Lossless (BA) – Hair loss treatment shampoo!


Lossless – Hair loss treatment for both men and women.

  • It prevents hair loss.
  • Prevent baldness.
  • Lossless helps to let go of long and thick curls.
  • Restores hair volume.
  • Hair naturally restores shine and strength.

Price: 55 KM

1. Lossless works in three phases:

  • Stage I: Hair follicle restoration. Heals microscopic lesions of hair follicles and scalp. It awakens the “hibernation” follicles
  • Stage II: Increases hair growth. The herbal molecules in Product shampoo prolong the anagen phase 3 times (the active hair growth phase).
  • Stage III: Restores shine and strength of the hair. Accelerates the synthesis of keratin – a protein that is the building block of hair. It gives hair softness, density and strength, and makes brushing easier

2. Cause there are many. Only one solution: No loss.

  • A method of enhancing and effective hair growth only in the early stages of alopecia.
  • In 2020, This is produced – The first shampoo against all types of hair loss.
  • The zero loss shampoo is based on cinnamon and garlic. They release hydrogen disulfide that enhances cell division (cell division in hair follicles) and works even when 80% of hair is lost.
  • Similar to the patch, disulfide carbon molecules create beautiful cells of damaged hair follicles and restore their function – “producing” new hair.
  • As a result, hair regrowth even areas that have been bald for a while. And with regular use, product shampoo will stimulate the formation of new hair follicles.

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