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Laila’s Recipe (DZ) – Is your intestinal tract problem?


Laila’s Recipe – A natural supplement for the prevention and treatment of digestive ailments.

  • Eliminates colic and colic in the abdomen.
  • Kills germs and bacteria in the stomach.
  • Removes excess gas and bloating.
  • Improve digestive function.
  • Eliminates constipation and diarrhea.
  • Eliminate pain in the abdomen.
  • Laila’s Recipe cleans the colon and removes waste layers in the colon wall.

Price: 3500 DA

1. Ingredients of Laila’s Recipe

  • Juniper
    Improves digestive function, normalizes appetite, helps cleanse the liver, reduces inflammation and improves the health of mucous membranes
  • Cummin
    Relieves discomfort and heaviness after eating, reduces nausea and heartburn, stimulates bowel movements and normalizes bowel movements
  • Anise
    It has an anti-inflammatory effect. Relieves cramps, constipation and flatulence. Improve liver and pancreas function
  • Oat
    It stimulates the regeneration of mucous membranes, traps intestinal bacteria, enhances intestinal motility, prevents ulcer formation and gastritis.

2. How to treat stomach ulcers in a month?

      Written by Hanan Alshahed

  • Hello all readers!
    I’ve never left a review before, so I decided to leave one of my own, following an example of the reviews I often read online.
  • If I say I don’t understand how I ended up in a gastroenterologist’s office with a gastroscopy into my esophagus – I’d be lying. My day usually starts with three espressos and some fast food on the go. During the day, my diet did not change. I can’t get a wife to feed me, I only know how to spoil food, not cook. The absolute absence of the common man, plus 2 liters of Coke a day and a pack of cigarettes – equates to gastritis.
  • Typical dinner with friends
    I was diagnosed 4 years ago. I’ve been on fizzy pills that put me to shame ever since. Everyone who has ever had a peptic ulcer knows its pest – Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s hard to escape. This is an issue that causes a change in your lifestyle and can upset it. That’s exactly what happened in my case. That’s why I’ve suffered from constipation or diarrhea all these years, and belching, bloating and cramps are my faithful companions. I won’t talk much about the stench from my mouth, so everyone avoids talking to me.
  • To treat or not to treat, that is the question
    My Colon Journey Together (perhaps I need to list it: for heartburn, bloating, pain relievers, antibiotics, probiotics, vitamins, herbal injections—all with prescriptions) drugs) from time to time. Sometimes my stomach and colon stretch like a balloon. The pain in my stomach was unbearable as if I had been cut by a knife from the inside. Sometimes the attacks last 2-3 days and I still don’t go to the hospital. laziness or stupidity
  • New diagnosis
    So I woke up in the gastroenterology department. As soon as I woke up, the doctor immediately placed an endoscope in my mouth and began examining my internal organs. The result – 2 stomach ulcers (0.1 and 0.2 inches) and one colon ulcer (0.2 inches). Not fun at all.
    As it turned out, my body couldn’t handle all of those symptoms, and I passed out in the office. My colleagues called an ambulance. I’m happy. If it happened at home, I would probably die.
    When the doctor asked me why I didn’t go to the hospital, I showed a picture of the prescription I bought on my phone. The doctor was angry. He said previous treatment regimens were outdated. Therefore, waiting to restore health according to old prescriptions is like waiting for a miracle. I heard a lecture about neglecting my health and got a new prescription.
    To my surprise, instead of an endlessly long list, there was only one ingredient – Laila’s recipe. As the doctor said, this is a modern and promising product in the treatment of inflammation and stomach ulcers until today.
  • The principle of operation of Laila’s Recipe:
    – Paralyze pathogens.
    Reduces the ability of bacteria to attach to the mucous membrane walls of the stomach or colon
    Remove bacteria from the body through the rectum
    Heals damaged mucosal tissue of the stomach and colon wall
    – Accelerate digestion.
    Absorb excess water in the intestine
    – Restore intestinal microflora
    – Reduces acidity.
    Stop bloating in the abdomen
    – Reduce pain symptoms.
    – Heal stomach ulcers.
    Improve the immune system and prevent disease recurrence
  • How to fix:
    I took Laila’s Recipe and followed the instructions that came with it. I drink it in a glass of water 10-15 minutes before breakfast. The doctor also advised me to bring healthy foods, besides, I recommend cutting out foods that are too hard, salty or spicy.
    The first thing I noticed was that I was half full of my usual serving. I usually eat on the go so I don’t get hungry quickly, I’m like an oven. I ate too much and couldn’t even breathe. Besides, the discomfort in my stomach disappeared, bloating and heartburn also disappeared. Not immediately, but certainly within the first week.
    The pain in the morning (hungry hunger) tormented me for a long time and only started to subside by the end of the third week of applying Laila’s formula. But like the doctor said, it’s normal, I got very sick. By the end of the cycle, I felt like I was reborn.
    I feel great. I look even better: My belly has become noticeably flatter – puffiness in my stomach and colon disappeared, dark circles under my eyes disappeared and I had a smile on my lips.

3. Discussion

  • Arrow
    Hey girls! I have the same symptoms as my mother, we both deal with ulcers. Also, my mother has a colon. That’s why I decided to order Laila’s Recipe for us. Moreover, we feel tired when we eat a large amount of cereals.
  • Ban
    The doctors could not find the cause of my poor health for a long time, but yesterday, the test results were available. Irritable bowel syndrome detected. Well, this is disgusting. I will be treated.
  • Khadija
    What prescription did the doctor give you? I have a prescription on two sheets of paper, the cost of treatment is half my salary. So far I have decided to postpone the treatment or I will order Laila’s Recipe. I don’t know what to do, and I can’t take it anymore. Sometimes everything inside is twisted (intestines), I even have tears in my eyes.
  • Archer
    Welcome. And what did the doctor describe to you on the two pieces of paper? All in all, whatever it is, it’s definitely a 90s regimen. Now modern experts only recommend Laila’s Recipe. Studies show that Laila’s Recipe is effective even in the most advanced stages. My father has Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He was cured for two months. We just had a good doctor and of course Laila’s Recipe. So it is up to you. Wish you luck and good health!
  • One who praises
    Welcome. I also recommend Laila’s Recipe for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I suffered so much, every six months the symptoms got worse and worse. I noticed an improvement from the first days, I no longer have pain in my colon, stomach or after eating.
  • Everlasting
    This is a mistake! This is what the doctors were saying in the last century. Now it’s a sin to say so, plus Laila’s Recipe proves it. I had a stomach ache for two years (like an asshole), then I went to the doctor and I was on antibiotics for two weeks. It looks worse. The pain did not stop day and night. Then I decided to see another doctor. Thank God it helped. I haven’t even thought about it in the years since.

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