Hip Trainer (ES) – Time to get a toned butt


Hip Trainer – Would your butt be comparable to some famous models?

  • Hip Trainer maintains muscles.
  • Eliminates sagging skin, puffiness and cellulite.
  • Adjust your buttock volume according to your body type.
  • Much cheaper than going to the gym.

Price: 59 EUR

1. Hip Trainer is the professional solution in the spirit of the 21st century for those who want:

  • Wear loose fitting, even revealing underwear and swimsuits;
  • To call the attention of the opposite sex;
  • To minimize the consequences of our sedentary lifestyle;
  • Don’t waste time and money with regularly going to the gym, but on the contrary, spending time with friends or doing other more important things;
  • Always have your coach by your side at the office and during holidays;
  • To stay in shape during the forced shutdown of normal training processes;
  • Keep in a comfortable zone; don’t do any painful exercises.

2. If not, you probably know this:

  • Gluteus muscles are firm and no longer enlarged after weight loss.
  • Strenuous exercise brings nothing but money to lose.
  • Wear underwear and leggings that are late, hot, uncomfortable, and limit exercise.
  • Offensive comments about her “puffing out” trying to find more seductive (in vain) ways.

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