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Hermuno (ID) – A treatment that kills parasites!


Hermuno – Removes stomach worms from your body within 30 days

  • Hermuno kills parasites in just one step thanks to tannins.
  • Hermuno helps improve your health and protects your liver, heart, lungs, stomach and skin from parasites.
  • Hermuno helps to eliminate symptoms of intestinal biodegradation and immobilizes parasitic eggs using its active ingredients.

Price: 549.000 Rp

1. How does Hermuno work on an infected body?

  • Molecule A: Herbs from herbaceous plants. Kills parasites at all stages of their development. Remove it from the body.
  • Molecule G: Herbs from centaurium. This ingredient heals the wound, is anti-inflammatory and stops bleeding. This material helps to repair damaged tissues and organs.
  • Molecule F: Carnation. Restore the microflora in the intestine. This material creates a state that protects the body from the repetitive growth of the parasite.
  • Synthesis of 20 active ingredients: restoration and protection of internal organs.

2. Why is Hermuno better than with special chemical treatment?

  • A certified treatment by helminthologists for killing parasites at home.
  • It tastes good and will be loved by children.
  • This product contains only medicinal plants found in a pure environment.
  • This product has no side effects (unlike chemical pills that cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting and more severe liver biochemical conditions).
  • This product is completely natural and is a safe antidote so it can be taken without a prescription.

3. Pharmacist revealed: 8 out of 10 deadly diseases are caused by parasites

  • Silent killer: toxins secreted by parasites that weaken the body’s immune system, 75% cause cancer, 43% fungal infections, 65% stroke and heart attack. 05.01.2022
  • Hi, my name is Rosa. I used to be an employee of the Drug Development Laboratory. I am writing on this blog because I am banned from all forums and medical community. The reason is because I stumbled upon a surprising secret from the company I work for. They wanted to pay me not to tell the secret, but I refused. Everyone should know this!
  • In 2015, an article was published that terrified doctors. Researchers and doctors from Germany, USA, Austria and Romania completed a 17-year study involving 12,400 volunteers. They demonstrated that the parasite causes serious illness leading to death in 78% of cases. The results show that people must detox their bodies to prevent deadly diseases and prolong life up to 15 years. The toxins secreted by these parasites can create an environment that promotes the appearance of dangerous tumors and the development of fatal diseases.

4. 97% of patients successfully remove parasites in 2 weeks

  • I decided to do my own research. And I thank everyone who responded to me on social media, agreed to participate, and helped me appear on TV and in the press.
  • The results of a preliminary study conducted on 280 volunteers were surprising: 243 were infected with the parasite and experienced the following symptoms: headache, bad breath, acne and chronic thrush .
  • I carefully read the medical reference books and ended up buying a capsule called Hermuno. This product is the only natural product that is cheap and easy. This product contains yarrow, a class F molecule, and a combination of 20 natural ingredients. You can find a detailed description on the official website of the manufacturer. Please note that you cannot buy this product in pharmacies. Big companies are not interested in selling really effective products for cheap.

5. Testimonials

  • Mariana, 27 years old: “I was surprised to learn that the fungal infection I had been suffering from for so long was actually ringworm. I have known Dr. Rosa for a long time, so I agreed to participate in her research. . All my previous attempts were to Detoxify the parasites failed. All the drugs were useless. Pathological tests showed that I could get rid of the parasites completely within 1 week. My pathology test results are getting better and better every week What is more surprising is that this drug is very cheap.It is sold only on the official website of the manufacturer and ships within 3- 5 days. Thank you!”
  • Anita, 39 years old: “Hello everyone! When I learned that bad breath is a symptom of a schistosomiasis infection in the liver and spreading throughout the body, I broke down. I myself am a medical practitioner. I read this information and know these terrible statistics because I have experienced it myself.It took me a long time to treat my teeth and stomach but things still don’t get better. , kiss me now 🙂 Everyone who loves themselves should watch out for Hermuno (Yarrow).”
  • Melani, 41 years old: “Hi! My story is almost the same as everyone else’s, but all have a happy ending. I spent the best time of my life because of my career, so I got married late. . I had some complications during pregnancy. I gave birth prematurely and had many health problems including severe poisoning. My baby is fine but my condition is quite severe. It took me a long time. to recover. Taking too much medication won’t help. My friend joined the Doctor program Rosa’s research, and she advised me to go through a full detox to get rid of all the parasites. I bought Hermuno on the official website of the manufacturer and after 9 days all the discomfort disappeared – persistent abdominal pain and poor liver function A week later, I am completely recovered. Now, I I take this medicine twice a year as a precaution. Most importantly, my body is not poisoned by the drug.”

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