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Hemonix (ID) – Remove hemorrhoids without surgery


Hemonix cures Hemorrhoids – The worst anorectal disease.

  • Sit very comfortably.
  • No bloody chapters.
  • Walking feels soothing.
  • Smooth chapters without pain.

Dangers Complications of Hemorrhoids Are Real!

  • Cannot walk freely.
  • Activity is inhibited.
  • Threatening anal cancer.
  • Rectal bleeding.
  • Neck hemorrhoids.
  • Blood clot.

Price: 490000 IDR

1. What are the complications of hemorrhoidectomy surgery?

  • “Many people, because of pain, let their condition worsen to the last stage of the disease and eventually enter the operating room”
  • Bleeding in the rectal area
  • Infection Area Bleeding
  • Incision (hematoma).
  • Feces stuck in the drain.
  • Narrow sewer.
  • Hemorrhoids come back again.
  • Fistula (an abnormal connection that forms between the rectal canal or rectal canal and another organ.)
  • Rectal prolapse – occurs when the lining of the rectum slides out of the rectum

2. Know the stages of hemorrhoids early

  • Stage 1: Begins to widen the veins in the anus. The size is still small so it usually doesn’t cause any symptoms. It can only be detected during endoscopic examination. But sometimes it has started to cause bowel discomfort (BAB).
  • Stage 2: The varicose veins have begun to be palpable, may protrude out of the anus and re-enter spontaneously, but there is no bleeding. Sometimes there is an infection that causes burning pain and itching in the anus. The possibility of increased burning sensation when sitting for too long and having a bowel movement.
  • Stage 3: Enlarged veins often go out of the anus more often, and may not even heal on their own. So to enter it needs the help of a finger. May cause burning sensation when sitting for too long or having a bowel movement. When a spasm occurs, the dilated vein can rupture and cause bleeding.
  • Stage 4: The enlarged veins cannot be reattached, even with the help of a finger. Bleeding occurs more often because the veins grow larger, which can cause anemia or low hemoglobin (HB).

3. Solution for internal and external hemorrhoids without surgery

  • Free Hemorrhoids – Herbal formula for hemorrhoids can stimulate the smooth circulation of blocked blood and prevent hemorrhoids and prolapsed hemorrhoids
  • Overcoming hemorrhoids, reducing symptoms of hemorrhoids such as anal pain, rectal pain, bloody stools, prolapse, anal infection…
  • Helps strengthen blood vessels (angioplasty) to prevent bleeding
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory to help heal the anal area damaged by hemorrhoids
  • Improves digestive function strengthens the immune system
  • Helps relieve pain from hemorrhoids
  • Helps shrink hemorrhoids

4. Hemonix consists of a number of natural ingredients

  • Graphtophyllum figtum folium (Purple Leaf) Extract: The combination of active ingredients in it is said to help overcome inflammation and soften stools. The leaves are also said to be able to overcome constipation, clear the menstrual cycle, and relieve pain in arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis).
  • Kaempferia galanga rhizoma extract: Contains essential oils that may help relieve pain.
  • Centella asiatica herb extract (Gotu kola leaf): Known to have antibacterial properties, gotu kola leaf is considered effective for treating digestive problems, such as diarrhea.
  • Cassia angustifolia folium extract: The sennosides content contained in senna leaves have a laxative effect, shrinking the intestinal wall so that the digestion process goes smoothly, reducing the symptoms of hemorrhoids.
  • Curcuma xanthorrhiza rhizoma extract: This herb may also benefit people with inflammatory conditions such as ulcerative colitis.

5. Karno Putranto – Hemorrhoid Specialist

       (Author of 17 international scientific studies)

  • Ever since I found out about HEMONIX, I have never advised a patient to have hemorrhoidectomy again. In my opinion, this method has many potential risks and affects the patient’s health in the long run.
  • HEMONIX with extracts from 5 precious natural herbs will effectively support the treatment of hemorrhoid symptoms. Eliminate the cause of hemorrhoids and prevent recurrence in the long term.

6. Comment

  • Santi Polina: Very useful product, I just started using it!! Incidentally, as soon as I saw this, I ordered Hemonix to ask for your advice even though I just started using it. Definitely a smoother bowel movement!
  • Tika Afirna: I have had hemorrhoids for several years. When you defecate, that part will prolapse. I wash it with warm water and put it back with my hands. I’m tired of dealing with this. Maybe I will also order Hemonix because it has been proven to help you, maybe it can help me too.
  • Lastri Viantin: As you know, I have suffered from this for a number of years. When I gave birth, it was like something was coming out. I was terrified at that time. So I also ordered this drug because my mother suggested it. Really helpful.
  • Yunia Moon: A sensitive discussion for most people even though they don’t usually talk, as if the problem didn’t exist. After all, none of my friends wanted to share their experiences of struggle and suffering. Our relative was ill for a long time until he was diagnosed with stage 1 cancer, he had surgery, removed his intestines and part of his stomach organs….. and the surgery turned out to be the opposite, it was horrible.
  • Fitriani Rohma: I recently realized that I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for 5 years or more, but I don’t think it’s a problem. In the end, I couldn’t sit up because the pain was so bad… I went to three doctors, they were prescribed many different medications, none of which worked. Thank you to Ms. Arini for not being shy and willing to share her experience!
  • Farah Tresnawati: I got this too when I was 39. At first I thought it was just a small wound because it really hurt when I had a bowel movement + bleeding when I took a tissue to wipe it. But after seeing his blood run down the chair, I was horrified. I went to see a proctologist – to no avail. Just like you are waiting for surgery. I finally had surgery two years ago, then relapsed. I don’t want to go to the doctor anymore.

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