Masajeador (JOCARE) (PE) – Enjoy your every move


JOCARE – Helps you get rid of the pain:

  • The pills do not meet your expectations?
  • Poor posture or heavy work will accumulate dollars in your head, leading to migraines.
  • Tired of constant pain in joints, muscles, back, lower back and neck?
  • Muscle tension causes a feeling of constant exertion, which in turn leads to fatigue, pain, and an inability to relax.

Price: 89.99 PEN

1. Jocare activates your life

  • Perfect for massaging the cervical vertebrae which is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine. It is a high-tech product, combining long-term clinical experience and modern electronic equipment of science and technology.
  • Jocare has an ergonomic design, two stainless steel oval fixed plates ensure a large contact area and a comprehensive massage effect on the neck area.
  • Magnetic field effect, electric pulse massage, simulate effective Chinese medicine massage technique. Helps promote local blood circulation and relax local muscles.

2. Jocare easy and healthy

  • Tips made from recycled HIPS plastic can be further recycled.
  • The patented lotus-shaped tips are positioned in a certain way, ensuring even pressure of the needles.
  • Tuina, acupuncture, percussion and patting, scraping therapy, cupping, relaxation massage. Relaxes, stimulates, tones and relieves pain in those areas.
  • This EMS system delivers electrical pulses of varying intensity. and these cause involuntary contractions of the muscles. helps to improve flow and reduce pain, inflammation and poor mobility of the parts to work.
  • You can use it at home, office, in the gym or better said anywhere!
  • Ergonomic design, allowing for excellent compliance. Use it before sleeping and/or after waking up. Should massage JOCARE MASSAGER anytime, anywhere, use 10-20 minutes each time.

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