RhinoCorrect – Modern alternative to rhinoplasty


RhinoCorrect – The best ideas are often the simplest!

  • Straighten the tip of the nose sagging with age.
  • Refine the head and wings.
  • Reduce the length of the nose by raising the tip of the nose.
  • Editing of the nippers and harmonizing lines.
  • Restore the symmetry of the nose.

1. The divine mask fixes the shape of the vignette without surgery.

  • The product is an effective alternative to rhinoplasty. This orthogel based splint is used to reshape the nose.
  • For clear results, simply wear the product 2 hours every night, 3 to 4 times per week! Worn regularly, the RhinoCorrect splint allows for gradual change of the cartilage tissue of the nose from 1 to 2 mm per month.
  • In two months you will be amazed with the results!


Dr. Jeam-Michel Auteil, plastic surgeon, over 20 years of experience.

  • Nasal corrective braces are a revolutionary alternative to rhinoplasty. This new method of nose correction has been very popular all over the world.
  • Today, this innovation is finally here in Europe. As a plastic surgeon, I recommend this brace to everyone who wants to resize, shape nose and make face more harmonious.
  • I guarantee that it can be done at home without surgical intervention.


  • I ordered the brace from the website and it arrived very quickly. To be honest, I don’t think it will work. At first it wasn’t very comfortable when you had it on your nose, but I got used to it very quickly.
  • I was really pleased with the results: for two months my nose was so big and delicate! Now my nose pleased me and the men looked at me!

Marina V.

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