Hermuno (ID) – A treatment that kills parasites!


Hermuno – Removes stomach worms from your body within 30 days

  • This product kills parasites in just one step thanks to tannins.
  • This product helps improve your health and protects your liver, heart, lungs, stomach and skin from parasites.
  • This product helps to eliminate symptoms of intestinal biodegradation and immobilizes parasitic eggs using its active ingredients.

Price: 550.000 Rp

1. How does Hermuno work on an infected body?

  • Molecule A: Herbs from herbaceous plants. Kills parasites at all stages of their development. Remove it from the body.
  • Molecule G: Herbs from centaurium. This ingredient heals the wound, is anti-inflammatory and stops bleeding. This material helps to repair damaged tissues and organs.
  • Molecule F: Carnation. Restore the microflora in the intestine. This material creates a state that protects the body from the repetitive growth of the parasite.
  • Synthesis of 20 active ingredients: restoration and protection of internal organs.

2. Why is Hermuno better than with special chemical treatment?

  • A certified treatment by helminthologists for killing parasites at home.
  • It tastes good and will be loved by children.
  • This product contains only medicinal plants found in a pure environment.
  • This product has no side effects (unlike chemical pills that cause dizziness, nausea, vomiting and more severe liver biochemical conditions).
  • This product is completely natural and is a safe antidote so it can be taken without a prescription.

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