Puri Hot (BA) – The fastest cure of joint pain


Puri Hot – Painless in a completely natural way.

  • PURI HOT GEL is an effective pain relief preparation and makes you feel better.
  • An all-natural formula, and a perfect ally in the fight against rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, joint and muscle pain.
  • It relieves pain and inflammatory processes of tendons and ligaments, and is intended for all ages, both young and old.
  • It is especially recommended for sports players.

Price: 62 KM

1. What to say about PURI HOT GEL?

  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: PURI HOT GEL is a miracle that includes natural substances obtained from hot peppers, juniper and mint.
  • FAST AND EFFECTIVE ACTION: Immediately after applying PURI HOT GEL, the elixir will penetrate deeply into the tissues, and the pain will soon cease, due to the increased blood circulation caused by this gel.
  • LONG-TERM EFFECTS: With more frequent use of PURI HOT GEL in most cases, it is possible to permanently eliminate the pain and heal completely with rheumatism and sciatica, as well as the inflammation of the nervous system.

2. Ingredient:

  • CAPSAICIN โ€“ Hot pepper: Capsaicin has anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory effects, so it is used as a local remedy for pain, tension and stiffness in muscles, joints and bones in neuralgia, arthritis, neuropathy, muscle pain, sciatica and can be used for psoriasis. by reducing inflammation and itching.
  • JUNISPERUS COMMUNIS โ€“ Juniper: This plant has a long tradition of use in tea blends and ointments against rheumatism, gout and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • MENTHA PIPERITA โ€“ Mint: In addition to the essential oil with a characteristic pleasant scent that refreshes and cools (due to the presence of menthol), the leaf contains little tannin and many other useful ingredients, so its action is multiple, diverse, and its application is wide. Today, it is a cure for many pains, ailments, inflammations and infections.

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