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Mixotica (SI) – Lose weight up to 7 pounds /week


With Mixotica you lose weight and regenerate your body!

  • Convert fat into energy, INCREASE vitality.
  • Reduces appetite and suppresses hunger.
  • Increase metabolic rate.
  • Cleanse the body from toxins and excess fluid.
  • Improve health and mood during weight be loss.
  • That’s the secret to staying fit – Weight be loss drink with L-carnitine.
  • No diet required! You just need to dissolve a beverage bag in a glass of water and drink it once a day.

Price:  24 EUR

1. Advantages of Mixotica

  • Get rid of cellulite: Product regulates fluid metabolism in the body, so that cellulite disappears
  • Accelerates Metabolism: Acai berry extract improves metabolism and provides energy, preventing soreness and fatigue during weight be loss.
  • Control hunger: Prickly pear extract reduces ghrelin (hunger hormone) production, reducing cravings and cravings.
  • Cleanse the body: Product contains a powerful natural antioxidant, extracted from green coffee beans, which lowers bad cholesterol levels. It also lowers blood sugar, promoting natural weight be loss.

2. How it works?

  • Once in the body, Product draws fat from food, like a magnet, and collects it into a form that the body cannot digest.
  • Fats pass through the digestive tract and are eliminated naturally from the body. In addition, this product also accelerates metabolism leading to fat burning.
  • Mixotica molecules enter the digestive tract.
  • Fat, along with food, enters the digestive tract.
  • Product breaks down calories gained from food and fat accumulation.
  • Product removes toxins and stagnation that contribute to a rapid reduction in waist and hips.

3. Customer’s opinion:

  • I lost 5 kg and 100 grams in the first 5 days without changing my diet or exercising.
  • I memorized these first lost numbers. Great! My heart is in my chest and I can’t breathe from the excitement! I did it!!!
  • My menu for next week is no different from my usual menu. Except for one exception – I drink a cup of my favorite drink Product every day.
  • I forbade myself to weigh, but even without weight, I could still find myself losing weight. Sometimes I feel a pleasant warmth in my arms, belly, and thighs, and I’m as energetic as I’m not used to. My constant fatigue gradually disappeared.
  • When I stepped on the scale the following week, I almost fainted. I weigh 74.4 kg. That means I lost another 9 pounds in a week.

4. Does it allow us to lose weight without dieting or playing sports?

  • Laura’s idea: it shows us the shortest path to weight loss. In addition, the method is effective for life.
  • Mixotica is a ready-to-use product in an ultra-concentrated form that must be taken daily 30 minutes before breakfast for a 7-day treatment cycle.
  • This will suffice even in the most advanced cases, so I do not recommend increasing the dosage, as this can lead to loss of appetite.
  • This powerful effect is achieved due to the active ingredients: L-carnitine, nopal extract, acai berry fruit extract and green coffee and green tea extract which strengthen each other and burn all the substances. fat.
  • First of all, Mixotica suppresses appetite and cravings for carbohydrates, which in the process of assimilation in the body will be broken down into glucose (sugar), absorbed into the bloodstream and lead to excess fat accumulation.
  • Secondly, this product restores and accelerates metabolism, including the process of dividing fat cells. Therefore, the calories you take in will not be absorbed into the body or accumulate in the body even if you stop drinking.
  • Third, Mixotica has a strong absorption effect and removes toxins and stagnation from the body, which not only contributes to weight gain, but also worsens the functioning of internal organs, health and state of the skin.
  • In summary, Mixotica is a gift from heaven for those who have a dream to lose weight, but do not want or cannot do sports and diet for various reasons. Weight loss with Mixotica is gradual, without dieting, without cravings and without much effort. This product does not contain any active ingredients that put stress on the heart or other organs.

5. Comment:

  • Lorena Garcia: After I started taking it, I continued to eat what I wanted and still lost 8 kg. Mixotica is the best weight loss product I have ever seen, but the good thing is you don’t have to sweat it out in the gym, I don’t have time for that and I don’t like it either.
  • Juan Lacarcel: I used to weigh 80 kg. When I was young, I was thin, but with age, I gained weight in my belly and back. At the age of 35, I realized that I had to act urgently to get my body back to normal. I’ve been going to the gym for a year, but I still can’t get back to normal. A few weeks after adding Mixotica to my menu, I lost some weight. Now I take care of my body and have Mixotica on hand just in case. A few weeks after adding Mixotica to my menu, I lost some weight. Now I take care of my body and have Mixotica on hand just in case. A few weeks after adding Mixotica to my menu, I lost some weight. Now I take care of my body and have Mixotica on hand just in case.
  • Julia Lopez: It’s amazing when you dream about something for so long and you finally achieve it. Impression! I have lost 9 kg and I continue to lose more. My friends couldn’t believe it, they were worried about me, they thought I was on a diet. I haven’t told them anything yet, I’ll let them figure it out for themselves:
  • Rachel Olmedo: Mixotica saved me in the truest sense of the word. I had an accident two years ago and couldn’t get out of bed. Then I started walking on crutches, but obviously I couldn’t play sports because I wasn’t strong enough and the weight just made things worse. I found out about Mixotica from a friend who gave me 6 containers. Of course, I didn’t expect much, I just thought I would give it a try. I used it according to the instructions. The changes were visible from day one, I didn’t lose weight, but I felt my body start working faster. I’m digesting food better and I feel like my metabolism has sped up. I lost 20 pounds in the first 14 days, even though I didn’t change my diet! Another 20 kg was gone in about 4 weeks. I’m very happy, I’m so lucky that my friends know about Mixotica. I don’t know what I would do without him, before I weighed 85 kg.

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