NicoHATE (TR) – Stop smoking permanently


NicoHATE – Quit smoking in one use!

  • You won’t feel like smoking.
  • You will get rid of psychological addiction.
  • You will not want to smoke while drinking alcohol.
  • You will not gain weight.
  • Your body will be cleansed of the harmful substances of tobacco.
  • You will no longer be physically addicted.

Price: 129 TL

You can quit smoking during one-time use with NikoHATE

  • Nicotine is addictive from the first dose. Tabacum leaf extract, which is part of the composition, blocks the stimulation of acetylcholine receptors when taking nicotine – and you stop enjoying tobacco. As a result, the psycho-emotional background will normalize and you will no longer want to smoke.
  • The active ingredients of NicoHATE eliminate the effects of poisoning the body caused by a bad habit and have a beneficial effect on the vascular system without disturbing metabolism.
  • From the first week, your blood and body will begin to be cleaned and this will make you feel better without gaining weight.
  • You will not gain weight. You won’t experience any symptoms of a nicotine deficiency. Stress and anxiety do not occur.

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