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Intimotea (BA) – Tea is good for reproductive health


Intimotea – The art of becoming a woman.

  • Increases fertility and stimulates ovulation.
  • Reduces menstrual pain and normalizes the menstrual cycle.
  • Normalizes microflora and fights vaginal infections.
  • Eliminate vaginitis.

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1. Intimotea works for women’s body support

  • Regular use maintains the normal, complete work of the reproductive system, prevents the development of disease and pathology.
  • Best for women’s health.
  • It removes inflammation and disinfects.
  • It removes discomfort and pain.
  • It stimulates lubricant production and improves the quality of sexual life.

2. Why do women get sick?

  • Going to the gynecologist – like a closed circle. Women have been taking pills for years and destroying their health with hormonal preparations, and the result is the same: wasted money, poor health and … new diseases – including infertility, tumors and endocrine disorders.
  • 65% of women complain of gynecological problems – from “harmless” PMS to severe inflammation of the uterus, ovaries and endometrium
  • Evidence-based medicine of the 21st century is against the excessive medical treatment of “female” diseases.
  • 90% of gynecological diseases are successfully treated with herbal remedies. Unlike pills, injections and painful procedures, their benefits have not only been proven by science, but have also been tested over the years.
  • Reason for illness:
    – Smoking, excessive alcohol consumption
    – Too early or late birth of children, often birth
    – frequent change of partner, absence of sexual life
    – Hypothermia, complications after infection
    – Sedentary lifestyle
    – Stress and overwork
  • Intimotea – The solution to delicate problems
    – Normalizes the menstrual cycle.
    – Stabilizes hormone levels
    – Fights infertility, stimulates ovulation
    – Restores vaginal microflora
    – Improves ovarian function, increases the amount of ova
    – Removes cramps and inflammation
    – Relieves the condition during menopause and PMS
    – Reduces the size of growths (cysts, polyps, etc.)
    – Slows down the aging process in menopause

3. Intimotea Tea Formula:

  • St. John’s wort: fights inflammation, has antimicrobial action, restores the microflora of the sexual canals
  • Rabbit: regenerates endometrial cells, removes dirt, stimulates the blood supply to the pelvic organs
  • Marigold: relieves pain in the abdomen, removes discomfort caused by hormonal changes
  • Pljuskavica: reduces the size of growths, prevents the appearance and growth of benign and malignant tumors
  • Despair: slightly normalizes the balance of estrogen and progesterone, stabilizes the menstrual cycle, restores ovulation function, improves fertility
  • Sage: calms the body, restores its energy reserves, normalizes sleep, relieves reactions to everyday stresses

4. Intimotea Experts

      Wolf Blank, Phytotherapist based medicine

  • Product is one of the best phytopreparations of the 21st century for the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases. The plants in its composition are selected on the principle of synergy – that is, in such a proportion that each plant complements and strengthens the action of others.
  • That is why the results after Intimote tea are noticeable almost immediately. With “hormonal” mood swings during PMS, herbal tea is eliminated in 4-5 days. And the menstrual cycle and fertility are completely restored in 3-4 weeks.

5. Eliminate menstrual pain without vaginal dryness during sex

  • Hello, girls! Today I am writing about what, I am sure, is happening to each of us.
  • As far as I can remember, my periods have always been painful. Cramps, colic, bloating, headaches, bad mood – they were all my faithful companions. I was annoyed by absolutely everything, from how my mom cooks soup, to how my boyfriend breathes loudly. My PMS was nuclear type. What, an atomic bomb?
  • And I generally lived in a constant state of stress, nervousness, worry. Either way, I couldn’t relax at all. Libido and desire were almost non-existent. Dryness, stinging, not pleasure – that’s what I felt during sex, which was mostly initiated by a boyfriend.
  • Like any other man, this bothered him, he wanted my initiative, foreplay. And I only wanted one thing – to be left alone. And I slept badly. I woke up 4-5 times at night, then I couldn’t sleep for a long time, by lunch I was already out of energy and still had a headache. Now I realize I’ve had PMS my whole life and it’s really awful.
  • I went to the doctor when I had ovarian pain. When he analyzed my physical and mental condition, he recommended Intimotea. I didn’t even listen to the doctor until the end, and I already thought it was something hormonal. Since I knew the consequences of these preparations, I already wanted to refuse, but the doctor calmed me down. It seems that Intimotea is definitely a herbal remedy.
  • As he explained, Intimotea is recommended to absolutely all women:
    – Removes inflammatory processes
    – Suppresses infections
    – Improves microflora
    – It has an analgesic effect and relieves pain
    – Normalizes hormone levels
    – Restores ovulation
    – Eliminates polycystic ovary syndrome
    – Prevents the formation of cysts
    – Calms the central nervous system and prolongs the phase of deep sleep.
  • I drank Intimotea as stated in the instructions, three times a day and within a week I felt the effect on myself.
    The first was the mood. It was surprisingly good. I felt great, I woke up happy, and I had energy all day. It couldn’t help but make me happy. The other was that the bloating stopped bothering me. Previously, my stomach would inflate like a balloon no matter what I ate: it didn’t matter if it was a burger or healthy food. I forgot about the headache and stomach ache during my period.
  • The desire for sex also came from somewhere. That made my boyfriend happy in the first place. The secretion that appeared after each use of the intimate cream disappeared.
  • Intimotea really works. I have no nervous breakdowns, hysteria, insomnia. I feel the excitement, and with it came natural lubrication and the discomfort disappeared.
  • Girls, the pleasure of sex can be felt by each of us, believe me. With Intimotea it’s easy. Plus, health or just a good mood is never superfluous.

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