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PuriWhite (RS) – Whiten your teeth completely naturally


How does PuriWhite help your teeth?

  • Remove black spots.
  • Quick to have a perfect smile.
  • Whiten your teeth.
  • Eliminate bad breath.
  • Save money.

Price:  2900 RSD

1. PuriWhite contains 3 important ingredients that can make your teeth beautiful and radiant!

  • Years of scientific research have contributed to the development of a completely natural refreshing formula that whitens teeth naturally. Of course, it’s now available to everyone. It helps remove plaque, whitens teeth, and draws attention to your smile.
  • Natural ingredients
    PuriWhite is enriched with three natural ingredients that reduce wear on your enamel, correct yellowing, and quickly whiten teeth, and make your teeth at least three colors brighter.
  • Visible effects
    The use of PuriWhite teeth whitening brings visible results very quickly. Just brush your teeth 2-3 times, you will see an amazing change.
  • Perfect feeling
    Activated charcoal is a natural substance that, along with soda and lemon, gives a pleasant smoothness in the mouth, not to mention the whiteness of teeth, which becomes very noticeable to everyone.

    * Main ingredient:

  • Activated carbon
    Many people wonder why the use of activated carbon is important for the entire human body. Activated charcoal is one of the key ingredients for detoxification, killing microorganisms on your enamel and helping to remove plaque. The strange thing is that it is black, and it helps to whiten teeth. The surface of activated charcoal is negatively charged, unlike toxins in your mouth and enamel, which is positively charged. It practically sticks harmful substances to its surface. All you have to do is rinse your mouth with cold water, you will remove unwanted elements from your mouth.
  • Soft drink
    If you are wondering how to remove black stains on teeth caused by drinking coffee, tea, juice and smoking, then baking soda is the right answer for you. The combination of soda with water results in the release of free radicals that break down the molecules that cause dark spots on teeth. It also helps to get rid of bad breath. In addition to activated charcoal, baking soda is also one of the main agents that help remove plaque on tooth enamel, slow down the process of periodontitis.
  • Lemon
    And of course, the third musketeer – a lemon. Citric acid is an indispensable element in teeth whitening. Lemon with rich vitamin C and mineral content affects the process of decaying tartar and removing dental plaque. PuriWhite has a good balance of citric acid in its formula, enough to tackle the problem of black stains without damaging enamel.

2. What do users say?

  • Bojan Sokolović
    I was forced to deal with yellow teeth for a long time. Of course I am a smoker. I need a solution on how to whiten my teeth. PuriWhite is ideal for my problems. Put toothpaste, PuriWhite powder on top and after 2-3 washes there will be results.
  • Milena Sudarevic
    Coffee is an indispensable detail in my life. I blame myself for the look of my teeth. When I went to the dentist for a solution consultation, PuriWhite referred me. I recommend this solution to everyone…. Completely natural, and visible results.
  • Steve Ilic
    For a man in his 60s, I can tell you I’m amazed. PuriWhite has helped me and my wife achieve the perfect smile at this age. A warm recommendation for everyone.

3. 10 effective and healthy ways to take care of your teeth

  • Brush your teeth every night before going to bed
    The advice to brush your teeth at least twice a day is not too strange for a long time. However, many people ignore the need to clean their teeth before going to bed and this action is not good at all. Brushing your teeth before bed will help you get rid of germs and plaque that accumulate throughout the day.
  • Brush teeth properly
    Proper brushing is also an equally important part of the oral care routine. The superficial brushing of your teeth is as harmful as completely forgetting the task of cleaning your teeth every night. Therefore, pay attention to this issue, when brushing your teeth, you should move the brush in a gentle circular motion to remove plaque. If not cleaned properly, the plaque will begin to harden and gradually accumulate, thereby leading to periodontitis, gingivitis.
  • Pay attention to tongue hygiene
    Not only does the accumulation of plaque on the teeth cause tartar, but plaque can also accumulate on the tongue. Not only is this the cause of bad breath, but it also makes you more susceptible to other oral health problems. Therefore, combine brushing your teeth and tongue every time you take care of your teeth.
  • Use fluoride toothpaste
    The choice of toothpaste is very important for your oral health. The first factor when choosing a teeth cleaning product, in addition to personal preference for the smell of the cream or brand, prefer a toothpaste that contains fluoride.
    This compound is a key ingredient in keeping your teeth healthy and preventing a few other problems. Fluoride works by fighting germs that can lead to tooth decay, while providing a protective barrier for your teeth.
  • Use dental floss regularly
    Many people think that regular brushing is enough to take care of your teeth, but this is not true, you will still need to floss or water floss to clean between your teeth.
    Flossing gently picks up small pieces of food hiding in between teeth that regular toothpicks can’t reach. When teeth are thoroughly cleaned, gum irritation, plaque and inflammation will also be significantly reduced.
  • Use mouthwash
    There are many promotional clips that have made mouthwash a necessary product for every family. But in fact, many people still do not understand the effect of this product.
    Mouthwash helps with oral health in 3 ways:
    Tooth remineralization
    Reduce the amount of acid in the mouth
    Clean hard-to-reach areas in and around gums.
    Mouthwash is considered a fairly comprehensive cleaning tool. Therefore, if children over 12 years old and the elderly are not used to flossing or water flossing to clean their teeth, this product will be especially useful.
  • Drink a lot of water
    Filtered water is always the best drink for our overall health and oral health. Also, as a rule of thumb, you should drink water after every meal. This can help reverse the negative effects of acidic foods and drinks before your next brushing.
  • Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables
    Ready-to-eat foods are convenient, but they are not friendly to your teeth. Fresh, crunchy treats are not only packed with healthy fiber, they’re also the best choice for smiles. In addition, experts also give advice when feeding children, parents should not puree food, but let children get used to raw / solid foods from an early age. This helps children learn to chew and bite food, which will be very helpful for oral health.
  • Limit sugar and acidic foods
    When you eat sweet foods, sugar will turn into acid in the mouth, which can erode tooth enamel, leading to tooth decay. Acidic fruits such as strawberries, citrus fruits, pineapples, and tea and coffee also affect tooth enamel. Of course, you don’t have to completely avoid these foods or drinks, but be sure to rinse your mouth with water after enjoying them.
  • Dental check-up at least 2 times/year
    Even if you have a good daily oral hygiene routine, you should still visit your dentist at least twice a year. Your dentist will perform oral care to help you find and eliminate the risk of tooth decay, but also can detect risk problems and provide appropriate and effective prevention or treatment solutions. .

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