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Gyronix (CR) – Helps reduce prostatitis fast!


Gyronix eliminates prostate infections in 17 minutes of use!

  • The results of this product in the treatment of chronic prostatitis are based on the normalization of blood flow to the prostate gland, the reduction of edema and inflammation.
  • From the first days of prostatitis treatment, Gyronix helps relieve symptoms. This product works directly and has no side effects.
  • This product has been shown not to negatively affect sexual and reproductive function, which is a major concern of any modern man.
  • Long-term use of this product does not produce negative or addictive effects.
  • This product treatment allows the patient to lead an active lifestyle.

Price: 22000 CRC

1. Ingredients of Gyronix

  • Dehydrated green aloe vera powder
    Restores blood microcirculation, eliminates blockages in tissues, has an anti-inflammatory effect, fights the development of cancer.
  • Asparagus officinalis
    normalizes hormonal balance, stimulates spermatogenesis, improves testosterone production, maintains the proper functioning of the genitourinary system.
  • Pomegranate powder
    strengthens the capillary walls of the genitourinary system, improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs, reduces the risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Vitamin E, acetate, vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), zinc sulfate
    they strengthen blood vessels, stimulate the natural regeneration of tissues, reduce inflammation, protect against infections of the genitourinary system, reduce the likelihood of recurrence.

2. Frequently asked questions

  • Who is Gyronix recommended for?
    This product is recommended for people with prostatitis. In addition, Gyronix alleviates the effects of chronic prostatitis and restores men’s health. Since this product is all natural, there is no age limit.
  • How is Gyronix taken?
    Take 1 capsule daily with water.
  • How does Gyronix work?
    The high effectiveness of This product phytocomplex is due to the special antibiotic-free formula that has a positive effect on the body. Plant components are in cluded in the composition of the capsules, which have an antibacterial effect. In addition, they eliminate the inflammatory process, which leads to the restoration of the general functions of the reproductive system.
  • How does This product affect sexual potency?
    The active ingredients of this product restore the production of the male hormone, testosterone, and activate blood circulation in the genital area. This product improves blood flow to the penis, making erections permanent and long-lasting. You decide when you want to ejaculate!

3. What do experts say?

  • Prostatitic is a very dangerous disease that requires immediate treatment. At first, symptoms may go unnoticed, but the disease is mild. Today, it is possible to successfully reverse the disease and it is easier than ever. Therefore, the main thing in treatment is not to skip the initial stage, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible:
  • Sexual dysfunction and prostate infertility cancerous tumors
    To avoid such complications, I recommend This product to all my patients. Based on my own medical practice, I have come to the conclusion that only this complex produces a significant improvement. The product starts working immediately and day after day restores the prostate to a healthy state.
  • The composition of This product allows its use for preventive purposes. Thanks to its components, it prevents stagnation and positively affects the blood supply to the prostate gland and its secretion. Therefore, prevention with This product significantly reduces the likelihood of prostate inflammation.
  • With Gyronix, you definitely can!

4. Symptoms of prostatitis, self-exam:

  • French urologists told about a terrible statistic: more than 55% of men over 40 years of age in one way or another suffer from prostate problems.
  • Detecting a person with prostatitis is not difficult at all and you do not need to be a doctor, the symptoms are simple and specific:
    + Frequent sharp pain in the lower part of the abdomen or in the testicles
    + Pain in the penis or groin area
    + Problems with urinating: Often there is a feeling of wanting to go to the toilet, a burning pain in the urethra when urinating.
    + Feeling that urination “hasn’t been done”. Problems urinating (very weak flow)
    + Problems related to sexual behavior: Very weak sex drive. The erection is poorly maintained and for a short time
    + Problems related to ejaculation: premature ejaculation, weak ejaculation
    + Constant physical and mental fatigue.
  • Although the bacterial situation is getting worse and worse, lately many men are living with prostatitis and don’t even imagine the consequences it can cause and how this can affect their lives. what their lives are like.

