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Iavomasaga Gel (EG) – Pain relief in joints in 11 minutes!


Iavomasaga Gel – Goodbye pharmacy and your pain!

  • Unlike similar products, Iavomasaga Gel not only eliminates fatigue, but also eliminates the cause of pain, preventing future recurrences.
  • Iavomasaga Gel was developed based on research by leading chiropractors at the London Medical Academy. The product has passed all the necessary testing stages, confirmed by patents and certificates of international quality inspection associations.
  • In 2019, Iavomasaga Gel was recognized as the only effective topical product in the treatment of various types of joint diseases.
  • Iavomasaga Gelp lays an important role in relieving the symptoms of joint disease, revitalizing joints in just one cycle of use.

Price: 649 EGP

1. Ingredients of Iavomasaga Gel

  • Eucalyptus oil
    It has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects
  • Ginkgo
    It accelerates the regeneration of cells in cartilage tissue, preventing its deterioration
  • Menthol
    Acts as a booster – helping ingredients penetrate the skin at a faster rate
  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin
    Increases tissue elasticity and strengthens connective tissue structures: cartilage, tendons and ligaments
  • MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
    It restores blood circulation in the vessels to normal, as well as corrects the water-salt balance, reducing swelling.

2. Expert opinion on Iavomasaga Gel

  • Taking pain relievers while experiencing joint pain is a big mistake. The pill creates the illusion of a cure simply by temporarily blocking the pain. And the process of destruction of the joints continues, allowing the pain to return.
  • “I recommend Iavomasaga Gel to my patients for prevention and general treatment. Although it is important to start the treatment of joint diseases promptly, Iavomasaga Gel works even in the advanced stages.
  • Iavomasaga Gel penetrates directly into the joint capsule, ending inflammation and rebuilding damaged cartilage tissue from the inside. Positive effects can be seen from the first days of using the product: swelling, pain when exercising is reduced. At the end of the cycle, the degenerative joint returns to health and normal movement. And all this without injections, surgery or other dubious methods. “
  • A cycle of generation stops the destruction of cartilage tissue and promotes the natural accumulation of tissues in places of wear. Thus, it restores the integrity of the joint and prevents recurrence. Previously, this was only possible with surgical methods.
  • In the production of Iavomasaga Gel, no synthetic ingredients are used, which have a negative effect and cause allergic reactions.

