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Skin360 – 16 Countries – For a young and healthy skin

Skin360 – Discover miraculous advanced anti-aging science.

  • Skin360 Increases skin moisture.
  • Skin360 Reduce micro wrinkles.
  • Restores skin health.
  • Revitalize and protect your skin with patented and clinically proven ingredients.

    * Dr. Katherine Velasco, Dermatologist:

  • I use Skin360 exclusively for my clients. Everyone is amazed at the quick and visible results.
  • When these products are combined, a synergistic effect is created, which works almost like magic. It works so well that I use it myself!
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  • Offers to countries:  Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, USA – United States of America, Venezuela.

1. Now you can have it all naturally with Skin360:

  • Lavender: Heals irritated skin; Reduce redness and scarring
  • Plant linden: Softens and revitalizes damaged and irritated skin
  • Passion flower: Improves skin firmness without clogging pores
  • Almonds oil: Protects and softens your skin from harmful UV rays

2. A professional solution for skin care.

  • Our goal is to provide professional skin care solutions for women and men to promote beautiful, healthy and nourished skin at the right price.
  • Many skin care products are sold at exorbitant prices, but we know that having beautiful skin can also be affordable while getting great results with great ingredients.
  • We not only use proven elements like Vitamin C and Arbutin, but at Skin360 we incorporate all natural ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil, Shea Butter and Grapefruit Seed Extract.
  • Whether your skin needs to be bright, hydrated, or turn the clock back for a more youthful, fresher look, we’ve got you! The combination of natural vitamins, botanicals and antioxidants in our products can dramatically increase the health and beauty of all skin types.

3. Basic skin care steps

  • Facial skin care is always the most important step in the beauty process of women. Skin needs proper care to stay healthy. However, many of you only focus on taking care of the night before going to bed and “starve” your skin during the day. Night is the time when the body excretes through the skin and regenerates new cells. After sleep, the skin needs to be awakened and energized to be ready for a new active day.

    * Cleansing

  • If any of you think that you only use makeup remover when applying makeup, you are wrong. The truth is that even if you leave your face bare every day, you still need to use makeup remover.
  • I recommend choosing an oil-based makeup remover because they both work to remove makeup, sunscreen or dirt on the surface of the skin without causing dryness.

    * Use face wash

  • Facial cleanser continues to be the “staff” of facial hygiene in the next step. Each skin type will be suitable for its own cleanser, so you need to pay attention to the choice. A good cleanser for your skin is the type that cleans the skin but does not make the skin feel tight but still moist.
  • Facial cleanser and natural ingredients help clean dirt, sebum and unclog pores for smooth, bright, natural skin.

    * Exfoliate dead skin

  • This should be the next step after cleansing for deeper penetration and cleansing. Exfoliation helps to thoroughly clean the stratum corneum and dead cells that are still attached to the skin, helping to unclog pores, and even out skin tone.
  • Exfoliating helps to remove dead cells, sebum, pigmentation, preventing and supporting acne treatment very effectively, unclogs pores to help clean and smooth skin.

    * Water balance skin

  • Skin balancing water will help restore the skin, balance the natural pH, make the skin smooth and soft after washing the face, and deep clean the “stubborn” dirt remaining after washing the face.
  • Skin balancing water Rose extract 100% from natural roses helps to deep clean pores, balance skin’s moisture, bring smooth and fresh skin, and at the same time tighten pores and prevent aging. skin chemistry.

    * Lotion

  • After you have cleaned your face, you can completely enjoy the feeling of applying a soft, cool moisturizer on your skin. Moisturizing is a way of providing water, retaining water on the skin to help the skin have good elasticity, thereby reducing the skin aging process.
  • Skin cream is extracted from natural ingredients to help whiten skin, remove wrinkles, treat melasma and freckles, give you smooth white skin and protect against harmful ultraviolet rays.

    * Protect the skin

  • This is the last important step you need to take to close a basic facial routine. People often ignore this step for many reasons: forgetting, just contemplating and cleaning is enough, protecting it through tangerines, … so many of you keep wondering why after taking good care of it, your skin is still bad? It’s because you take care but then don’t protect it, it’s equal to no care.
  • Protecting your skin is the first step in using sunscreen. It’s not only when it’s hot and sunny that you need to use sunscreen, even when it’s shady, UV rays are still active. Remember to apply sunscreen before leaving the house and wear a long shirt, hat enough to limit exposure to sunlight and dust.

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