SecretSkin (BR) – Helps fade the depth of wrinkles

The benefits reported by Secret Skin users are:

  • 89% – reduced wrinkles (even the deepest ones);
  • 77% – facial tightening;
  • 84% – more even skin tone, no pigmentation;
  • 92% – more closed pores;
  • 76% – reduced inflammation, pimples and acne.
  • Healthier, younger and brighter skin.

1. How does SecretSkin work? Increase collagen production.

  • The diagram to the right shows what happens to the skin, where collagen is greatest. It is collagen that provides firmness to the skin. It is a natural protein that provides structural support to our body.
  • As we age, our bodies produce less and less collagen. We find that our skin loses its youthfulness and vitality when the first wrinkles appear. By replenishing the collagen in your skin, we help reduce the appearance of aging and eliminate existing wrinkles.
  • Secret Skin stands out from other creams because of its composition of nutrients necessary for a beautiful and healthy skin: it is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially linoleic and linolenic acids, substances Essential nutrients for the construction and maintenance of the skin. Has been dermatologically tested.

2. Make you young and beautiful without injection.

  • SecretSkin is a brand new, smooth and fast absorbing serum.
  • SecretSkin contains ingredients that visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines of expression, and also improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and keloids.
  • This revolutionary formula stimulates collagen production in the skin and is an effective solution for skin rejuvenation without the use of invasive or invasive methods.
  • Deep creases have been cut in half.
  • Fine lines and fine lines restore natural texture.
  • And the best part: All study participants showed significant improvement.
  • The results showed less wrinkles and younger looking skin.

3. SecretSkin – helps regenerate skin

  • Purity is fundamental to all of us women, and over time we cannot let our nature change. We know that feeling beautiful will completely change our life, our marriage life, our work, our happiness, when we are good to ourselves, our lives also change. We stop comparing ourselves negatively with friends and colleagues, or even stop hiding our skin with long sleeves, and allow ourselves to wear shorts, skirts, and tank tops again.
  • Believe in yourself, maybe post a selfie on instagram, send a pic to your husband and make sure you look beautiful in the picture, because you really are, or even go to a family party family or friends and get all eyes on it, can’t believe how younger you look! These feelings, we all know how good it is, and restore self-confidence.
  • Fortunately, this new recipe has recently been approved by Anvisa, and a new one in Brazil, is changing the lives of Brazilian women from water to alcohol. At 83% lower cost than other procedures, such as laser, it is able to smooth 64% of facial wrinkles, reduce expression lines and crow’s feet within the first month.
  • Its use is simple and easy, and requires it to be used twice a day (after waking up and before going to bed), as a way to activate the rejuvenation of your skin. In addition, use sunscreen to ensure its effects are prolonged and guaranteed.
  • This compound, trade name Secret Skin, is a concentrated formula that is the result of many years of research in Brazil, and although new to Brazil, it has been a huge success in Brazil, when it caused an uproar when they found out that 9 out of 10 HollyWood celebrities used this “little secret”.

4. Dermatologist Luciana Rose

  • With age, the content of vitamins, minerals and other components that our body needs, decreases greatly, causing our skin to age. Secret Skin – returns the levels of vitamins, minerals and all other ingredients to the level we were in our 20s… makes our skin look so much younger and more radiant.
  • Within the first month, 89% of those who used it, reported an average 72% improvement in fine lines and wrinkles on the face and entire body, as well as expression lines, crow’s feet, and facial lines. . It even showed an improvement in the skin after the first day of use.
  • Secret Skin – recommended for milder cases, even those not too severe, has the ability to soften even deep wrinkles and expression marks that have been present on the skin for many years. Because it has the ability to replace the “brick” layer of your skin, it is completely restored, that is, after stopping use, the skin does not wrinkle again.
  • There are some people who have tried everything to improve their skin and have been disappointed with collagen serums and creams. Secret Skin – is the ideal product for these people, as it uses a completely different technology and focuses on long-lasting, long-lasting results.
  • Secret Skin – has more than 26 studies done proving its effectiveness, and even approved by ANVISA, also American and Brazilian dermatologists and dermatologists from all over the world recomend using.

5. How does the Secret Skin formula work?

  • According to a team of scientists from the University of Southern California (USC) and Brazilian scientists from the city of São Paulo, your skin needs certain ingredients to stay young, some you just can’t find in the formula. daily diet.
  • In order for you to understand how it works, you must understand how sagging appears on your body and on your face, for that, let’s do an exercise in imagination.
  • Imagine that your skin is a brick wall, which will weaken and crumble over time. To fix the wall, just apply a thin layer of paint on top and it will look better, but after a while, everything goes back to normal… this is what happens with creams with superficial results , you’ve noticed that, with some skin formulas, haven’t you? Your skin improves, but after a while, everything returns to normal.
  • What you really should do is repair the wall inside and out! But it takes some components to support it like a brand new wall, like the one you had when you were 20 years old.
  • Over time, the concentration of these ingredients in our skin decreases dramatically. After the age of 35, your body produces only 30% of the skin it needs to stay youthful.
  • What North American scientists discovered is that our skin needs specific ingredients, in the right concentration, to keep our skin young and healthy.
  • These are irreplaceable polyunsaturated fatty acids – linoleic and linolenic acids that make up the structure of cell membranes.
  • However, these ingredients are not found anywhere, and not to an adequate extent. And what’s worse, if you only get enough of these ingredients through food… You’ll have to eat the equivalent of 30kg of food a day.
  • The molecular structure of skin is very complex, so in order for your brick wall to look the same as before, it is necessary to restore all levels of these ingredients, and food or cream alone is not enough.
  • These ingredients work like a “time machine”, restoring the content of these ingredients to the level you had when you were 20 years old, giving you a silky belly, toned legs, tight breasts. and firm, return elasticity. You were there when you were young and it made you feel ashamed to wear a bikini or take a photo, aside from the facial expressions, wrinkles, etc.

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