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Lipotonica (ID) – Help to lose weight quickly and safely


How will your body change when you start taking Lipotonica?

  • Day 1: You will wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and healthy.
  • Day 5: Your body is in slimming mode – you start to lose fat.
  • Day 10: You feel happier, a few kilos lighter – you can wear clothes 1 size smaller.
  • Day 21: Your body is rejuvenated, weight loss a few more kilograms.
  • Day 28: You’ve lost so much weight, you can wear sexy tights – everyone is crazy about you!

Price:  550000 Rp

1. About Lipotonica

  • American scientists have finally found an easy and practical way to lose weight without lifestyle changes. They have developed a formula that can lose weight in 1 week.
  • Clinical trials show that weight loss of 6 kg in just 7 days while breast size can be maintained. Lipotonica speeds up metabolism and suppresses appetite, thereby helping you to lose weight gradually each week without the need for extra exercise or boring diets.
    – Absorb fat
    – Eliminate excess fluid in the body
    – Suppress appetite

2. High quality ingredients, you will lose weight quickly and safely!

  • Barberry Extract
    Suppresses the feeling of hunger, thereby blocking the production of the hunger hormone – ghrelin. Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
    Improves metabolism, including lipid metabolism – the process of breaking down fats.
  • Bifidobacterium bifidum
    Absorb food waste (food debris and toxins) and eliminate it from the body. Nourish the intestinal microflora and reduce intestinal irritation, improve digestive system function
  • Oil MCT
    Helps you feel fuller for longer. Improves metabolism, including the conversion of fat into energy. Improves overall health and provides energy.

3. Lose up to 5 kg in 10 days without exercise

  • Diana Thalia
    In the winter of 2019, something is different with the European Congress of Endocrinologists. All congress attendees gave a round of 10 minute round of applause to the still-student Indonesian speaker, Diana Thalia. Diana has successfully developed a unique formula that is able to lose weight in a short time without the need to restrict food intake.
  • News of this idea immediately spread around the world quickly.
    Experts from the Department of Endocrinology and several other private hospitals, are ready to handle the development of this product. Currently, the product has been successfully manufactured even though it can only be purchased by Indonesians themselves.
    Today we will find out together how this product has the potential to save millions of lives and why Indonesians are getting attractive discounts.
    Diana’s tragic experience made her realize that in some cases diet, exercise and medication as well as liposuction procedures only endanger our health and are not the solution. real weight loss method.
  • Reporter: Diana, you are one of the top 10 smartest medical students in the world. Why did you decide to focus on being overweight?
  • Diana Thalia: Actually my motivation here is personal. For many years my mother was overweight and eventually she died of high blood pressure. At first, everything seemed fine, looking healthy while continuing to try to lose weight, until he had a stroke in his sleep and passed away. Honestly, it’s still hard for me to accept that fact, he left our family very quickly and without a trace. My grandmother also died from the same cause.
  • This is why I started researching different topics about obesity and the best ways to prevent and deal with it. The more I learn, the more I understand that diet, exercise, drugs and liposuction, will only endanger our health and aggravate the obesity problem. I also remember my mother used to try many different diets and diligently attended aerobics classes for almost 5 years.
  • For the past three years, I have focused on this topic. In fact, the most talked about weight loss method came up while I was working on my thesis. I realized that I might be creating something new, but I never thought that many organizations would be interested in making this idea a reality.
  • One of the pharmaceutical companies from the US tried to bid for Diana’s invented formula for $1 million, and planned to market the product for $1,000. Of course Diana refused this offer because Diana realized that with such a high price, of course only a few Indonesians would be able to afford it.
  • Reporter: What institution do you mean?
  • Diana Thalia:
    After a research journal discussing this weight loss method was published, I immediately received many offers to sell my idea. The first party to contact me was a French organization, they provided 120 thousand Euros.
    Then there was a pharmaceutical company from the United States who willingly bought my idea for 1 million dollars. Since then, I started changing my cell phone number and rarely go on social media to avoid all those offers.
  • Reporter: But so far, you still haven’t sold this powdered milk, right?
  • Diana Thalia:
    That’s right, I haven’t sold it yet. It sounds cliché, but I created this recipe not only for personal and foreign gain. Can you imagine what would happen if I actually sold this recipe to another country? They will get patents and dominate the market, and of course they will try to make as much profit as possible. I’m young, but I’m not that stupid.
  • With such a situation, of course, our society will become more and more helpless. A doctor once told me that this formula should sell for at least $1,000. In my opinion, that’s outrageous. What public in Indonesia is willing to buy a product worth a thousand dollars?
  • That is why, when I received an offer from the government to develop this formula with Indonesian scientists, I immediately accepted. It is an honor for me to work with experts from the Institute of Endocrinology and a number of private homes. To date, our products have passed all required clinical trials and are available to the public.
  • From the government side, the development of this product is directly supervised by Bambang Rachmawan – an expert and scholar. We asked him to tell us more about this product and his future plans.
  • Reporter: What is the real purpose of Diana Thalia’s idea? Is it true that this product can help us get rid of obesity without strict diet and exercise?
  • Bambang Rachmawan:
    Diana’s goal is like the navigator in a car: to show the fastest route to weight loss. This method is very useful for those who want to look slim and healthy forever…
  • This product is named Lipotonica. Free of other chemicals and synthetics, this natural Lipotonica capsule formulation can improve your digestive condition. The cravings will be more controlled, the desire to eat fast food and other unhealthy foods will disappear, without causing stomach upset.
    Developed with Diana in mind, berberis vulgaris extract, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium bifidum, MCT oil, are really powerful in helping those who want to lose weight up to 5-20 kg.
  • Lipotonica should be taken according to the existing rules of 2 capsules 2 times a day, one hour before or after a meal. This product will help accelerate metabolism and restore the functioning endocrine system, stimulate tissue regeneration and suppress appetite. This product is 100% natural: acts as an active stimulant for the natural processes of the human body. With a faster metabolism, fat burning happens faster, so you don’t have to go through a miserable diet anymore. As a result, excess body fat will be lost EVERYTHING up to 500 grams per day! But the most important thing to know is that Lipotonica has no side effects!

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