5. In 2016, a revolutionary product appeared on the market

  • It helps to quickly restore the function of the prostate gland, eliminate inflammation, support the treatment of prostatitic, even if it is chronic, and at the same time help to increase the strength and time of intercourse for men. This natural product is called Gyronix. This comfortable and simple product can be used anywhere and anytime and is absolutely usable by anyone. The project and the trials lasted two years and were conducted by doctors from the United States.
  • This year, the Association of Physicians and Surgeons successfully completed clinical trials of the new generation this product, created to help cure prostatitic in the most effective way.
  • The following statement was released by the Institute’s press service:
    1. Product was effective in 98% of cases. Percentages were measured using standard methods (number of men who recovered compared to the overall number of patients in the group of 100 treated men).
    2. In 96% of cases, after stopping treatment, there was a complete absence of symptoms of the disease (percentage obtained by observations made over six months).
    3. After a week of using the preparation, all patients noted a significant increase in libido and male potency.
    4. In 95% of cases, an increase in the duration of intercourse was observed.
    5. No side effects or allergic reactions have been detected.
    6. Gyronix has become a revolutionary product and should be recognized as one of the main tools in the fight against prostatitic.

6. Ramón Guzmán Cortés – Head of Urology House of a famous institute

  • He is famous in his field, as he is the best surgeon specializing in the operations of the organs of the genitourinary system, including those of minimally invasiveness.
  • Our country has long lacked effective and, above all, affordable prostatitic treatments, and the consequences of this are dire. The disease develops in 45% of men over the age of 35 and is even more severe in 25% of young people. Product is ​​a revolution in the treatment of prostatitic, a true panacea. The effectiveness of these capsules has been practically proven in both the US and Europe. Its unique composition and the discovery of living cells by scientists have made Gyronix an indispensable product in the fight against prostatitic.
  • The product has been tested, and the results are surprising. About 98% of all patients were cured, and the disease did not recur. And the symptoms were completely gone, as was the full recovery of the prostate gland. In the case of relapse, after additional use of Gyronix, the symptoms disappeared forever.
  • In addition, thanks to a complex of powerful natural ingredients Product enhances male potency and prolongs intercourse.
  • Product is ​​a very effective method as it corrects the problem at all stages. It has a special healing effect on the entire male urogenital system. In other words, after a cycle of treatment with this natural preparation, the male body begins to function like that of a 25-year-old young man. And that’s why I recommend it to all men. Even without prostatitic, a treatment cycle with this preparation is a good preventive and supportive measure for male strength.

7. Comment

  • Eugene Ramirez
    I ordered it about a month ago, and I immediately felt the effect after the first week. I thought I was going to have to have surgery, but now things are different. I’m 54 years old, and I feel like I’m 34 again, I didn’t expect it 🙂
  • Daniel Suárez
    I can confirm it! It is a great product! I bought it very recently, about six months ago max, and since then I haven’t had any problems. The prostatitic has been completely cured, although I have had treatment for a long time without success, and my erection has greatly improved. I recommend it to everyone, especially men over 40! And by the way, sex with my wife has improved a lot!
    Thank you Gyronix!
  • Miguel
    Guys, this disease should not be ignored, prostatitic is very dangerous, because if it is chronic and you don’t cure it, it can turn into an even worse disease, such as cancer. letters. A relative of mine died of the disease, so as soon as I started having problems with my prostate, I immediately went to the doctor. I have been visiting it all year, but nothing has changed. But with Product, the progress is so fast, the disease is in remission day by day!
  • Ivan Gomez
    For the past year and a half, my prostate has been in constant pain, so I’ve been going for a massage and trying to do everything I can to improve the situation. But Gyronix solved all my problems in just 2 weeks, and I forgot about my prostate completely, even though the doctors considered my prostatitis to be chronic. This preparation is exactly what I needed.
  • Alexander
    I started with a well-known product, I have been using it for almost two months according to the doctor’s prescription, and all to no avail. My situation did not improve at all, and I had to go to the bathroom more often. Therefore, the therapy has failed. Then I read on the Internet about Product. I thought it was necessary to try it, since traditional medicine was useless. But Product completely fixed my problem and fast, the important thing is!
  • Velasco Romero
    I don’t think I will one day hear this terrible diagnosis. For a young person it is like a blow from an emotional point of view, it is also a blow to a sex life. Well, I’m not frustrated, I’m working on the problem from all sides. No treatment costs. It took a long time to heal, but in the end Product was the only thing that helped me! Until I did not expect a quick and effective result

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