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Proherbarix (ID) – Kill parasites in the body


Proherbarix Parasites cleanse capsules

  • Full parasites cleanse in 21 days.
  • Safe for health, fully natural composition.
  • Clinically proven effectiveness.
  • Sustainable product, manufactured in line with the standards of the 21st century.

Price:  550.000 Rp

 1. Proherbarix is a product that will help you kill parasites

  • Parasites are 80% responsible, either directly or indirectly, for weakening your body.
  • Your immune system and cancer defence mechanisms are not functioning properly.
  • Parasitic infections cause a hormonal imbalance and a deficiency in vitamins and micro-elements including potassium, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc, magnesium, silicon.
  • Parasites destroy your liver, gallbladder, pancreas and intestines.
  • Parasite waste products cause allergic reactions (rash, asthma, dermatitis).
  • Parasites produce lactic acid, “bad” cholesterol and other poisonous substances that may affect your whole body.
  • Parasites in children can cause anemia, retardation of physical development and memory problems.

2. Why is Proherbarix better than chemical drugs?

  • It is completely natural and safe, which means it can be taken without doctor consultation.
  • It has no side effects (unlike chemical drugs that can make you feel dizzy, cause nausea and vomiting or impair your liver function).
  • It is made from all-natural medicinal herbs collected from ecologically pure areas. It contains Achillea millefoli extract, Terminalia Chebula extract, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium steerage.
  • The capsules are convenient to use.
  • Approved and recommended by doctors, the product can be used at home as a convenient way of getting rid of harmful parasites.

3. Papules and warts are a thing of the past!

  • In 2020, clinical trials of new this products were successfully completed at the National Institutes of Health. These capsules were created to treat papillomas and warts.
  • The agency’s press center released the following statement:
    The effectiveness of a product called Proherbarix was investigated using the standard method (correlation between the number of recovered patients and the total number of patients in a group of 100 people being treated) and the results:
    – 99% effective in treating papillomas;
    – 100% effective in treating warts;
    – Treatment in this case means the disappearance of papillomas and warts, and no recurrence for the next 6 months.
    – No side effects were found, including allergic reactions.
    Product is ​​recognized as the most effective drug for the treatment of HPV (human papillomavirus).
  • Reviews from the researcher Deni Suhartanto.
    PhD, Professor, Associate Director of Rehabilitation Care.
    Professional experience: 28 years.
    If the papilloma is not completely destroyed, the disease will continue to grow and spread throughout the body and cause a red rash even on the mucous membranes or mucous membranes.
    In 92% of cases, papillomas affect the scalp and genital areas, including the penis, vagina, cervix, and anus. In these cases, papillomas become genital warts.
  • On this topic:
    Some statistical data: 7 out of 10 people in Indonesia are infected with HPV (Human Papillomavirus or human papillomavirus) with varying degrees of severity. HPV is present in the human body without being seen until eventually our immune system is suppressed. In this case, the virus causes serious damage to the body by creating warts, making it impossible for the person to have a happy life. The early signs of the presence of HPV in the body are warts and papillomas.
  • Papillomas and warts are very dangerous for the body. The immune system responsible for protecting the body from various diseases is the first target of this virus. A weakened immune system causes warts to appear, causing the virus to actively multiply and your whole body can later become covered with warts. Epithelial cells undergo changes that are more than mere warts. These epithelial cells are benign tumors that, if not removed, will continue to grow and spread on the skin.
  • Researchers have identified more than 100 types of HPV. Certain types of genital warts, especially HPV subtypes 16, 18, and 31 can cause cervical cancer. Another factor that contributes to the development of cancer is the asymptomatic stage (when the patient is not aware of any symptoms) of the disease, so the patient does not go to the doctor for a long time!
  • This innovative product called Product has three properties:
    – Eliminate parasitic bacteria;
    – Prevents HPV by strengthening the immune system, which improves overall health and boosts energy levels;
    – Remove toxins from the body.
  • Treatment with Product can completely clear the skin of papillomas and warts, which shows the high effectiveness of this treatment. Two groups of 100 people each (the first group included people with warts in different areas of the body and the second group included people with papillomas) took Product daily with half a glass of water.
  • All participants in this trial reported improvements in their general well-being almost immediately. After four or five days, you can see how “dry” the warts and papillomas are. At the end of the trial period, almost all warts and papillomas were gone. I would like to emphasize that, in addition to warts and papillomas, the participants in this trial also managed to get rid of acne, which is also the result of an attack by the disease-causing parasite.

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