Pursanga (HR) – Organic drink for dialysis


Pursanga – Improves blood composition and structure.

  • Cleanses the lymphatic system of biological toxins, allergens and infections.
  • It reduces harmful cholesterol and glucose levels and the risk of developing atherosclerosis.
  • Enhance immunity.

Circulatory system disorder:

  • The consequences of contamination and blood viscosity can be divided into two phases. In the early stages, symptoms are based on ongoing disturbances of immunity, hormonal balance and metabolism. All these processes are regulated by red blood cells, blood cells and plasma.
  • If their structures are damaged and do not renew themselves, then the symptoms that bother you become the cause of organ dysfunction and the development of serious (second-degree) diseases.

Price: 289 HRK

1. Health, feeling good and appearance depend on the composition of the blood

  • Blood nourishes and supplies oxygen to all of our tissues and organs. Toxins, excess harmful cholesterol, and elevated glucose levels cause the blood to become more viscous and the blood vessels to narrow and weaken.
  • The decline in blood composition and its density slows or even stops the flow of blood to different parts of the body, and especially to the heart and legs. As a result, you feel bad, your appearance deteriorates and dangerous diseases develop.
  • Insufficient blood circulation weakens immunity, and poor blood composition does not allow the elimination of infections, allergens, toxins, bad cholesterol and high glucose.

2. Consequences of Circulatory System Disorders

Level 01:

  • Acne, premature aging, dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Headaches and insomnia
  • Lack of energy and nervous disorder
  • Frequent colds
  • Chronic allergies
  • Muscle and joint pain

Level 02:

  • Chronic diseases: diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, psoriasis, anemia, cirrhosis, polyarteritis, hepatitis, myasthenia gravis, etc.
  • Cardiovascular and nervous system diseases: hypertension, hypotonia, thrombosis, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, angina, cardiomyopathy, etc.
  • Diseases of the circulatory system: coagulation disorders, internal bleeding, blood poisoning, leukemia.

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