the secret to helping her lose those extra kilos. : Get in shape quickly. I was skeptical about the results, but I also wanted to try it because in just one year my friend’s appearance has changed dramatically.
    Best of all, Ana’s wedding is scheduled for July 2nd, which means I only have 3 weeks to prepare before I have to wear a size 12 dress and look amazing. That day, I came across a website where I could orderSlender Quick without a prescription, or having to go to the pharmacy. I placed my order at this link.
  • June 12 :
    The Slender Quick pack arrived that same day. I took the box to my office and opened it before anyone noticed. I found a manual inside. There are no restrictions as all ingredients are natural. It doesn’t really matter, what really matters to me is the positive results that I will get. Knowing that the product is safe and not harmful to health, so… I started the weight loss treatment that very day!
    The instructions tell me: Slender Quick speeds up your metabolism, thus helping to break down fat. The rest is taken care of by the body: digestion will improve and excess kilos will disappear from the waistline much faster than with a diet. Alright, let’s continue!
  • June 17:
    Can’t you guess what? In just 5 days I have lost 3.5 kg. How is it possible? While using Slender Quick, I continued to eat normally. However, I must admit that my appetite is reduced and therefore I eat less than before. I also exercise a little while watching TV in the evening. Not that I have a habit or anything like that.
  • June 25 :
    I lost another 6 kg! Nearly 10 kg in total! Many people have started to realize that I have lost weight and some have given me positive reviews. From this moment on, an oversized woman with two chins began to feel like the sexiest woman in town. Well, beyond my delusions, my health has improved a lot; I can sleep better and I’m not the queen of moodiness anymore. I feel more energetic and happier.
  • Day 2/7: Weight: 68 kg. Height: 175cm
    Let’s mark this day as an anniversary :))) Lose 15kg, more than I dreamed of! I have no words to describe how pleased I am with the results. When I look in the mirror, I feel mesmerized. Now I love myself more :)))
  • July 24 :
    Since 3 weeks ago I stopped using Slender Quick and I have not gained weight I have lost. Also, I’m used to eating less. I thought I’d post the Slender Quick link so I forgot about it later. Maybe in the future you want to lose more kilos… maybe reach size 10? Just because perfection has no limits!

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