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iRoamly Travel eSIM (HK) Internet Service Provider

iRoamly Travel eSIM avoids high roaming fees

  • iRoamly offers more than 40 flexible eSIM plans for travelers.
  • High-speed and stable Internet connection in more than 100 countries.
  • Cooperate with more than 50 leading telecommunications operators.
  • Professional, enthusiastic and experienced staff.
  • Bringing the most seamless and perfect Internet connection experience to visitors.

1. Introduction to iRoamly

  • Welcome to iRoamly, your go-to solution for seamless Internet connectivity while traveling.
  • At iRoamly, we understand the importance of staying connected, no matter where your adventures take you.
  • That’s why we partner with over 50 telecom operators worldwide to ensure you enjoy comprehensive signal coverage in over 100 countries.
  • With iRoamly, you can travel freely and stay connected easily, making your trips more enjoyable and worry-free.

2. iRoamly mission and team

  • Our mission at iRoamly is to keep you seamlessly connected throughout your trip. We offer a variety of travel eSIM plans to suit every traveler’s needs and partner with leading telecommunications operators worldwide for stable, high-speed Internet. With iRoamly, you stay connected easily.
  • Say hello to the iRoamly team! We’re growing in bustling hubs like Hong Kong and the US, with team members spread across the world. Together, we’re on a mission to bring a little more magic to your iRoamly products and services.

3. Frequently asked questions

  • Is it necessary to install an eSIM before traveling?
    It’s best to install your eSIM 1-2 days before your trip to ensure a smooth setup, as installation requires a reliable Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • What differentiates eSIM data from traditional mobile plans?
    Traditional mobile plans typically include calls, texts and possibly data, using a physical SIM card linked to a unique phone number. In contrast, eSIM data plans only provide data without a phone number. iRoamly data plans enhance eSIM compatible devices, supporting a variety of online activities such as emailing, social networking, Wi-Fi and video calling, web browsing, navigation, iMessaging, gaming online games and streaming. Although the eSIM is data-only without a phone number, you can still make calls and send messages using internet-based services.
  • How does eSIM work?
    eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows devices to connect to mobile networks, eliminating the need to use a physical SIM card. Without a SIM, devices depend only on Wi-Fi. Activating an eSIM plan will connect your device to your local network, providing Internet access without Wi-Fi and avoiding expensive roaming fees. The convenience of eSIM lies in its virtual management capabilities; you can buy, install and activate them, as well as manage data plans and add-ons, all digitally through your device.
  • Does my phone support eSIM?
    Most phones released in the past 3 years support eSIM function. For specific device compatibility, refer to our eSIM compatible devices list.
  • Can I use eSIM on multiple devices or reuse it after removal?
    No, your eSIM is designed for use on a single device and cannot be reused once removed. It cannot be scanned and activated on multiple devices.
  • Can I share data with other devices?
    Yes, many iRoamly plans allow hotspot sharing without limits. However, this capability depends on the model of your device. Certain devices may not support eSIM hotspot sharing. We recommend that you verify compatibility with your phone manufacturer for accurate information.

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