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Prostect (BG) – Special treatment against prostatitis


Prostect – Natural remedy to prevent and eliminate prostatitis.

  • Eliminate stress and pain when urinating.
  • Keep prostate for safe and long-lasting results.
  • Eliminate pain in the perineum, rectum and testicles.
  • Eliminates inflammation of the prostate gland. Pain relief.
  • Enhance male sexual health.
  • Restore normal urination in 1 course.

Price: 69 Лева

1. How does Prostect affect the male body?

  • Main ingredients include:
    – Burdock: Reduces inflammation in the prostate
    – Juniper: Improves urination and spermatogenesis
    – White nettle: Increases libido
    – Cyprus: Restores blood circulation in the prostate
    – Bluegrass: Effectively relieves tension and pain during urination and defecation
  • Important to know!
    80% of prostate diseases have no symptoms, and this quickly leads to dire consequences.
    – Impotent
    – Prostate tumor
    – Dry
    – Sclerosis of the prostate
    – Inflammation of the blisters
    – Prostate cancer
    Start prevention now and become completely healthy!

2. Test yourself! Is even one symptom appropriate?

  • Chills
  • Pain in the lower back, testicles or perineum
  • Frequent urination at night
  • Burning or burning pain in the urethra
  • General hangover symptoms – fatigue, headache
  • Feeling tired, weak, sore muscles, joints, bones
  • Difficulty urinating, constipation
  • Reduce sex drive, accelerate ejaculation

If there are only 2-3 symptoms symptoms, start treatment immediately!

3. Expert Opinion – Associate Professor, PhD, Urologist

  • Chronic prostatitis develops slowly and in many cases has no symptoms, but the consequences can be dangerous. To avoid complications, I recommend prostate surgery.
  • In my private medical practice, I believe that only this complex has brought about significant improvement. It perfectly eliminates painful symptoms and from day to day helps the prostate to fold.
  • Prospect is hypoallergenic, unlike many other drugs and ointments. Prospect is hypoallergenic, unlike many other drugs and ointments. It works perfectly, is completely safe, it works in a complex that improves the work of the prostate gland and strengthens men’s health.
  • Benefits of Prostect:
    – Emergency medical services: Relieve painful symptoms right from the start of preventive treatment
    – Effective action without side effects: High technology allows to obtain crystalline concentrates of medicinal plants without impurities
    The product is Hypoallergenic: Unlike most antibiotics and other prostatitis remedies
    – Prevention Complex: Intensive action on prostate tissue with a general restorative effect. Add strength, energy, increase libido, great potency.

4. The private urology clinic posted the following report:

  1. The effectiveness of Prostect, calculated by the standard method (number of people cured compared with the number of sufferers in a group of 100 people who have undergone a course of treatment) is 98%.
  2. Absence of disease after discontinuation of the drug (following 6-month follow-up) was observed in 99% of people.
  3. After one week of using the drug, all patients reported significant improvement in libido and sexual performance.
  4. The drug prolongs sexual intercourse in 95% of the men in the study.
  5. No side effects, including allergies.
  6. The revolutionary drug PROSTECT is recognized as the most effective drug for the treatment of prostatitis.

5. Expert Opinion: Mihail Goranov, Urologist

  • As of 2017, there are no effective and affordable drugs to treat prostatitis. This leads to terrible consequences. 45% of the male population (25% of whom are young men) is affected by this disease.
  • PROSTECT is a breakthrough in the treatment of prostatitis, an absolute discovery in the field. The effectiveness of the product has been proven practically by thousands of people all over Europe. The unique content of the drops and the discovery of living cells by the scientists make Prospect indispensable in the treatment of prostatitis.
  • The drug is clinically proven and the results of the experiments are a real shock to professional urologists. Approximately 98% of all affected men recover without recurrence. The remaining two percent provide complete relief of symptoms and reduction of gland inflammation. However, these men sometimes experience relapses and can then be successfully treated with Prospect.
  • In addition, the combination of unique ingredients in Prospect significantly improves sexual function and prolongs intercourse.

6. Comment about Prostect

  • Dimitar Milev
    I bought it about a month ago. It only took effect a week after I started taking them. I thought about going to bed under the knife, but I refused the surgery. I’m 54 and I feel like I’m 34. I didn’t even expect such an effect.
  • Stefan Kolev
    I want to confirm the above! Medicine is great! I bought it not long ago, probably a month and a half ago. I haven’t had any problems since then. I have completely recovered from prostatitis. In addition, my erection and sex drive improved dramatically! I recommend to all men, especially those over 40 years old!
  • Branko
    Guys, don’t take prostatitis lightly. If it becomes chronic, it can cause prostate cancer. This is what happened to a relative of mine. So when I realized that something was wrong with my prostate, I immediately took the jeep. I tried treatment for over a year, but nothing. Now I will try Prospect, I’m sure it will work.
  • Nikolai Mladenov
    My prostate also hurt for a month and a half. I tried massage and medication, but the pain continued. Prospect solved my problem in exactly two weeks. I really forgot about the pain in the prostate, even though the doctors were sure it was chronic.
  • Andrew
    I started treatment with folk medicine. The doctor recommended it to me and I have been taking it for almost 2 months without success. Things still didn’t improve at all and I ran to the toilet more and more often. In the end, it became clear that nothing had happened. Fortunately, I found Prospect on the Internet. I decided to try it as a last resort, as others have not helped me 🙂 so now I can say that when other treatment options fail, thank God help has come with the prostate and everything is fine.
  • Eugene Savov
    I never thought that one day I would be diagnosed with this terrible disease. For a young person, this is a real shock in terms of both sex life and self-esteem. I cannot say that I have despaired, but I have begun the definitive treatment, by all means that I can find. Expenses don’t interest me. The treatment lasted a long time, which I did not try and in the end I am sure that Prospect helped me get rid of it. I really did not expect such a quick and sure effect
  • Alex Maleev
    I guarantee the effectiveness of the drug. I have tried it personally. At first I took a lot of antibiotics and had to get a massage. In general, I have undergone a long and intensive treatment. But after a few months, my prostate started to bother me again. It’s been 4 months since I first tried Prospect. With it, I just forgot that I had prostatitis at all
  • Naiden Silibashev
    Guys, this is horrible! I have been battling prostatitis for five years now! My condition is worse 10 times a year! The wind blew for me a little and that was enough for all the symptoms to appear at once. I went to many doctors who prescribed antibiotics to no avail. Only temporary remission and then everything started again, I don’t want to take more antibiotics. My body can’t take them anymore. Will Protect help me? What do you think?
  • Simon
    I have been treated with Vitafon since 2000. I also do exercises to reduce the load on the small pelvis. They are very helpful, but the disease has returned and you need to start over. While after using Prospect I have no more problems. He is gone forever.

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