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Memory Plus (PE) – Helps increase memory, concentration


Memory Plus boosts learning and creativity.

  • Cognitive and mental complex created by Switzerland.
  • Memory support.
  • Promote concentration.
  • Mood balance.
  • Helps with mental processing.
  • Dispel the brain fog.
  • Support flow state.
  • No stimulants.
  • Helps keep human brain healthy and strong

Price: 150 PEN

1. Effect of Memory Plus

  • Calm the chaos
    Memory Plus contains 16 meticulously researched and lab-tested ingredients, including powerful herbal adaptogens, choline, amino acids and neurovitamins that have been shown to support brain health. , BDNF and cognitive function, while supporting a healthy and balanced mood.
  • Instant focus
    Improve your focus and mental sharpness with our Swiss made formula. Get the enhanced clarity you need to power tasks that require optimal focus. Memory Plus promotes ATP production in the brain, which converts it into more energy without the use of stimulants.
  • Faster Stronger
    Everything else depends on the quality of your mind; Memory Plus improves your ability to think and act by boosting alpha waves and regulating neurotransmitters. See our dosing guidelines and how we minimize intake and maximize effectiveness by applying innovative synergies.

2. The choice between brain health and performance is over

  • Improve mood
    Get the unmistakable positivity, fun, and optimism you need by repairing and regulating levels of important neurotransmitters, and slowing the rate of decay. No great work is created by an unfocused and unbalanced mind. That’s why Memory Plus emphasizes adaptogens that prepare the body and mind for stress and chaos.
  • Customer Orientation
    We are sure that you will be satisfied with the Swiss made complex and enjoy the great benefits. If not, let us know and we’ll make sure you’re satisfied. We don’t just love our customers: we are our customers. We founded MG to give everyone access to the best quality natural products for brain growth and conservation that can be achieved… and we are fully committed to continuing. do like that.
  • Ensure
    All ingredients are generally considered safe (GRAS) and have no side effects. Memory Plus is manufactured in modern, strictly controlled facilities in Switzerland and undergoes independent laboratory testing for purity and consistency in the Netherlands. Check out the science behind MM for the theoretical and research background of MM’s applied results.

3. Memory Plus is a natural supplement:

  • Picamilon
    Stimulates blood circulation, improves memory and attention, reduces anxiety, has antioxidant, psychostimulant and sedative properties
  • Oxiracetam
    Accelerates the transmission of nerve impulses, improves reaction and logical thinking, and has a neuroprotective effect. Helps restore memory even after concussion and severe brain injury
  • Lysine Choline Extract
    Increases neuroplasticity of the brain, improves cognitive qualities, improves memory, attention. Stimulates the formation of new neural connections, prevents age-related changes (to dementia)
  • It also contains inositol, biogandha ashwagandha extract, pycnogenol and ginger. Regular use of capsules boosts productivity and improves memory. The active ingredient increases blood flow, speeds up the transmission of nerve impulses and improves brain activity. This enhances cognitive abilities to their fullest potential.
  • Memory Plus is easily absorbed by the body and its action begins immediately; In addition, it promotes the function of the endocrine, immune and nervous systems. Effective at all ages.

4. Daniel Medina Cardenas – Neuropathologist, Associate Pr.

  • Reduced mental performance can affect anyone, regardless of age and lifestyle. Stress, poor metabolism, barometric pressure; All these factors affect our health and performance.
  • I recommend Memory Plus to my patients, because the drug has good results. Memory Plus receptors show increased activity, mental clarity, and good memory.
  • Every spring and fall, I indulge in a food to feed my brain. So the effectiveness has been proven by both me and my patients.

5. Buyer’s opinion

  • Nadia
    Unfortunately, I can say about myself that I am a proven “psychologist”. No, I don’t attack people and I don’t eat books. I have cervical osteochondrosis, which refers to a chronic battle with headaches, fatigue and dizziness, in more severe periods; leads to lethargy, anxiety, and the onset of depression. I recently discovered Memory Plus. From day one, it was actually easier to live. Anxiety, stress and lethargy disappear instantly. For these amazing results I am willing to pay any amount.
  • Mary
    A year ago, my body had certain changes. I was very distracted, I started to forget important things and events, it took me a long time to master the information. To improve my condition, I changed my diet and increased my daily intake of fruits and vegetables. But there is no change. Then I decided to use the specials and ordered Memory Plus. I have regained my confidence and brain power.

6. Memory Plus to increase memory and brain

  • Memory Plus Capsules Help to solve the following problems:
    + Migraine due to overload;
    + Memory disorders;
    + Depression and anxiety;
    + Decreased brain activity;
    + Lack of smooth coordination in movements.
    + Should use Memory Plus if you often suffer from stress, trouble sleeping, mood swings as well as fatigue, poor memory and lack of concentration.
    + The product does not contain strong ingredients that are harmful to the body, so you can buy it without a prescription.
  • The product has a series of unique characteristics that make the application very effective:
    + Activates blood circulation not only in the largest blood vessels, but also in the smallest capillaries of the brain;
    + Neurotransmitters: natural compounds that positively affect the speed of transmission of nerve impulses;
    + Memory Plus is equally effective for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes;
    + Natural colloidal phospholipids in its composition ensure the maintenance and restoration of cells of nervous tissue;
    + The pronounced antioxidant effect of the supplement ensures effective protection of the brain and nervous tissue against stress and other types of injury;
    + The product is provided in capsule form, which is convenient to take anywhere and easy to digest.
    + The product is safe even in a long course, can be used by all ages.

7. User manual

  • Used for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes in the following health conditions:
    + Chronic fatigue syndrome;
    + Consequences of acute stroke;
    + Reduced mental and physical performance;
    + Anxiety, fear, depression;
    + Prevention of diseases of the nervous system;
    + Complex therapy for brain diseases
    Use nootropics to keep the brain active. 7 best nootropic supplements. The product gives strength and vigor, is excellent support for the function of mature and aged nerve tissues. Reduce the risk of stroke, including stroke recurrence.
    + Normalizes the transmission of nerve impulses to the brain, improves the quality of short-term memory and psychological well-being. It is compatible with all phyto-colloidal formulations.
  • Contraindications
    + The main contraindication of Memory Plus colloid is individual intolerance. Food supplements are botanical ingredients that can cause allergic reactions, so you should start with the smallest dose.
    + People prone to allergies (not just to plants) should consult a doctor.
    + Note: Children as well as pregnant and lactating women should consult their doctor before taking this product.
  • Important!
    The use of Memory Plus capsules must be carried out according to the enclosed instructions on the method of use and dosage. It is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations, it is not necessary to exceed the dosage or duration of the course. For the entire course, you should take all the capsules in the vial, even if the full effect is felt and felt.
  • Storage conditions
    The shelf life of Memory Plus Colloidal Suspension is 3 years, unopened, at room temperature. Once opened, the product must be kept in the refrigerator until used up.
    Capsules must be stored in accordance with the conditions stated on the package.

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