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Natura Active cream (BA) – Help get rid of hemorrhoids!


Why is Natura Active cream recommended for people against hemorrhoids?

  • Complete removal of hemorrhoids in 21 days.
  • 99% of people using Natura Active cream get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.
  • Feeling free and light as soon as 4 weeks of application.
  • 100% original certified production.
  • The packaging price of these capsules is cheaper than any other treatment.
  • Minimum usage time is only 5 minutes per day.
  • The most convenient packaging of Natura Active cream allows you to go through the treatment in the most pleasant way.

Price:  59.9 KM

1. Natura Active cream quick treatment at home.

  • Eliminate pain from first application.
  • It quickly stops bleeding.
  • Eliminates itching and tingling.
  • Remove hemorrhoids.

2. The cause to the illness:

  • Genetics: It is found that 85% of people who are related by blood have symptoms of the disease.
  • Sedentary lifestyle: This mainly concerns drivers and office workers.
  • Pregnancy: The expanding uterus puts pressure on the blood vessels in the anus, which causes external hemorrhoids.
  • Spol: In women, this disease occurs due to sedentary lifestyle and hormonal changes, in men due to overload and heavy lifting.
  • Mechanical factors: Trauma, burns and other direct interventions on the colon and anus.

3. Why This Disease is Dangerous? Take a look at the phenomena:

  • Inflammation and inflammation of the mucous membrane of the colon
  • Bleeding can lead to anemia
  • Fever and when inflammation is severe, fever may occur
  • And the scariest thing is colon cancer!
  • Bleeding during bowel movements or blood stains in the stool.
  • Prolapse of ulcers from the colon.
  • Feeling of foreign body, feeling of heaviness.
  • Itching and tingling in the anal area.
  • Pain during bowel movements, walking and sitting.

4. 100% natural composition of the preparation is a 100% guarantee of results.

  • Wild boar extract: It acts as a vasoconstrictor, eliminates pain, burning, itching and discomfort, accelerates the healing of wounds and cracks, eliminates inflammation. It relieves symptoms even in advanced stages.
  • Wild Chestnut Extract: Strengthens and tones blood vessel walls, prevents bleeding, accelerates wound healing, removes blood stasis and improves blood flow, helps heal anal fis . It relaxes the muscles of the anus.
  • Alpha-lactose monohydrate: It has bactericidal and antiseptic effects. Eliminates swelling of the mucous membranes.

5. What do Doctors say about Natura Active?

  • Of course, everything is individual, and preparations against hemorrhoids should be selected depending on the symptoms of the disease, the degree of its development, and also the special features of the organism. But the early stages of the development of the disease can be treated, in most cases, completely and only with the help of Natura Active cream.
  • But if the patient postpones solving the problem for tomorrow and lets the disease take root and develop until stage 3 or 4 when the hemorrhoid is large, then one treatment will not be enough. It is necessary to undergo a minimum of 3 treatments with Natura Active cream and lead a healthy lifestyle.

(Tahir Mujdžić, archaeologist. Experience – 23 years.)

6. Customer Feedback

  • Ismar, 35 years old. Programmer: This disease does not happen to me because of the sedentary work of the programmer. Pain during bowel movements bothers me a lot, as does itching and bleeding. I went to see a scientist in Sarajevo and he prescribed me Natura Active cream with propolis. Capsules quickly eliminate the pain, the warts are reduced and there are no longer difficulties in going to the toilet. Now I feel great. I rest for 5 minutes at work and do light exercises as advised by my doctor so that hemorrhoids do not come back.
  • Jasmina, Sarajevo, 26 years old. Accountant: I have this stage 3 disease. And this is a stage that is quite easy to miss. I had the choice to go for emergency but dangerous surgery or switch to complicated long-term traditional treatment. I chose the second option because I think it is better to buy some inexpensive preparation than to spend a long time recovering from surgery. At the hospital, I was prescribed Natura Active. After 2 weeks of use, I felt the first results. And I like the way they are used. You just take the capsule and that’s it. The rash has reduced, no longer itching, swelling, pain. I felt better.
  • Mirela, Tuzla, 31 years old. Barber: After giving birth, an ugly blue vein popped up behind my knee and really ruined my appearance. And the worst part is my leg hurts at the end of the day, it stings and stabs me. Nothing too serious, but it’s not pleasant either. A friend suggested I use these capsules. I was just amazed at how quickly the results were. The hemorrhoids disappeared in a week and a week and did not come back.

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