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Prostrong (CL) – Great for your prostate health!


Prostrong – Is your prostate problem?

  • Enhances erection: euphoria occurs immediately, erection is stable during sexual intercourse.
  • Prolong sex time: sex time is significantly increased, helping men to “come” very quickly and their partners do not reach full pleasure.
  • Increased libido: important for older men, libido is stimulated more often and visibly enhanced.
  • Improve the quality of sperm: Significantly increase the quality and quantity of ejaculated sperm.
  • Intense Orgasm: Orgasms become much more intense thanks to a more sensitive penis and greater libido.
  • Fights bacterial infections, relieves cramps, burning, prostatitis, frequent urination and other signs of prostatitis.

Price: 29900 CLP

1. Ingredients of Prostrong

  • Saw Palmetto
    It eliminates the inflammatory processes of the prostate gland, relieves erectile dysfunction and blocks the formation of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which causes hair loss.
  • Pumpkin seeds
    They increase the synthesis of testosterone, prevent the development of inflammation in the prostate tissues, eliminate unpleasant painful sensations and normalize urination.
  • Uncaria tomentosa
    It strengthens the immune system, protects against urogenital infections, eliminates pathogenic microflora and promotes reproductive health.
  • Nettle
    It has bactericidal, anti-inflammatory, tonic and diuretic effects, restores the function of the prostate and stimulates the regeneration of damaged tissues.
  • White willow
    Natural antiseptic, normalizes the functioning of the prostate gland, eliminates inflammation foci due to its high salicin content.
  • Tribulus terrestris
    Improves potency, increases sexual stamina, normalizes spermatogenesis, improves sperm quality, increases fertility.

2. What do experts say?

  • Prostatitis is a very dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment. At first, symptoms may go unnoticed, but the disease is mild. Today, it is possible to successfully reverse the disease and it is easier than ever. Therefore, the main thing in treatment is not to skip the initial stage, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible:
  • To avoid such complications, I recommend Prostrong to all my patients. Based on my own medical practice, I have come to the conclusion that only this complex produces a significant improvement. The product starts working immediately and day after day restores the prostate to a healthy state.
  • The composition of Poduct allows its use for preventive purposes. Thanks to its components, it prevents stagnation and positively affects the blood supply to the prostate gland and its secretion. Therefore, prophylaxis with Poduct significantly reduces the likelihood of prostate inflammation.
  • The results of Poduct in the treatment of chronic prostatitis are based on the normalization of blood flow to the prostate gland, which reduces edema and inflammation. From the first days of prostatitis treatment, Poduct helps relieve symptoms. This product works directly and has no side effects.
  • PROSTRONG has not been shown to adversely affect sexual and reproductive function, which is a major concern of any modern man.
  • Clinical studies have shown that Poduct not only has an effective anti-inflammatory effect, but also increases the effectiveness of antibiotics and has a positive effect on spermatogenesis.

3. Comment

  • Manuel, 48 years old
    I started to feel a sharp pain in my perineum and lower back. After that, I saw blood clots in the semen, so I rushed to see a urologist. Turns out he has Aging. I thought my life was over and I spent half a year drinking without any hope. I thank my friend who stopped me in time and found these capsules. Now I am a new man. I feel great.
  • Andrew, 37 years old
    Please do not leave the problem later! Otherwise, you will go through nine rounds of hell like me. Every year I have to have massage and antibiotic treatment. It all lasted 5 years and only then was I able to release the uncomfortable feeling. Thank God, after PROSTRONG treatment, all problem solved. They finally invented a product that really works!
  • Mark, 52 years old
    A few months ago, I started feeling a sharp pain in my scrotum. He knew what was going on, but he didn’t want to go to the doctor. I endured the pain. I really am an idiot. The doctor, instead of prescribing treatment, told me to have surgery. Two days later, gray hair appeared. I went to another doctor who prescribed PROSTRONG. I finished the treatment and now nothing bothers me.

4. Impotence is the cause of divorces, conflicts, adultery!

  • Hello dear readers!
    Today I have decided to address a very sensitive and at the same time very important topic – men’s health. Every day I receive a lot of questions about modern remedies to restore potency.
    Surprisingly, these questions are often asked by women who want to help their husbands overcome this serious problem. Men often ignore the problem even when they clearly see the need for treatment and don’t rush to see a doctor. You can understand them, no one wants to talk to an unknown person about such intimate things, even if that person is a doctor. So, today I will try to talk about how to quickly and safely restore potency without the need for specialists, chemistry and manipulation.
  • Unfortunately, it is worth noting that bed problems in modern men appear very early on.
    “Missing” begins to occur after age 30, and sometimes at a younger age. If you do not care about your own health, unfortunately, over the years, men will suffer from impotence. Usually, after a number of failed attempts, men start taking VIAGRA and other similar synthetic drugs – it’s not worth it! Yes, in fact, viagra and other similar remedies guarantee a strong erection, but only for a short time. These remedies do not cure the disease! Also, over time, people lose confidence in their own strength and can’t do it anymore without these miracle pills.
  • Can you have a strong effect at any age? How can you do without chemistry?
    Everyone has heard stories about stars, older men having young lovers or marrying girls much younger than themselves. Moreover, in such marriages appear children, men in the clouds, and their young wives proudly boast of their husbands’ bed successes. How it works? Is it viagra or some similar remedy? Of course not! I had the opportunity to ask these men this delicate question, and for the first time I heard from them about a wonderful remedy, which is PROSTRONG. Contains natural ingredients. Recently one could only buy this powerful remedy abroad at a very high price, but now it is made available to everyone and has not diminished in quality.
    We were able to launch a program at the national level. The Goal of the Program: To give everyone the opportunity to cure their potency problems, regardless of their financial condition.
  • Now that PROSTRONG is also sold in Santiago de Chile, it took a long time to carry out the laboratory tests, all the necessary certificates of safety and effectiveness of the treatment were obtained. Large-scale clinical studies also carried out on volunteers at the Institute of Urology have also produced excellent results. PROSTRONG really works, but unlike Viagra, it gives immediate and long-lasting effects.

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