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Keto Bullet (SK) – 15 kg slimming drink in 30 days. Great!


Keto Bullet – Better than coffee, healthier than meals.

  • Minimum carbohydrate intake: 0.5 g per serving.
  • Burn up to 15 kg in another 30 days.
  • There are no contraindications or side effects. 100% organic.
  • Reduce cravings. Accelerate weight loss.
  • Recharge. Eliminate waste and toxins.
  • Drinking a serving of Product at breakfast means you lose 0.5 kg per day.

Price: 39 EUR

1. The good part of Keto Bullet

  • Instant Coffee: This is a great taste and aroma drink that boosts energy throughout the day
  • Chromium picolinate: It accelerates metabolism, contributes to weight loss, reduces body fat, eliminates cravings for sweets
  • MCT Oil: Helps enter ketosis faster, boosts energy, improves memory and attention, increases efficiency
  • Copra extract: Filling the deficiency of useful vitamins and trace elements
  • Chicory: Inhibits hunger, reduces appetite, purifies the body of toxins, normalizes blood sugar

2. Expert Opinion

    * Claudio emanuelli – Nutritionist:

  • “Keto Bullet is more than just coffee!”
  • Firstly, the Keto Bullet is delicious and extremely nutritious, thanks to the MCT oil and copra in its ingredients. Indeed, it is a ready-made breakfast, without having to get up an hour earlier.
  • Second, the Keto Bullet helps control hunger and reduce the risk of breaking a carb-free diet.
  • Third, the good fat in the Keto Bullet helps to burn and eliminate fat locally, so that you become thinner every day to achieve your goal. If you combine the keto diet with sports, you will promote the growth of muscle mass!
  • The ketogenic diet has been and will be one of the most popular and effective weight loss methods. The product is completely new on the diet market, manufactured according to all requirements and standards. Leading nutritionists from different countries participated in its development. The formula is well-balanced and calculated with natural ingredients that contain a minimum of carbohydrates and meet the standards of the ketogenic diet.
  • Keto Bullet is a strong aromatic coffee. Its organic ingredients have no side effects and are completely safe to consume. Drinking the Product regularly, speeds up metabolism, restores metabolism to normal, activates fat burning and prevents future weight gain. I recommend this drink to everyone who cares about their health and wants to stay in shape for many years.

    * Irene Saez – Nutritionist

  • The keto diet has been and continues to be one of the most popular and effective weight loss methods. Keto Bullet is a completely new product on the dietary food market that is manufactured to every requirement and standard. Leading nutritionists from all over the world participated in its development. Precisely calculated and balanced formula with natural ingredients containing a minimal amount of carbohydrates is completely in line with the standards of the keto diet.
  • Keto Bullet is an aromatic coffee drink with a strong and rich flavor. Its organic ingredients do not cause side effects and are completely safe for the body. Taken regularly, Keto Bullet speeds up metabolism, normalizes metabolism, activates fat burning and prevents weight gain. I recommend this drink to anyone who cares about their health and wants to maintain a slim figure for many years.

3. FAQ Keto Bullet:

  • Is coffee with oil really good? * Yes. The taste of Product is reminiscent of a coffee dessert. But after drinking coffee pudding, the feeling of hunger returns almost immediately, Keto Bullet instead prolongs the feeling of fullness until dinner.
  • Can I use Product if I don’t want to follow the classic keto diet, but only lose a few pounds? * Yes. Product will accelerate the effect and help you lose weight faster, improve your health, recharge your battery and become more supple.
  • How many packs are in a Product box? * One pack contains 14 packs.
  • If I take Product, can I ease off the ketogenic diet? * Yes. Because MCT oil converts fatty acids into ketones, with Product you can eat “forbidden” sweets more often, as well as starchy and semi-finished products. The main thing is to make the right pieces!
  • How to take Product? * Dissolve the ingredients of one sachet in 250 ml of hot water and drink at breakfast. Drink Product every day for the duration of the diet. Remember that the maximum duration of the keto diet is 8 months.

4. Comment:

  • Luisa campillo: Weight control becomes more difficult with age. I’ve had no luck following dietary restrictions. I can’t resist sweets all the time. So I decided to try the Keto Bullet. Very comfortable drinking at work and at home. It always takes away my appetite. I can already see results, my weight is decreasing. 9 kg in a month and a half.
  • Marta Belda: Hi, I received my package today and I can confirm that it kills hunger instantly. Yesterday and today I don’t want to eat more than lunch and dinner. I slept better at night, which is important to me because other supplements have been keeping me awake.
  • Almudena Roca: I am too lazy to exercise and too fond of sweets so I go on a diet. I honestly thought it would take forever to get rid of my fat belly. I even had to start buying clothes a size or two bigger… but I tried to keep it a secret. The keto bullet helped me fight fat. Minus 14 kg! And all in just 2 months! I couldn’t recommend it more. Check it out!
  • Asuncion Ordoñez: I used to get fat easily. Just a few jelly beans or a danish muffin and I’m full the next day. So I would starve myself for a week to get in shape. That’s what happened before, now I barely notice what I eat. I take the Product and I weigh 56 kg continuously without worrying about anything.
  • Cayetana Paz: I sided with him and read the composition. Seeing that the ingredients were all natural convinced me to give it a try. Otherwise, all the unnatural weight loss supplements on the market can be dangerous. Once I tried a pill to relieve my stomach ache. I hope you take the Keto Bullet it will have no side effects.
  • Lorenz Ayuso: Product really works. I discovered it half a year ago. Now I have no problem with my weight. Before, I weighed a lot, 79 kg. I followed everyone’s advice and I have no regrets. Those who are tired of being overweight or just want to lose a few pounds should give it a try because there is nothing better. It makes me feel healthy, it doesn’t affect my hormones, stomach or intestines unlike other supplements. I cannot complain.

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