Lotox (CL) – Easiest way to burn fat in your body!


Lotox – 30 days keto marathon, great times in life.

  • Fat melts in a flash!
    The secret that only famous nutritionists and stars know has been revealed
  • Weight loss will not come back!
    When your body is in a state of ketosis, it burns and stores fat
  • You will feel better!
    Burning fat instead of carbohydrates gives your body more energy!
  • Join thousands of people to lose weight with Lotox! Burn fat, not energy. Feel the surge of power that Lotox will give you!

Price: 29990 CLP

1. Lotox – A Revolutionary Breakthrough!

  • Scientists, doctors and celebrities talk about it!
    The keto diet is a unique weight loss program based on strict restriction of carbohydrate intake.
    It is designed for 3-6 months. The state of ketosis occurs 1.5-2 weeks after starting the diet. Only then does the body begin to actively burn body fat. Extremely strict rules and substantial restrictions on food often lead to cravings and poor health.
    As a result, the lost kilograms come back. A sudden change in eating habits will create a side effect. The symptoms of the keto flu are: fatigue, lethargy, moodiness, insomnia, hunger, headache, dizziness, and signs of an impending cold.
  • With Lotox capsules, you do not need to follow a strict diet. This natural product puts your body into a state of ketosis 40 minutes after taking it. Its active formula will help you lose up to 1 kg of fat per day! Product is the key to your successful weightloss, without stress or restrictions.

2. Why do conventional diets fail?

  • Due to the large amount of carbohydrates in food, the body is forced to burn them for energy instead of fat. Carbohydrates are an easier source of energy for the body.
  • The main problem of such a diet:
    + Fat accumulates in the body. Carbohydrates are burned first to make simple fuel for energy. Weight is increasing year by year.
    + Carbohydrates are not an ideal source of energy for the body, so during the diet there will be / appear fatigue, stress and fatigue at the end of each day.
  • Why does Product work?
    The most talked about weightloss product is finally here. Product is an effective product with an enhanced formula responsible for instant fat burning. The active ingredients speed up the metabolism and help the body enter a safe state of ketosic. In this state, active breakdown of subcutaneous fat occurs. Moreover, with Lotox keto flu symptoms never appear. Product is a real breakthrough in weightloss.
  • Product is the ideal solution to quickly transition to ketosic:
    + When your body is in a state of ketosic, there is activity to burn subcutaneous fat in problem areas.
    + Fat is an ideal source of energy for the body, when the body enters a state of ketosic, you feel full of energy and mental clarity, excess weight disappears very quickly.
  • Put your body into a state of ketosic!
    Product is a natural complex for safe weight loss. Ketosic without dieting or physical loading!
  • The active ingredient of artichoke leaf powder helps to remove excess water from the body, speed up metabolism and promote the conversion of accumulated fat into energy. Other ingredients, such as vitamin C, calcium, plant fiber and aloe vera, gently detox the body, improve mood, sleep, focus and performance, tighten skin and fight sagging after losing weight.
  • Become a slim, healthy and confident person with this Product.
  • Lotox offers:
    – Weightloss
    – Get rid of fat in problem areas
    – Quickly go into ketosic
    – Good emotional state
    – Healthy sleep
    – Maintain lean muscle mass!

3. Ingredients of Product

  • Product contains about 10 natural and safe ingredients needed for quick and easy weightloss. They are there to enhance the effects of ketones, as well as aid in weightloss.
  • Not listing them all, just a few:
    + Artichoke leaf powder: Stimulates metabolism and starts the body’s “self-cleaning” process, actively processing old internal fat that has accumulated in the flanks and abdomen.
    + Vitamin C: breaks down and removes excess subcutaneous fat along with signs of cellulite; anti-sagging skin and help achieve a fit body after a major weight loss session.
    + Aloe vera powder: increases the level of leptin, the hormone responsible for the rate at which fat is broken down in the body. The important thing is that our body cannot produce Omega-3 but must receive it from outside.
    + Calcium carbonate – neutralizes the effects of an unreasonable diet, removes toxins from the body, adds elasticity to the skin and prevents the formation of stretch marks.
    + Plant fiber: actively decomposes visceral fat, reduces bad cholesterol, suppresses appetite and reduces binge eating.
  • Test results (for one month):
    + Losing 20 kg or more: 18% of those with
    + Lose 7-20 kg: 77% of it
    + Lose less than 7 kg: 4% of those with
    + They do not lose weight at all: 1% of them suffer from
    Skin improvement, cellulite removal: 98% of subjects
    + Normalization of biological processes in the blood: 100% of subjects
    + No side effects or addiction: 100% of subjects

4. Comment

  • Marisol
    I have tried many slimming products, but Product has become my favorite. With him, I don’t feel hungry, I feel good, I am active and full of energy. It’s the best product that doesn’t require any food restrictions, just what I need.
  • Carlos
    Good products, great customer service, thank you very much. I decided to lose weight intensively, so I measured my blood ketone levels after taking this product. Surprisingly, with the help of Product, I reached deep ketosis within a few days: my blood ketone level was 2.5 mmol/l. I was able to achieve the same results following the keto diet in just a few weeks.
  • Nerea
    Since I started taking Product, I feel my energy increase, I become more attentive and focused. I have never been so motivated to lose weight! I want to get to my desired weight faster, so I try to eat as little carbs and fat as possible. Of course, sometimes I indulge in something forbidden, but I know Product won’t let me put the weight back on.
  • John Lozano
    As I said before, in our country they don’t want to sell it with minimum margin. And this is the first claim of the manufacturer – the availability of the drug. Imagine the price that pharmacies and other stores would charge. That is it is the first drug that has this result and has no contraindications. It will sell for a minimum of $100,000. It benefits no one.

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