3. Gives you 100% healthy joints and spine in 28 days

  • Will this new treatment counteract the effects of pain relievers? Experts in clinical neurophysiology at the Department of Physiotherapy of Cairo University School of Medicine have no doubt about this. The natural molecular formula developed by an Egyptian doctor has led to great success in the fight for healthy joints and spinal cord.
  • More than 14,000 patients have benefited from this treatment, with pain relief, their joints and spinal cord completely healed within 28 days. As a result, they stop taking painkillers, no longer spend a lot of money on ineffective treatments and do not have to wait in long lines at orthopedic departments. In just 28 days, this treatment has helped patients who are confined to wheelchairs. Now they too can live a normal life.
  • But how could that happen?
    Professor Sami Ibrahim (an expert in molecular biology) wanted to treat his mother’s arthritis. He wants to help his mother relieve her constant pain, stiff and cracked joints, so that she can walk like the old days. Start a revolution in the field of rheumatology! After conducting advanced clinical trials for a year, the professor was able to develop a molecular formula that is natural, safe and easy to use. Instantly relieves joint and back pain, makes them mobile, and eliminates stiffness, inflammation, swelling and abrasion.
  • He describes the treatment in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals as “a revolution in the field of rheumatology.” For this success, the professor was also nominated for a Nobel Prize. Due to the effectiveness of this formula, people who have suffered severe bone and spine damage for many years also have a chance to recover. Thanks to that, many people have been able to regain their health and stop taking painkillers that are destroying the liver.
  • All other methods developed so far for the treatment of the spine and joints are a waste of time and money! Why such an idea?
  • This is confirmed by more than 14,000 satisfied customers who have used this molecular formula. These are people who have tried it for themselves and feel the pain is completely reduced and their health is 100% back. That’s why we decided to do an in-depth analysis of well-known spinal and joint treatments. We wanted to investigate their flaws and the everyday problems faced by people who have to take painkillers and other products that are said to “strengthen the joints and spinal cord”. Here is our conclusion:
  • Exercise only aggravates the problem
    There are many exercises that are said to “strengthen the joints and bones of the spine” and are recommended to be done for a few minutes each day. But these exercises often cause a lot of pain and no one has the energy and time to do them on a daily basis. The worst part is that any small mistake in the exercises can increase the damage to the joints or spine to the point that it can lead to disability.
  • Painkillers are short-lived and poison your body.
    Painkillers do not work for more than 3 hours. You may have to take multiple doses in a day for long-term pain relief. These so-called joint and spine-strengthening drugs contain synthetic chemicals that they try to produce as much as possible at minimal cost. It is completely unnatural to consume such chemicals. Since all these materials are synthetic, the human body cannot absorb them properly and they cannot heal cartilage. In addition, it causes many side effects, such as liver ulcers, hearing loss or kidney failure. A person takes drugs in the hope that they will relieve pain but instead, problems arise 100 times over. It’s stupid to keep taking them, and they’ll never work for you.
  • This is nothing more disgusting than a waste of hard earned money and time!
    There is nothing more stupid than wasting your hard earned money like this. These chemicals are short-lived and have very little effect. They make your body toxic and you start to damage it from the inside. Not only that, training alone or with a physical therapist will take a lot of time and recovery is not guaranteed even after that. And worst of all, it risks making the disease worse.
  • This is why Professor Ibrahim’s macromolecule therapy is a breakthrough in the battle for joint and spine healing.
    The drug works for a very short time and has little effect. They also damage the digestive system and fill the body with toxins. Ointments and gels only fill the pockets of pharmaceutical companies. This is very harmful to your health, your hard earned money is lost.
  • But Professor Ibrahim’s treatment is based on 100% effective natural ingredients from plants and has no side effects. The pain subsides immediately and cartilage begins to regenerate each day, and the person begins to walk with no signs of stiffness, numbness, and pain. This new formula is a combination of recent discoveries in molecular biology, neuroscience and rheumatology.
  • Iavomasaga Gel is made with 100% natural and safe ingredients. Because it is chemically synthesized in a very convenient way, it has three hundred percent stronger recovery properties. Taking these on a daily basis is also better for people who are suffering from serious joint diseases, infections, accidental injuries, and more.
  • Now everyone can get 100% of their joints healthy and strong.
    The product we are talking about here is called Iavomasaga Gel. Produced as an instant absorbing active gel, this molecular formula provides immediate relief from pain, inflammation and stiffness, while relaxing joints and spine. In contrast to chemical drugs, molecular products are completely safe, which has been confirmed by analysis at the European Research Center.
  • This analysis also proves that this product is effective in 98% of cases. As a result, people between the ages of 21 and 93 benefited greatly in just 28 days: reduced pain, inflammation and stiffness, as well as inflammation caused by joint damage, joint and spine injuries. These results were found to be a problem.
  • Validity certified
    Once these people applied Professor Ibrahim’s molecular formula, the acute pain in the joints and spine was relieved. Thanks to that, they finally started walking and were able to go about their daily tasks.
    A few days after starting treatment, the cartilage’s synovial fluid begins to increase rapidly, ending problems such as stiffness, numbness, and fractures. After that, 87% of the participants had healthy joints, ankles and muscles, and no swelling and inflammation. The joints and spine heal on their own 24 hours a day.
    This resulted in the joints and spinal arthritis completely disappearing and the participants no longer feeling any pain. They felt three times more energy than usual. But that’s not all. After 28 days of treatment, the trial participants admitted that their ability to walk was back to the way it was in their youth. Today they can walk, run, jump and not be afraid of broken bones like when they were 20-25 years old.

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