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Mivessa Pro (MX) – Lose weight with a drink mix


Mivessa Pro – Helps you to lose weight fast.

  • Remove cellulite:
    Mivessa Pro drink mix regulates fluid metabolism in the body, as a result of which cellulite disappears.
  • Improves digestion:
    The chromium in the drink increases your metabolism by 3-11% and suppresses your appetite.
  • Regulate your blood glucose levels:
    The effect is due to the turmeric extract contained in the drink Mivessa Pro, a powerful glucose inhibitor.
  • Hypotension:
    Taking 1 dose a day not only helps to lose weight but also lowers blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.

Price: 780 MXN

1. How does Mivessa Pro work?

  • When entering the body, the Mivessa Pro drink mix will draw fat from food, like a magnet, and bind it into a form that the body cannot digest.
  • Fat passes through the digestive tract and is eliminated from the body naturally. In addition, this product also speeds up metabolism, helping to lose weight.
  • The process is as follows:
    + The molecules of the this product drink mix enter the digestive tract
    + Fat, along with food, enters the digestive tract
    + This product drink mix extracts fat, like a magnet
    + Fats, obtained from food, are eliminated from the body
  • With Mivessa Pro drink mix you lose weight and rejuvenate your body!
    + Convert fat into energy, Enhance vitality
    + Reduces appetite and suppresses hunger
    + Speed ​​up metabolism
    + Cleanse the body from toxins and excess fluid
    + Production of dopamine, the hormone of happiness

2. Even if you stop using the Mivessa Pro oral mixture:

  • Passive weight loss
    Thanks to its high antioxidant content, Product drink mix accelerates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. You lose weight due to the breakdown of fat without loss of muscle mass or skin elasticity.
  • Fasting is not compulsory
    Mivessa Pro drink mix represents the optimal balance of protein, fat and carbohydrates. By preventing nutritional deficiencies, each serving of the Product drink mix keeps you full and supports normal body functioning.
  • No need to exercise
    Mivessa Pro drink mix works regardless of your lifestyle, breaking down fat deposits even while you’re resting. In addition, the ingredients of the Product help increase the production of enzymes that block the absorption of carbohydrates, thereby preventing weight gain.
  • Nothing more
    Mivessa Pro oral mixture does not contain irritating ingredients and does not affect the central nervous system. This drink does not cause insomnia, panic attacks or depression. Therefore, Product oral mixture can be used without prescription or medical advice.

3. No. 01 weight loss product according to Food Additives Association

  • Mivessa Pro drink mix prevents the return of lost weight (yo-yo effect) and burns accumulated fat, unlike similar products that produce a false weight loss effect by eliminating excess liquid.
    * Just this one cup of coffee:
    + Stimulates lipolysis, fat breakdown process
    + Speed ​​up metabolism
    + Provides energy for the whole day
    + 60% Chrome
    + It absorbs undigested food residues and toxins and gently removes them from the body.
    +20% Orthosiphon: It keeps you full and suppresses your appetite. Relieves irritable bowel syndrome and restores gastrointestinal health.
    + 10% turmeric: Increases insulin sensitivity, reduces blood sugar. This accelerates fat burning in problem areas like arms, sides, thighs.
  • Make your dream of a slim body come true!
    + Add 1 tablespoon of Product drink mix to a cup of boiling water (200 ml) and drink this drink 30 minutes before eating or whenever you want a snack.
    + Drink Mivessa Pro beverage mix once a day in place of your morning coffee
    + Recommended duration of use: 30 days. To consolidate results, take another 30 days after a two-week break.

4. These women have seen the effects of the oral mixture

  • Carmen, 33 years old
    “I finally lost weight”
    I finally lost weight after getting pregnant. I suffered for three years. I was hungry, eating well again, even fatter, then hungry again. As a result, I could not lose more than 3-5 kg. I discovered the Product drink mix on the blog of a famous TV presenter, where she writes that she has lost 20 kg. I’ve only lost 11 but I’m happy. That is a good result.
  • Julia, 38 years old
    “All I had to do to get married was lose weight”
    I don’t think I’m going to say this, but it’s true, men don’t like fat women. My boyfriend told me he would marry me only if I lost weight. I have to admit that losing weight makes me look better and younger. And now you’re the type of woman I want to share a house with. I have lost 14 kg. My huge belly and loving arms are gone and I don’t have pimples on my face anymore.
  • Hope, 47 years old
    “I lost weight on the couch”
    The older you get, the harder it is to lose weight. Before that, just not eating dinner and avoiding sweets for a week was enough to lose 2-3 kg. My daughter recommended I try the Product drink mix. It took me a while to lose 9kg and I didn’t gain it back even when I stopped drinking this coffee. It is best for a lazy person like me. I went to the site to order another container. I really like the taste of it, so I’ll drink it in the morning instead of my regular coffee.

5. A historic milestone in the fight for human health

  • His invention helps to permanently burn all unnecessary fatty tissue in any person. Plus, it’s completely safe and requires no dietary or lifestyle modifications. This method guarantees weight loss at a rate of 10 kg in 2 weeks. We simply did what medicine could and was supposed to do 45 years ago. Thanks to his findings, 27,000 residents of Singapore, Argentina and Japan have lost 10, 12, 40, 80 kg and more.
  • You can forget the exercises and the diet
    It is essentially an instant drink. It’s as easy to make as a cup of coffee. Just pour 1 tablespoon of powder into a cup of hot water, stir well and you are ready to lose weight! This simple product succeeds in losing 10 kg as well as losing 100 kg. All this with natural ingredients that boost your metabolism and reduce your cravings.
    To lose weight, people go on strict diets or exhaust their bodies with exercise. All this is ineffective and harmful to health. The real antidote to overweight that has been within our reach for centuries is plants. These plants quietly grow on Earth, waiting for someone to finally realize their presence. Just combining them and letting them act is enough.
  • Pharmaceutical companies profit from obese people
    Companies that sell drugs to overweight people will be profitable. Obesity causes all kinds of diseases. Atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes… These are just some of the hundreds of diseases caused by being overweight. These diseases require treatment. Treatment requires medication.
    The invention of an effective product to get rid of excess weight could bankrupt pharmaceutical companies that manufacture drugs for hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cholesterol, joint pain and many other diseases. other …
    For us, it was the perfect revenge for their greed, avarice and arrogance – Ana realized, indignantly. But most of all, it is an immeasurable joy that our job is to serve humanity and free it from its overweight nightmare.
  • It will allow you to restore your health and live better for many years!
    They’ve been working with their sweat for months
    After 17 months of laboratory research and clinical trials, we have achieved the impossible! We’ve found a combination of botanical ingredients that help destroy excess weight forever in one go. We just need proof of its effectiveness and safety.
    We have sent the treatment method along with the documentation to 7 research centers in Asia, Europe and the US. The scientific world started talking about us. The effectiveness of our treatment has been confirmed beyond any doubt. During testing alone, it effectively and safely slimmed 9,000 people. Our phones won’t stop ringing! We were congratulated by world-renowned researchers. We were very pleased.

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