Impuls (SG) – Avoid muscle injury and micro-dilation


Impuls – Painless and Stretching Workout!

  • Prevent injuries that can occur during exercise.
  • Interfere with pain being experienced in the muscles.
  • Prepare your skeletal and muscular systems for exercise.

Price: 49 SGD

1. Impuls have been carefully tested:

  • No side effects
  • Tested under clinical conditions
  • Does not cause allergies
  • Accelerate tissue regeneration

2. The components:

  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract
  • Withania Somnifera Extract
  • Embelica Officinale Extract
  • Korean Ginseng Extract
  • Nigella County
  • Date palm

3. Opinion of a professional trainer

  • Ryan, 38-year-old Fitness Trainer: Many people believe that before working out, all you have to do is warm up your muscles with a workout. But then they were still injured and dragged. To avoid this, I recommend using Impuls. This product is trusted by novices as well as professional athletes. Product helps them eliminate swelling, prevent microinjury to the tendon and also avoid possible inflammation.
  • Valerie, 25-year-old Fitness Trainer: Muscle pain, cramps, and injuries are things that haunt both beginners and athletes, not to mention experienced athletes. Meanwhile, not always properly booting can prevent these. Your muscles need to be warmed up using special supplements. Of the many preparations that currently exist, I definitely recommend Impuls. It helps to avoid muscle injuries, muscle pulls and post-workout pain.

4. What is this thing, what does it do and what does it offer?

  • Among the active ingredients of the supplement are: Tribulus Terrestris extract which increases levels of male hormone (testosterone); Withania Somnifera Extract helps strengthen the vessel walls and maintain their integrity; Embelica Officinale Extract and Korean Ginseng Extract help reduce inflammation and warm the body.
  • Use Impuls before a workout.
  • Impuls are recommended to be used before any physical exertion. After all, our muscles don’t just work during a workout at the gym. Many of us jog or cycle, wearing roller skates and skateboards. Some of my students tell me that they go to Impuls parties before the parties to prepare for the dance. 🙂
  • Meanwhile, a girl in plastic admits that without Impuls, she would never have gotten to the numbers she’s reporting right now, as she would certainly have been pulled or torn a rope. his ligaments. And now let’s see what she can do!
  • In general, what is it? At the end of the day, if you want to avoid injury and post-workout pain, take 2 Impuls capsules just an hour before you work out and start working out.
  • Now to the main problem – where to get Impuls. Unfortunately, you can’t find it in pharmacies or specialty stores. But you can order on the official website to make sure that you are buying a certified product, not a fake.

5. This person liked it very much

  • Javier, 29 years old: After working out, I always feel muscle pain. Muscle injuries and muscle pulls have always been with me. I think I just need to warm up, but my personal trainer says using Product is really what I should be doing. Great activity supplement and prepared my body for a workout!
  • Sophie, 25 YEARS old: The product warms up my muscles amazingly! Now I don’t even have to exercise if I take these capsules. My body is not used to it and I have no side effects. And this is despite my allergies. Congestion doesn’t even cause itching or redness. I recommend it to everyone!
  • Kalpesh: I have been working with this coach for the second year now and I can say that I have complete confidence in his opinion. I’ve used Impuls a few times already and it’s a great thing. Even the warm-up isn’t as intense, etc. My muscles are already warmed up.
  • Shandar: I wonder what the objections are to this Impuls . I have had allergies since I was a kid. : (((And my muscles need to warm up anyway. You have to warm up for almost an hour.)
  • Nilesh: As for the actual strength training part, I got into it relatively recently, just 2-3 months ago. Naturally, despite my regular preparation, I immediately bent my knees and then my wrists. My coach said it was inevitable. But how do I get enough exercise after I have an injury?? There’s no way! Maybe Impuls will help me. And that workout schedule is broken!
  • Kanchan: My friends bought me Impuls from abroad a year ago. When its sales ended, I was about to cry. It’s great that I can order online now. Believe me, this is a lifesaver for athletes of any level.
  • Lokesh: I used different ointments to warm up the muscles. I like some more than others, but I cannot say that any of them are perfect. It is different from this supplement. I will have to order Impuls and try it. Looks like the prices on the website are decent. Not to mention there’s a discount on it now.

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